Ideas for a children's photo shoot

A happy childhood is the best miracle for children. You do not have time to look back, how your crumbs will become adults. And all that you will remain is to cherish memories of their first steps, baby teeth, naive smiles. But the memory - the girlfriend is unreliable. Much will be forgotten, it will become a memory. Photos can also give parents the joy of memories for years to come.

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How to photograph children

Professional photo shoot will give odds to any amateur shooting. No, we have nothing against photographing children in everyday life, but holding professional photo sessions is worth at least every few years or on important days in his life( first steps, "First bell" and so on).Only a good photographer will be able to catch the elusive moment, which is so vainly trying to preserve the memory.

If you decide to take a photo session yourself, consider the following recommendations regarding how to photograph children:

  • Children do not like to pose under compulsion. Do not make them do it. Shooting is best done in a game format. You are in the role of a photographer, you just have to be present, but do not interfere with the child's play;
  • Children should get used to the shooting process. It is necessary to give the child time to relax and not close in front of the camera. Therefore, the first shots taken within five to ten minutes are trial. A natural smile or enthusiasm for the game is a sign that the child is accustomed. Now you can ask him to pose.
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Interesting frames

Children's photo session is not originally built on any style, but does not exclude its use. Its main task is to capture successful stories that will bring emotions and warm feelings in a year. Naturally, in this case, the children are the main characters of the photo session. And important is not so much an idea, as the emotional mood of small models. So your job, as parents, is to prepare the kids in advance, turning the photo session into an exciting game. To do this, of course, it is more convenient in a situation familiar to the kid - at home. It is better to choose ideas within the children's room. But the studio and the exit survey should not be discounted, only it is suitable for children of 3 years already understanding what is happening.

List of popular ideas:

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When choosing a children's room as a place for shooting, the scenario of the latter should depend on its situation. If it is thematic, with elements of a fairy tale, fantasy, adventure, you can beat a lot of zadumok, starting from Cinderella and ending with a warlike pirate. By the way, if you also decided to participate in the photo session, you will have to match the chosen topic. For example, if your child is a princess, then you also need to bring into your image the attributes of a fairy tale.

Popular in recent times have been photo sessions in the interior of the kitchen. You can capture both infants and older children. On the baby, put on the hood of the cook and lay out kitchen utensils nearby, capture how the child prepares a favorite dish.

Another idea for a photo shoot at home is the bathroom. This option is suitable for the smallest models. Organize a foamy party in the company of rubber ducklings and soap bubbles.

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In the studio

In the studio with ideas too you will not clear up, but it is possible to make high-quality portrait and family photos. At the same time, the baby is just beautifully dressed. Superfluous will not have ideas with thematic costumes.

Here it is necessary to look at the age of children. Up to five years old suits of butterflies, ladybirds, bunnies suit, from six years old up to eleven more "advanced" images for a photo shoot in which you can copy the style of adults - little dandies, punks, rockers, retro, hippies. On children it looks cute and touching.

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In the nature of

Many fairy-tale ideas can be played in nature, from Little Red Riding Hood and Gray Wolf to small elves.

The color scheme of different seasons itself will tell the style of photos. In addition to thematic options are good and simple extra-genre photos. It's nice enough for them to dress a child. If you shoot in the summer, you can put the baby on a blanket, rent a horse, take them to a pond to feed ducks or go on a walk.

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In the kindergarten

The children in the company of their peers are real and fun, especially in the kindergarten. There is nothing to think about. It is enough to wait for a noisy company to play and quietly shoot it on the camera.

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In the thematic place

To let fantasy fly in the plan of ideas it is possible on the exit photo session. It is necessary to choose a good place. Suitable beautiful parks, attractions, cafes, ice rinks, children's towns. The shooting can be mixed: a children's plus family, the type of photo walk the whole family, in which the child will be in the lead role.

If you want the result of a children's photo session to be 100%, try to make a real holiday for the child, do not pay attention to the photographer, do not try to force your child to pose. Going to the photo walk with the baby, take the attributes of the holiday: balloons, soap bubbles, a kite, toys.

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Another worthwhile idea for an exit photo shoot is a fairy tale setting or "cosplay".

For example, in a beautiful forest you can beat ideas from famous fairy tales( "Little Red Riding Hood", "Snow White"), in which there are images for boys. The paramount role here is played by costumes and attributes, and then everything else.

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Finally a few words about the children's make-up for the photo shoot. Do not be surprised, they need it, too. If the idea of ​​shooting is based on the image, you can add make-up. In honor of such an event, it is appropriate to give the opportunity for young women of fashion to tint cilia and apply a transparent or pink shine on the lips. You can just powder the child's face so that it does not shine in the frame.

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Things to consider

Organize a photo session in accordance with the daily routine of your child. Otherwise, he will be capricious. It is better to get pictures if he is full and sleepy. If you plan to attend family members, pick up the right ideas and places, do not order a small room for the event.

When choosing a photographer, be sure to look at his portfolio. Pay attention to professionals specializing in photographing children.

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