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The popularity star for this stocking product was lighted relatively recently in the 60-70s of the 20th century. They have changed, but the demand for this accessory continues to grow. The golfs are made from different fabrics, various decorations are used. But, despite their bright history, it is still not always clear with what it is worth to wear them. Select the main nuances is simple, because golfs are regulars of many collections of almost all leading designers of our time.

  • Who is suitable for
  • What is the fit for

Who is suitable for

Almost every woman in the wardrobe should have such a thing as knee-highs. These are the same stockings, but to the knee.

Knee highs can be:

  • medium length,
  • long.

Only knee-length socks are suitable for slender legs. Girls with lush shapes or short legs should better abandon such an element of the wardrobe.

They complement many classic variations and harmoniously flow into the sporting style.

The golphin has a main feature, which is this: they focus on the part of the body where they end. If you have beautiful knees, then you should wear knee-high knee socks. Owners of slender calves can safely wear golfs to the middle of the roe.

Long socks are suitable for almost everyone, only you need to remember that the ideal option is the one where the dress or skirt should end 5-10 cm above the place where the golfs begin.

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What is the fit for

Golfs are a garment that can be worn with many things from your wardrobe.

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Depending on the length and color, they can produce absolutely different effect, emphasizing elegance or givingbrightness and fervor.

The most common variant is combining knee-length socks with a short skirt. The skirt material can vary, the main thing is that it and the color gamma of the golf match the skirt. If the skirt is slightly longer than the golf, the latter will resemble leggings.

Especially popular recently was the combination of short stockings with tight jeans shorts.

Choosing knee-high socks, you can combine them with stylish dresses-cases or cocktail dresses.

Models made of guipure or lace can be used as an evening version. Stylish ornaments and jacquard patterns on the golf courses will give an image of modernity.

The multi-tiered ensembles will look attractive with shortened golfs.

The golfs look best on top of the body tights, as close as possible to the color of your skin.

This garment element can be of different colors, but the most universal color is black, which is suitable at any time of year and under any outfit. For example, you can wear a gray fitting dress, black knee-highs and complement the image with a small black purse and decorations.

If you decide to wear black knee socks above the knee, then to create a romantic image, you can wear a short dress with a case or a tulip. With a golf course, skirts-schoolgirls, a short model of plisse and sun-flares will also look great.

Long socks look great with short skirts, denim shorts. Using shorts, you can create an image of a cue.

Do not wear socks under leather clothes. So you will look very defiant and achieve the wrong image, which you really wanted.

There are pantyhose knee socks. In fact, they only imitate golf. Such a thing requires that the rest of things be very restrained and not attract special attention. So do not combine them with shiny clothes.

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In the cold season, namely in winter, it is better to stock up with knitted golfs that will look with any knitted things. It can be dresses, sweaters.

As for shoes, you can wear golf shoes with high-heeled shoes. They will also perfectly match almost any footwear, except for one that has an open toe or heel. The main thing is to learn how to correctly combine them in color and style.

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