Ideas for a photo shoot in the studio

Studio photo session is always professional shooting, as a result of which you can get high-quality photos of portrait and other character. Many associate the photo studio with the usual genres of photos: glamor, fashion, etc. But the studio is suitable for a lot of different ideas, which will be discussed later.

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  • Shooting with the projector
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Ideas for ideas

The choice of the idea of ​​a photo shoot will depend on the capabilities of the studio itself. In our time you can find both the most usual studios with one or two variants of locations, and real "monsters" in their field - the ultimate dream of any photographer. Usually in such studios there are everything, from a smart list of locations and finishing with the technical capabilities of the premises - by the presence of additional highlights, fans, smoke machines, projectors, mirrors, machines for imitation of rain, which will enable to realize an infinite number of worthwhile ideas.

The choice of ideas also depends on your financial capabilities. Most costly to implement genre, complex ideas, which provide for the mandatory availability of a thematic costume and accessories.

At the second most expensive place - this is a photo shoot in the genre of beauty, classic, romance. Here you will need the help of a professional make-up artist and hairdresser, but with clothes you can do it yourself, confining yourself to your wardrobe.

Less costly photo shoot can be considered if you just decided to take a picture without any complicated ideas.

Note the following options:

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"Wet" photo session

The idea of ​​a "wet" photo shoot, if, of course, the studio has everything necessary for its holding, is appropriate in the images of a mermaid, a river nymph, a naiad. In general, it is not necessary to have a device to simulate the rain in the frame. Just let the photographer's assistant or your girlfriend spray the water from the sprayer over you for a second before clicking, and then you will get a beautiful and unusual effect of light drizzle. Do not be afraid if the drops fall on your face, hair, with good lighting it will add to your skin the effect of velvety, eyes - a special radiance.

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Realization of the idea of ​​an image within the framework of seasonal themes of the season, for example, a girl-autumn or a beautiful spring. For this photo shoot, for example, if you want to embody the image of autumn, you will need leaves as an attribute, you can bumps, as an option - a wicker basket with vegetables and fruits - as a symbol of the harvest, you can grab a few large yellow pumpkins.

Your makeup and clothes should be made exclusively in autumn colors, best in the gold palette. You can also decorate the exposed areas of the body with sequins or gold plating.

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Easy sensuality

The nudity in this genre is not welcome, but the hint of passion is yes. It is only necessary to designate an erotic note in its image. For example, it can be a look, a pose, a lowered britelka, etc.

This idea is good for the studio in the first place because it requires a model of relaxed actor's skill, and in a place where there are many extraneous eyes, you can not enter the role too much.

In the studio, you can remove all types of eroticism, ranging from light eroticism and ending with Nu - complete naked.

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Black and white photo

Of course, any photo by and large can be converted to black and white. But it is in the studio, if you set a goal - to make a photo shoot of such a plan, you will be able to achieve the best result. So the photographer will initially set the necessary lighting, and even completely go directly to the mode of black and white photos.
It's interesting to see color accents in such photos.

For example: convert to black and white format everything, except for the lips, eyes or some other details. Then the result of shooting will be something similar to the style of the famous comic book series "The City of Sins".

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Futuristic and thematic character ideas

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Here you can find genres for steampunk, dark, gothic, fuchs etc. These images require preparation. The costumes should be well-developed, and the hair, make-up and attributes should be linked to the general way.

Variants of images: aliens, vampires, robots, angels or some other unusual creature.

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Shooting with the projector

In the studio it is necessary to use all the technical potential that this place has. Spotlights are good for decorating incendiary ideas: rock star, punk, guitar playing, dance, etc.

Depending on the color of the spotlight, you can beat this or that idea. For example: red for more insolent and troubled topics: dance, themes of hell, passion, blue, - for the more calm: fashion, winter, sleeping beauty.

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Shooting with the projector

Photosession with projectors is not yet massively popular, so you have the opportunity to be among the first and get really not hackneyed shots, but something new and fresh. The choice of the idea is simple: a lot depends on the content of the picture, which will be transferred to you and the surface behind you.
With the help of the projector you can beat a lot of ideas, but it's better to pay attention to the fairy-tale subjects.

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Фотосессия в движении

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In the studio, the photographer can offer you to take shots in motion that will betray the dynamics of the photo. Such a photo session is suitable for those who like to dance and can move smoothly and beautifully.

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Shooting with animals

At the same time, your choice should not be restricted to cats or dogs only. The frame looks great all the pets, ranging from rabbits and parrots and ending with turtles and snakes. But it will be especially advantageous to have a photo with a large python or with a large dog.
The genre of such photos can be different: fabulous, gothic, etc.

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Here you can simply elegantly dress and bring your image to the ideal: beautiful make-up and hairstyle, minimum of accessories and attributes. A classic evening toilet is suitable: a long dress, a clutch, perhaps a tiara.

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To implement this idea in the studio, prepare for the photo session retro things that would be relevant to the style of any decades of the XX century( except the 80's and 90's).You can in the twenties, when the motifs of burlesque came into fashion, or maybe the fifties, during which the incomparable Marilyn Monroe glittered. Try to stick to the photo session only one style, without mixing them, otherwise it may not be the best pun.

Read more about the features of the retro-style photo shoot here
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This includes ideas for the embodiment of characters from cartoons, movies, games, books andetc. If you have a favorite character, for example, Lara Croft or Barbie, you need to try to find as many connecting elements as possible with this way. So, in the case of Lara Croft, this is a repetition of the hairstyle, makeup of the character, her manner of holding, but, most importantly, copying her costume and attributes - pistols, knives, backpack and so on. In the case of Barbie, you will need a gorgeous dress, preferably pink, curls in your hair and a repeat of the makeup of this popular doll - arrows, false eyelashes of incredible length, soft pink or beige lipstick and glitter.

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