All about modeling and fixing eyebrow waxes

The shape of the eyebrows and their aesthetic appearance are very important. You can use wax to model and fix eyebrows. It is important to know that absolutely different means are needed for modeling and fixing. Wax for modeling is used for eyebrow correction. Wax for fixation is a means for stowing disobedient hairs.

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Modeling wax

ModelingEyebrows are necessary to give them the right shape. You can do this with tweezers, but there is a more convenient procedure. It is called waxing - it's a way of correcting and modeling eyebrows with the help of wax.

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Composition of

At the heart of any agent is beeswax and various resins( more often pine), to which are added oils and other additives. Choose for yourself, a suitable tool for modeling can only be based on the individual characteristics of the skin. If there is an unforeseen reaction, it is worth to abandon the facility and use another compound.

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Types of

There are several types of wax for modeling, they differ by the technique of removing unwanted hairs, composition and operating temperature.

  • Warm wax .This means is heated to +45 degrees and at room temperature instantly freezes. Hot wax .Modeling composition, which requires warming up to +70 degrees.
  • Cold wax .Available in the form of fabric or paper strips with a layer of wax applied. This option not so qualitatively removes hairs( the root nevertheless remains), therefore to carry out procedure it is necessary more often. However, this method is often used at home.
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Advantages of

  • Eyebrow correction allows you to get rid of unnecessary hairs for at least 2 weeks.
  • Wax is very gentle on the skin, so very rarely after the procedure, irritation or allergy may occur.
  • This is a rather painful procedure, but it is much easier to transfer one detachment of the wax strip from the skin, on which all unwanted hair is at once, than to sit and tweeze them with tweezers.
  • Wax can not injure the skin when using wax.
  • With regular waxing of eyebrows, hairs in this area practically cease to grow or become much softer.
  • You can perform correction yourself at home.
  • Inexpensive means.
  • Suitable for any eyebrow. Wax is excellent for coping with hard hairs.
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How to use

Having learned how to use wax for modeling, you can easily adjust the shape of your eyebrows without referring to professionals. The procedure for modeling eyebrows depends on the tool used and can be carried out in different ways.

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  • Pre-purchase tools for modeling: wax, wax and the rest.
  • Using wax, melt the wax.
  • Remove hair from the face so that they do not interfere. To do this, you can wear a hoop or bandage.
  • Clear eyebrows and eyelids from makeup.
  • Wipe the area from which you will remove hair with a special solution, most often it is part of the set for modeling eyebrows.
  • Using a wooden stick, apply a hot wax for eyebrows to the area that requires modeling. It is important to do this specifically against hair growth, these actions will help in future to avoid ingrown hairs.
  • On top of the wax, attach a cloth strip and press it.
  • A sharp movement in the growth of hair, remove the tissue strip.
  • To massage the area on which depilation was performed.
  • If not all hairs have been removed, the procedure should be repeated.
  • Remaining droplets of wax can be removed with a cotton disc dipped in olive oil.

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Wax strips

  • Clear eyebrows and area on which depilation will be performed.
  • Strips slightly warmed in the palms and paste on the simulation area.
  • With a sharp movement, on the line of hair growth tear off the strip from the skin.
After this procedure, the skin will be slightly reddened and slightly swollen. But these symptoms will disappear in a few hours.
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After a while you need to apply on the depilated area nourishing cream and the first day try not to apply makeup on it.

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Disadvantages of

  • For people with hypersensitivity and low pain threshold, correction can be incredibly painful.
  • After the procedure, a little wax may remain on the face, which creates unpleasant sticky sensations and is poorly washed off.
  • Sometimes it is not possible to remove all hairs at once and it is necessary to repeat the procedure, then irritation may appear on this place.
  • In any case, after waxing, you will need to additionally use tweezers.
  • In case of individual intolerance to any ingredient, allergies and rashes are possible.
  • If it is wrong to remove the hairs, you can face the problem of ingrown hair or to their excessive growth.
  • In some cases, redness and swelling may persist for more than 24 hours.
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Rating of the best

To date, there is a large number of tools for modeling eyebrows wax. They are divided into funds for cold waxing( wax strips) and means for hot waxing( wax).

The second type of product is often sold in sets, including wax, fabric strips, spatula for application. In addition, a wax and a microwave oven are required for use.

  • Brow Shapers Surgi Wax .These strips of American manufacture are made in the shape of eyebrows. They are curved and grab those places where you will then have to remove the hair in addition with tweezers. The set includes strips of wax for shaping the eyebrows, for the lower and upper part of the eyebrow. The simulation procedure with these strips is very fast and takes no more than 10 minutes. At the same time, these are really the most effective wax strips, since even the smallest hairs can be easily removed.
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  • Parissa Brow Shaper .Long strips for waxing, their main advantage is that they are suitable for the skin prone to allergic reactions.

  • Microwavable Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax by Sally Hansen - the best set for modeling eyebrows and face wax. It consists of only natural ingredients. With the use of this tool you can easily achieve a professional effect. To warm up the wax, you can use a microwave oven.

  • Caramel - universal strips for correction of not only eyebrows, but also other hairs on the face. A pleasant surprise will be the presence of many different smells from caramel to vanilla.

  • RUWeye Wax Kiss - excellent wax strips, which do not create painful sensations and are excellent in the correction of hairs in the eyebrow zone. Ideal for home use.

  • Veet - comfortable wax strips for the face with a unique technology of quick grasping of hairs. Have the scent of a rose.

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Fixing wax

This cosmetic product allows you to give the eyebrows the desired shape, like a varnish fixes the hairs in the desired direction. At the same time, the fixing wax can stain eyebrows, giving them a light shade and a healthy shine.

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Composition of

To date, wax for eyebrows is released in the form of a pencil or powder, while their composition is almost the same. The basis of the wax for fixing the eyebrows is:

  • beeswax is the main component of the remedy, it fixes the hairs;
  • talc - treat minerals, well neutralizes odor and repels moisture, helps beeswax last longer;
  • nylon-12 is a synthetic granule that absorbs sebum well, which, in turn, prevents the lubrication of cosmetics;
  • Dimethicone - a substance of silicone origin, creates an enveloping film on hairs;
  • propylene glycol-3 acetate - moisturizes and softens hairs;
  • zinc stearate is a filling for beeswax, a cosmetic with it slides well over the skin;
  • C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate is an antimicrobial agent, also used as a thickener;
  • silk powder - provides moisturizing, protective and antibacterial properties;
  • Silicon dioxide( Silica) - gives wax the necessary viscosity and density;
  • lauroyl lysine - makes a tool for eyebrows a homogeneous texture;
  • octyldodecyl stearoyl stearate - increases the viscosity of the wax;
  • dimethiconol - makes the product resistant to water and moisture;
  • BHT - a preservative with antioxidant properties;
  • Citric Acid - for stabilizing the pH of the skin balance;
  • vitamins - protect the hair and nourish them;
  • essential oils - nourish the hairs, add a pleasant aroma.

This is an approximate average composition, of course, each manufacturer has its own secret components.

Before you buy the fixing wax, you should study its composition, the main thing is that there are no dyes, perfumes and parabens. The more natural, the better.
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Types of

Fixation waxes are divided into the following types:

  • is a means for eyebrows in the form of a pencil or gel with a dye. In addition to fixation, they tint the hairs to the desired color. Possible shades: black, brown, graphite, light brown and even colored.
  • Transparent wax - this product is ideal for those who do not need to tint hair in addition to fixing. Well fix eyebrows, gives them a healthy shine.
  • Healing wax is a fixation agent with additional oils and vitamins for problematic, damaged and eyebrows that grow poorly. Applying such a tool, the hairs become much stronger and grow faster.
  • Powder or eyebrow wax wax is an excellent solution for strong fixation, in addition, with a color effect, which allows you not to use dry eye shadow for eyebrows that crumble.
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Advantages of

Professionals use wax to get different effects, for example, to:

  • lay very tough, naughty, protruding hairs that negligently spoil the general make-up;
  • fix eyebrows and not be afraid that external factors or weather conditions will spoil their appearance;
  • to cover eyebrow shadows, so they will not crumble and smear and make-up will look maximally natural;
  • with colored wax to color hairs that are not stained with shadows or pencil;
  • disappeared the need to use a pencil and eyebrow shadow;
  • to give a natural shine to the hairs, even a colorless eyebrow wax will cope with such a task;
  • is faster to grow hairs with unsuccessful modeling, in this case, therapeutic gels for fixation will help.
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How to use

  1. Before applying conventional or film wax for eyebrows, the hair should be brushed with a brush. So, you guarantee the correct distribution of the product and reliable fixing of the form.
  2. If the wax is transparent, then before fixing, you must first tint your eyebrows, using shadows or a pencil.
  3. Apply the wax with strokes, moving from the outside edge of the eyebrow to the center. It is important not to go beyond the contours and do everything with light movements so as not to overdo it with the amount of funds. Wax should be set to the hairs of the correct position.
  4. Comb your eyebrows once again with a brush, giving them the necessary shape and removing excess product.
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How to Cook

It is not necessary to spend money and buy expensive funds. Prepare wax for eyebrows with your own hands and you can do it yourself at home.

To prepare the wax, you will need:

  • 5 grams of beeswax;
  • 2 tablets of activated charcoal;
  • 5 milliliters of cocoa butter;
  • 2-3 drops of jojoba or peach oil;
  • 1 capsule of tocopherol;
  • 3 milliliters of castor oil.

Activated charcoal crushed into powder. Melt the cocoa butter on a water bath. Then mix all ingredients, put in a water bath and mix until homogeneous. To apply such a remedy is necessary only in a warm form, that is before each application this gel wax for brows should be warmed up.

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Disadvantages of

There are no shortcomings in the use of such a tool. It all depends on whether you are using the gel correctly and whether it is applied excessively, because the excess will look ugly.

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Rating of the best

In today's cosmetics market, a huge range of waxes for fixing eyebrows from different manufacturers is provided. They are different both in price and in quality.

  • Brow Fix from Anastasia Beverly Hills ( manufactured in the USA).It is one of the most expensive means. Colorless and non-flavored pencil. The tool has received a lot of positive feedback, as it copes well with its basic functions.

  • MAC Brow Finisher ( manufactured in the USA).The wax fixes well and holds the eyebrows. A compact stick that does not stick together hairs and perfectly holds the shape has no color and smell.

  • Inglot Brow Shaping Pencil ( manufactured in Poland).This is a pencil for eyebrows with wax, which helps, both in creating the shape of the eyebrow, and when fixing it.

  • Lumene Blueberry Eyebrow Shaping Wax ( manufactured in Finland).A quality wax for eyebrows, affordable and convenient to use. It should be noted persistence throughout the day, no leakage in the heat and an easy formula that does not heavier eyebrows.

  • NYX Eyebrow Shaper , eyebrow wax in Germany. According to many make-up artists, the ideal wax for fixing is mainly due to the ability to securely fix unruly hairs for the whole day. Comes with a brush and thick wax, there is a color analogue.

  • Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit .This eyebrow wax is not professional, but is perfectly suitable for regular use. The essential advantage of this remedy is that, in addition to the wax, the set includes eyebrow shadows.

  • Pupa EYEBROW SET .This eyebrow wax is available in a set with shadows. It has good fixation and is inexpensive.

  • Oriflame The ONE .Not a professional wax for eyebrows, however, it keeps well and fixes the shape.

  • L'Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit .This set harmoniously combines wax for eyebrows and shadows. Additionally in a cute box, there is a brush and tweezers. The cost of dialing is acceptable, and the quality is quite high.

  • L'ETUAL FATAL FIX Wax for eyebrows is an ideal tool for fixing in the form of a pencil. Correctly selected shade qualitatively enhances the natural color of the eyebrows.

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