40 popular photo shoots for girls

Photography - this is what will be a lifetime reminder of past happy moments. And to arrange a photo session at least once for yourself, a beloved is simply necessary to perpetuate your youth, freshness and beauty. For this there is a great variety of style ideas and images for creating an excellent photo shoot.

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Empire
  • Baroque
  • Snow
  • Boho
  • Vamp
  • Vampire
  • Western
  • Vintage
  • East
  • Gangsters
  • Gothic
  • Grunge
  • Village
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Breakfast at Tiffany
  • Country
  • Cleopatra
  • CocoChanel
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Dolls
  • Casual
  • Military
  • Mystic
  • Marine
  • Nude
  • Pin-up
  • Provence
  • Retro
  • Rock
  • Russian Folk
  • Sportny
  • Dancing
  • Trash
  • Fiction Fantasy Horror
  • Hippie Gypsy

Alice in Wonderland

The prototype of this style is the photo shoot heroine tale published by Lewis Carroll in 1865.The most popular such a photo session was after the release of the same film by Tim Burton in 2010.For a photo shoot in the style of Alice it is necessary: ​​

  • Colors: blue, blue, turquoise, white;
  • Clothing: dress below the knees with a lush skirt, white apron and a large bow on the waist;
  • Accessories: beads, chain with key, rim with bow, white or striped stockings, low-heeled shoes or ballet shoes;

  • Attributes: ribbons for hair, a deck of cards, gloves, books, a variety of tea cups, candy bars, tea pots with jam, sweets, a bright tablecloth, a table with old-style chairs, a bottle with the inscription "Drink me," a carrot "Eat me", White rabbit, cat, caterpillar, different size watches, various hats, white and red roses, chessboard, frames with different photos;
  • Hairstyles: loose hair with a rim or ribbon;
  • Make-up: discreet, natural;
  • Location: garden, forest, park, living room;
  • In the framework of this photo shoot, you can use other characters: Mad Hatter, White Queen, Red Queen, Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, March Hare.
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Another name is imperial style. Appeared and gained popularity in France in the early XIX century, thanks to Josephine, Napoleon's wife. At the heart is the style of Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. For photography in this style, you need:

  • Colors: white, beige, pink, lilac, blue, yellow, red, blue, green;
  • Clothing: dress in the floor, with a train and a short bodice, tied up under a breast with a ribbon, sleeves-lanterns or straight narrowed, high gloves, bonnet cap, shoes without heels or ballet flap;
  • Accessories: ribbon, wreath, hair net, pearl earrings and beads with pendants, bracelets, rings, round brooches, diadem, fan, pouch, shawl, sun umbrella, flowers;
  • Attributes: antique furniture, horse, garlands of flowers, carved mirror, outdoor vase, candelabra, boat;
  • Hairstyles: straight parting, curly hair or braids gathered at the back of the head, strands framing the face, bundle "psyche knot", decorated with diadem, ribbons, beads, wreaths, flowers, hairpins;
  • Make-up: natural, slightly lighten the skin and tone the tone;
  • Venue: marble columns, steps, theater, river or lake, park, ancient stone building, bridge, gazebo, carved bench, carriage, fountain.

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Italian palace style of the beginning of the XVII century. It is inherent in symmetry, pretentiousness, splendor, grace, luxury, wealth.

  • Colors: diverse, bright, saturated colors;
  • Clothes: bonnet, lush dress in the floor with a train and bows, deep neckline and open shoulders, corset, embroidery, inlaid with stones and beads, high heel shoes with buckles or bows;
  • Accessories: bulky necklace, necklace, earrings, diadem, mask, clutch, fan, umbrella, feathers, bows, gloves;
  • Attributes: tapestries, outdoor vases with floral ornaments, figurines, mirrors with carved frames, chairs with carved backs, chandeliers, flowers;
  • Hairstyles: high wigs or own high-trimmed hair decorated with ribbons, stones, feathers, flowers, rims;
  • Make-up: unnatural pallor, black mascara, bright blush and lipstick, "fly";
  • Venue: a theater, a gazebo, a park, a palace, sculptures, marble columns, canopies.
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Snow White

There was a style based on a fairy tale released in 1812 and subsequent adaptations of cartoons. To create the image of Snow White you will need:

  • Colors: blue, white, red, yellow, blue;
  • Clothing: long, magnificent dress with sleeves with flashlights and standing collar, white stockings, cape, shoes with a buckle on a small heel;
  • Accessories: bezel with bow, ribbon;
  • Attributes: animals, a mirror in a carved frame, flowers, bright red apples, gnome figurines, comb, flowers, wooden simple furniture, candlestick;
  • Hairstyles: wig, black curled hair, gathered by a ribbon or rim with a bow;
  • Make-up: porcelain skin, bright blush and lipstick, black eyeliner, mascara;
  • Venue: forest, snow-covered glade, garden, small house.
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Boho style appeared among the stray musicians of Europe in the XVIII century. The peak of modern style fell for 2004-2005.Actively supported by Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen and Christina Ricci. For shooting in this style you will need:

  • Colors: white, light blue, light pink, beige, brown, blue, red, all shades of gray;
  • Clothing: long and short dresses, skirts-mini jeans and leather, maxi skirts with flounces and laces, pants, shorts, ethno-style shirt, T-shirt, fur vest, blazer, fringed tunics, colored gypsy-colored skirts;
  • Accessories: wreath, bouquet of flowers, large beads, bracelets, large bags, hats, stole, shawl, shawl, long earrings, sunglasses, umbrella, Indian feather decorations;
  • Attributes: rural fence, abandoned house, horse, dog, peacock, staircase, wooden big door, brick wall, old car, wrought iron fence, guitar, woodpile wood, bicycle, wagon, fireplace, swings, dream catchers, wicker furniture;
  • Hairstyles: loose hair, bandaged with ribbons, decorated with curls, not tight braids and "tails";
  • Make-up: focus on the eyes, lipstick for pale pink, bronze, light brown;
  • Venue: a beach, a park, a forest edge, a path in a park, a station square, a seashore, a parking lot, a city or village street, an electric train, a glazed porch, a bridge.
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More examples of photos in this style are looking for here http://woman-l.ru/idej-dlya-fotosessii-v-stile-boxo/
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Perfectly suited to show your seductiveand a mysterious nature. He became popular after the appearance of cinematography. The main thing is the contrast of colors. For such a shooting you will need:

  • Colors: red, white, black, blue;
  • Clothing: tight dress, elements of men's clothing( shirt, jacket), leather shorts, pants, skirts, blouse, boat shoes, lace underwear, stockings, corset;
  • Accessories: cigarette with mouthpiece, hat, clutch, pearl and massive jewelry;
  • Attributes: animals( owl, panther, lynx, fox), chair, leather sofa, bed, armchair, car, books, newspaper, glass with wine;
  • Hairstyle: diverse( short, long hair, waves, curls, disheveled, uncombed), choose under your image;
  • Make-up: focus on the eyes and lips, manicure exactly in the tone of lipstick.
  • Venue: bedroom, study, car, by the fireplace, abandoned buildings.
More examples of photos in this style are looking here http://woman-l.ru/fotosessiya-v-stile-vamp/
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One of the Gothic styles that originated around the 1970s. It became popular after a lot of books, films and serials. For the photo shoot it will be necessary: ​​

  • Colors: black, red, white, purple, beige, blue;
  • Clothing: long and short dresses in Gothic style with a corset, a large neckline, lace, a long train, a cloak cape with a standing collar, short dresses made of leather, shorts, stockings, pantyhose;
  • Accessories: gloves, hat-cylinders, capes, boots and high-heeled shoes, necklaces, beads, cross, chain;
  • Attributes: candle, mirror, book, glasses with red liquid, floor lamp, fireplace, candelabra, armchair, crow, cigarette with long mouthpiece, skull, crypt, fence, sword, knife, cane, coffin;
  • Hairstyle: loose straight hair, square, smoothly combed and gathered at the back of the head, curly locks, curls are painted black, blue, red;
  • Make-up: whiten your face and teeth, make out your eyes with eyeliner and dark shadows, lipstick bright red, scarlet, dark purple, black, minimum rouge of dark tones on the cheekbones, a drop of blood from the lips or eyes, open wound on the cheek,on the shoulder, neck or chest, long nails covered with red or black varnish, enlarged fangs;
  • Venue: night forest, village barn, boulders, ancient castle, late autumn forest, fireplace room.
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Western style appeared in the 50s of the last century. Comfortable, practical, durable. Style of American cowboys. To create such an image it is worth considering:

  • Colors: blue, blue, white, beige, dark red, sand, brown, green;
  • Clothing: jeans trousers, shirt, jacket, waistcoat, shorts, trousers or skirt of leather, shirt in a box, fur vest, high cowboy boots, linen dress, white shirts, fishnet tights, suede vest and half boots;
  • Accessories: a neck scarf, a hat, a leather belt, a bag with a fringe, wide bracelets, earrings-rings;
  • Attributes: guitar, banjo, gun, shotgun, bottle of whiskey and glass, bales of straw, fence, saddle, horse, pick-up, lamb, cow, wooden barrel, cart, lasso;
  • Hairstyles: loose hair, you can slightly curl curls, two braids;
  • Make-up: maximum natural, with a slight accent on the eyes, lips to highlight red, pink or solid lipstick;
  • Venue: field, farm, stables, wooden shed, haymaking, hayloft, abandoned house, a pen for horses, a forest edge.
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Very popular in the west. Julia Roberts, Kate Moss, Ren Zellweger are active representatives of this style. Vintage is considered things 30-60 years ago. Style combines retro, pin-up, retro vamp. For shooting, you will need:

  • Colors: white, beige, black, burgundy, lilac, blue, dark green;
  • Clothing: a small black dress, a dress with detachable waist, wide pants of the 1920s, a dress with a low waist, closed in front of dresses and an open back, a skirt-case and a pencil skirt, a fur cape, a light summer dress, lace underwear,a suit of the 60's;
  • Accessories: beads, hat, umbrella, gloves, mouthpiece, glass, clutch;
  • Attributes: bicycle, retro car, chairs and armchairs with twisted backs, fireplace, outdoor vase with flowers, suitcase, box for hats, radiolink, screen;
  • Hairstyles: for short hair - "ganson" and "page", for medium length - waves, for long - smooth strands, curls, rollers, napes, hairpieces, smooth hair with curled ends and decorated accessories;
  • Makeup: focus on the eyes, highlight arrows and shadows, red, dark red, coral, pale pink lipstick;
  • Location: park, gazebo, ancient building, living room, street, car.
More examples of photos in this style are looking here http://woman-l.ru/fotosessiya-v-stile-vintazh/
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One of the ethnic styles. Includes traditional outfits of Japan, China, India and Arab countries. For such photography, it is necessary: ​​

  • Colors: all bright colors;
  • Clothing: saris, kimonos, Japanese-style dressing gowns, silk, satin dresses with long sleeves and embroidery, trousers-wide trousers, long skirts, stoles, dancer costume, shoes for an image on a flat sole or barefoot;
  • Accessories: massive earrings, hair clips, necklaces, beads, tiaras, tiaras, bracelets, rings, coin belt, cuffs, slave, Chinese sunshade, fan, handkerchief;
  • Attributes: multicolored pads, fabrics, candlesticks, hookahs, sabers, dishes from national cuisine, tea table, four-poster bed, clay vases, jugs, candles, candelabra, bonsai, screen, armchair or chair with carved back;
  • Hairstyles: bun, curls, waves, plait of complex weaving;
  • Make-up: accent on the eyes, black eyeliner, bright shadows, arrows, lipstick of low-key shades;
  • Location: park, forest, alley, gazebo, palace, river bank, beach, room with a suitable interior.
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Begins from the 1920s and 1930s. It is characterized by luxury and pathos. Legislators of style were representatives of the criminal elite of the USA and their companions. To create a gangster image you need:

  • Colors: red, black, cream, white, blue, green, purple, golden;
  • Clothing: white shirt, black three-piece suit in white stripes, cocktail or evening dress with sequins, sequins, rhinestones, fur cape or boa, stockings with a vertical seam, long gloves, boat shoes on a hairpin;
  • Accessories: miniature hats, pearls, hair ribbon with rose, expensive jewelry, hairpins with jewels and feathers, manto, clutch, boa, tie, butterfly, suspenders, cigarette with long mouthpiece;
  • Attributes: submachine gun, revolver, vintage car, roulette table or poker table, chair, glasses, bottle of wine or whiskey, "Wanted" poster with own photo;
  • Hairstyle: cold wave with clearly visible contours;
  • Make-up: clear lines of eyeliner, bright shadows, always red lipstick.
  • Venue: at the car( on the hood, in the salon), on the bar, on the street, on the bank of the river, in the background of the bridge, a brick wall with a poster "Wanted", at the table with gambling, a cafe in this style.
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Appeared in the 70th on the basis of punk and neo-Gothic( XVII-XVIII century).Now representatives of this style are "Goths".For photos in this style are characteristic:

  • Colors: main - black, additional - red in different shades;
  • Clothing: leather pants, shorts, dresses, skirts of loose and fitting cuts of different lengths, raincoats, capes, leather corsets, boleros, flat shoes, massive, Grinders.
  • Accessories: rings, chains of silver or metal "for silver," jewelry with skulls, crosses, spiders, leather collars, bracelets with thorns, chokers, hats with a veil, umbrella from the sun;
  • Attributes: spider( tarantula), horse, roses( white, scarlet), goblets, candles, candlesticks, wings;
  • Hairstyles: black hair color with different color "feathers"( red, blue, purple), haircuts and styling any;
  • Make-up: pale skin tone, black eyes, false eyelashes, black lips;
  • Venues: abandoned buildings, slabs, forest, park, crypt, steps, bridges.
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Appeared on the basis of the subculture of the 80-90s in North America. The main task of this style is to combine not overlapping. For such a photo session it is worthwhile to prepare:

  • Colors: various( not bright colors, mostly dark ones);
  • Clothes: a worn shirt, torn jeans, plaid shirts, pants and skirts, leggings, tights, waistcoats, bolero, ducks, caps and hats, cardigans, large size sweatshirts, short dresses, moccasins, boots, flat shoes, wedge shoes ora thick heel;
  • Accessories: backpack, handbag, long scarf, sunglasses, three-dimensional chains, bracelets, rings;
  • Attributes: as there are none;
  • Hairstyles: careless bunch, long straight or curly hair of different colors, short haircuts;
  • Make-up: brightly highlight the eyes black;
  • Venue: on a city street, in a forest or studio.
More examples of photos in this style are looking for here http://woman-l.ru/fotosessiya-v-stile-granzh/
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Naturalness, simplicity and convenience are the main features of this style. To take a picture in this style it is necessary: ​​

  • Colors: beige, cream, blue, yellow, green, white, blue;
  • Clothing: natural materials, dresses, shirts, sarafans, skirts, shawls, belts;
  • Accessories: beads, ribbons for hair, wreaths, shawls, scarves;
  • Attributes: fruit, vegetables, basket, pastries, wooden or pottery, bouquets, jugs with milk, animals( rabbit, cat, horse, chicken, duckling, dog), bales or haystack, spinning wheel, oven, broom, table,embroidered tablecloth;
  • Hairstyles: loose hair or gathered in a braid;
  • Make-up: minimal;
  • Venues: field, lawn, haymaking, village house, ponds, mill, well.
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Ancient Egypt

For a photo shoot it is necessary: ​​

  • Colors: white, golden, sand, blue, green, yellow, turquoise, lilac;
  • Clothes: long strap-on dress, one-shoulder cloak tightened around the chest with embroidery and pleating, dress, fitting figure, sandals;
  • Accessories: bracelets on hands and feet, massive necklaces, tiaras, earrings, hats, rings;
  • Attributes: different pillows, furniture in Egyptian style, animals( leopard, cheetah, cat, snake), skins, chest, fruit basket, statues, jugs;
  • Hairstyles: wig, black, straight hair, braided in small braids or collected on the back of the head with various ornaments;
  • Make-up: dark eyebrows, black arrows around the eyes, bright shadows and lipstick;
  • Venues: four-poster bed, beach, room with a suitable interior.
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Ancient Greece

Necessary for this photography:

  • Colors: white, blue, turquoise, golden, cream, sand;
  • Clothing: light dress in the floor, tied under the chest with a Greek ornament, without a sleeve or with a sleeve opening the forearm, sandals;
  • Accessories: belts, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras, rim on the forehead, laurel wreath, beads and chains for hair decoration;
  • Attributes: clusters of grapes, a tray with fruit, clay jugs with a high narrow neck, bouquets of flowers;
  • Hairstyles: a bunch decorated with beads or chains with strands falling on shoulders, weaving with pigtails, curls;
  • Make-up: light, natural, slightly highlight the eyes with mascara, tanned skin;
  • Venue: park, river bank or lake, beach, garden, gazebo.
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Breakfast at Tiffany's

This style appeared after the release of the same film with Audrey Hepburn in the title role in 1961.Naivety and eccentricity are the main features for creating such an image. Required for photography:

  • Colors: white, blue, turquoise, cream, black;
  • Clothing: a small black dress, a dress with open shoulders repeating silhouette, a pencil skirt, blouses, jackets, low-heeled shoes;
  • Accessories: a cigarette with a long mouthpiece, silk gloves, pearls, necklaces, rings, bracelets, a hat with wide brim, handkerchiefs, head bows;
  • Attributes: table, tea set( white, blue, turquoise), tablecloth, Tiffany branded boxes, cakes, cake, cakes, bouquets of roses;
  • Hairstyle: high bundle, tied with ribbon, short bangs;
  • Make-up: eyebrows dark, regular, arrows, false eyelashes, lipstick - red, pink;
  • Venue: gazebo, room decorated with a style of photography, photo studio.
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Appeared in the 50s in America. Associated with the Wild West, cowboys, Indians. For good photography in this style it is necessary: ​​

  • Colors: terracotta, green, blue, red, brown, gray, beige, white, sand, black;
  • Clothing: plaid shirts, ponchos, jeans, shorts, cotton dresses and sarafans, leather vests, a hat, cowboy boots with a sharp toe;
  • Accessories: silk scarf around the neck, bolo, leather gloves, Indian-style jewelry, scarves, whip, lasso;
  • Attributes: horses, haystack or bales, cattle, mini-tractor, pick-up, a bottle of whiskey, a cigar, wooden tables and chairs;
  • Hairstyles: spit, loose wavy or straight hair, careless bun;
  • Make-up: natural, slightly tinted eyes;
  • Venue: hayloft, stable, field, forest.
More examples of photos in this style are looking for here http://woman-l.ru/fotosessiya-v-stile-kantri/
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The last queen of Hellenistic Egypt, Queen of the Nile.

Elizabeth Taylor, Monica Bellucci, Sophia Loren, Vivien Leigh are famous actresses who played the role of Cleopatra. To create a photo shoot in this style, you need:

  • Colors: white, golden, green, blue;
  • Clothing: a fitted dress with open shoulders, a sundress in the floor with a belt at the waist, sandals or bare feet, a cloak of gold color of brocade;
  • Accessories: massive bracelets, necklaces, necklaces, rings, tiaras, crowns, headdresses with cobra;
  • Attributes: Egyptian-style chairs, tiger skins, many pillows, Egyptian vases, jugs, fruit plates( grapes, dates, apples);
  • Hairstyles: wig, square, straight black hair, many braids;
  • Make-up: in the Egyptian style, emphasize eyebrows with a dark pencil or shadows, bright shadows, arrows, lipstick and lip liner on a tone darker than lipstick;
  • Venue: photographic studio, room with a suitable interior, gazebo.
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Coco Chanel

A well-known representative and founder of the fashion of the 20-30-ies. Founder of the house Chanel. Great Mademoiselle brought to fashion a small black dress and a fitted jacket. Perfume Chanel № 5 - best seller of the XX century. To implement the image of Coco Chanel it is necessary: ​​

  • Colors: black, graphite, milk, emerald;
  • Clothing: cocktail dress, tweed suit, two-color boat shoes with a heel or a low heel;
  • Accessories: a clutch bag on a chain, a long mouthpiece, a string of pearls, massive earrings or clips, a bell-bell, gloves;
  • Attributes: retro car, mannequins, a poster depicting France of those years;
  • Hairstyles: for short haircuts, soft waves, tucked behind the ears, long hair to lay in waves, gather on the back of the head, hang a few strands on the shoulder;
  • Make-up: natural, elegant hands and lipstick of wine shade;
  • Venues: studio, room with a suitable interior of the 30s.
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Little Red Riding Hood

The heroine of a fairy tale written by Charles Perrault, known from the 14th century. To create an image of the Red Hat you will need:

  • Colors: scarlet, red, white, black;
  • Clothing: white blouse, fabric corset, hooded gown, lush short skirt, white apron, red cap, beret or kerchief, knee-highs, heels without shoes or ballet shoes, moccasins;
  • Accessories: none;
  • Attributes: basket with pies, apples, buns, gingerbreads, jars with jam and jam, bouquet of wild flowers, dog( husky, malamute, sheepdog, Czech wolf);
  • Hairstyles: straight or slightly wavy hair gathered at the back of the head and hidden under the cap, two pigtails on the shoulders,
  • Make-up: red lipstick and eyed and eyed eyelids;
  • Venues: a path in a forest or park, a wooden house, a blooming or snow-covered lawn.
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Popular Barbie, Brats, Malvina, old-fashioned porcelain dolls, in ethnic costumes can be embodied in this shooting.

To create a photo shoot you need:

  • Colors: all bright colors, and for porcelain dolls colors and orders in Victorian style( pastel shades);
  • Clothing: selected for the chosen image( dresses, shorts, swimwear, stockings, knee socks, high-heeled shoes);
  • Accessories: ribbons, bows, handkerchiefs, necklaces, clips or earrings, bracelets, handbags, a mirror;
  • Attributes: small dogs or kittens, doll house, toys of different sizes, baby dishes, umbrella, big box for "doll";
  • Hairstyles: wig, curls, straight, braids, waves, curls, tail, high hairstyles;
  • Make-up: Align the skin tone, apply the bronzer, long cilia( can be overhead), enlarge the eyes with a white pencil, black hands, pearlescent pink blush, for the porcelain dolls, whiten the skin, make a gentle glow, minimum mascara and accent on the lips;
  • Venues: photo studio, park, abandoned buildings, dressing room, baroque interior, empire.
More examples of photos in this style are looking for here http://woman-l.ru/fotosessiya-v-stile-kukly/
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Style appeared in Europe in the XX century. Everyday, convenience, comfort - the main qualities of Kazhalu. For shooting in this style are typical:

  • Colors: white, blue, blue, yellow, cream, turquoise, black, gray, graphite, burgundy;
  • Clothing: woolen and knitted dresses and skirts, cardigans, windbreakers, leggings, jeans, coats, jackets, T-shirts, tops, T-shirts, moccasins, sneakers, sneakers, ballet shoes;
  • Accessories: bag, light scarf, stole, massive bracelets, watches, sunglasses, knitted hats, caps, backpacks,
  • Attributes: none;
  • Hairstyles: everyday styling, careless bun, curls, waves;
  • Make-up: easy accent on the eyes, low-key lipstick or shine.
  • Venues: city streets.
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Originated after the First World War, as a trend in fashion took root in the 60's. Now, in order to beat this style, it is enough to combine different types of clothes with military uniform or attributes. For such shooting you can use:

  • Colors: khaki, green, gray, dark green, terracotta, brown, black;
  • Clothing: military uniform, tops, jackets, anthers, raincoats, dark jeans, skirts, trousers, boots, boots, ankle boots;
  • Accessories: chain with a token, cap, beret, cap, cap, helmet, scarf on hair or neck, belts, holster;
  • Attributes: various weapons( pistol, machine gun, dagger, knife), dogs;
  • Hairstyles: tail or smooth beam, short haircuts, tight braids;
  • Make-up: the most natural, "combat color";
  • Venues: ruined buildings, military base, mesh fence, military museum.
More examples of photos in this style are looking here http://woman-l.ru/fotosessiya-v-stile-militari/
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For the photo session, you can use:

  • Colors: black, scarlet, dark blue, white;
  • Clothing: mantle, hoodie, wedding or ball gown, long coat, pants, body, corsets, boots, boots, ankle boots;
  • Accessories: veil, fan, necklace, bracelets, rings, veil hat, collar, crown, gloves;
  • Attributes: staff, broom, wings, plug fangs, skulls, black cat, tarot cards, black inflatable balls, candles, mirrors, candlesticks, candelabra, flowers;
  • Hairstyles: loose straight or curly hair, complex high hairstyles;
  • Make-up: highlight the eyes with eyeliner, dark shadows, bright-red lips, black, or make up with a pencil-proofreader or foundation;
  • Venues: forest, abandoned buildings, lake, river.
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The wonderful idea to add to the sailor garment came to mind to the elegant Coco Chanel. And since the late 30-ies interest in the maritime style is growing. To shoot in this style, you need:

  • Colors: all shades of blue and blue, the color of the sea wave, white, red;
  • Clothing: vest, sailor, pants flares, tunics, white skirt, pleated skirt, dress, striped top, jacket, shorts with high waist;
  • Accessories: beret, neck scarf, cap, cap, white gloves, chain with an anchor, badge with the emblem of the sea club, sandals without heels, moccasins;
  • Attributes: warning flags, sailing boat layout, life ring, steering wheel, ropes, treasure chest, anchors, fishing nets, rum bottle, large seashells, marinade, oars, boat, hammock, message bottle;
  • Hairstyles: loose hair, curls, curls, straight, tail, bun, smooth waves around the head;
  • Make-up: light, shadows of light tones under the tone of clothes, red or light lipstick;
  • Venues: shore of any body of water, beach, yacht, lawn near the house, dock, room, cabin.
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For shooting in this style you will need:

  • Colors: white, pink, red, coral, black, blue;
  • Clothing: lace underwear, men's shirt, negligee, shorts, thongs, miniskirt, organza scarf, stockings, pantyhose, corset, high boots, heels;
  • Accessories: necklaces, earrings, necklaces, bracelets;
  • Attributes: bed, sofa, armchair, flowers, pillows, swings;
  • Hairstyles: loose hair, slightly curled in curls, evening hairstyles;
  • Make-up: easy accent on the eyes and lips, maximum natural skin tone, there may be evening makeup options;
  • Venues: ponds, park, bedroom, living room, kitchen or photo studio.
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Originated in the USA in the 60s. The most famous pin-up model is Betty Grable. Photosessions in this style is in Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Dita von Teese, Rose McGown, Rita Hayworth, Katy Perry.

To take a photo you need:

  • Colors: black, red, green, yellow, golden, white, blue;
  • Clothing: dresses with waist belt, overalls with shorts, corset, swimsuit, stockings, shirt, coat, skirt, boa, shoes with heels, wedge or flat soles;
  • Accessories: hairband, hair clips, berets, round glasses, clutch, umbrella, gloves, hats, necklaces, bracelets, rings;
  • Attributes: old telephone, big curlers, 60's auto, armchair, sofa, stool, deckchair, swings, small dog, retro TV, bar counter;
  • Hairstyles: smoothly combed bun, "Hollywood" locks, babette, high hairstyles of the 60's;
  • Make-up: focus on the eyes and lips, black hands, red lipstick;
  • Venues: studio, bedroom, living room, lawn in the park, kitchen, bathroom.
More examples of photos in this style are looking for here http://woman-l.ru/primery-obrazov-pin-ap/
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Provence - endless fields of lavender, vineyards, gardens, mountains, warm sea. It is a provincial simplicity and lightness in clothes and interior. For this shooting, you need:

  • Colors: all shades of lilac, sea-blue, white, beige, blue, pink, mint;
  • Clothing: free-cut dresses, light skirts, sundresses with flounces, boleros, laces;
  • Accessories: ribbon, flower in hair, straw hat, hair band, thin chains, small earrings, bracelets;
  • Attributes: white or wicker furniture, bottle of wine, cage for birds, tablecloth, vases with sunflowers and lavender, basket with grapes, white wall, wooden bench, pumpkin, apples;
  • Hairstyles: curls pinned on one side with a hairpin with a flower, a low or very high beam, rims, wreaths;
  • Make-up: tone darker than natural, bronzer, brown shadows, not very colored eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • Venues: seashore, lavender field, vineyards, veranda, gazebo, mountains, park, forest path, bright room in pastel colors.
More examples of photos in this style are looking here http://woman-l.ru/fotosessia-v-stile-provans/
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Today one of the most popular styles. Such a photo session is dipped in the era of the 20s-80s. For it you need:

  • Colors: white, black, burgundy, blue, blue, brown;
  • Clothing: fur coat, boa, fur cape, small black dress with open back, fitted dresses, jackets, shirts, skirts, corsets, high heel shoes;
  • Accessories: a hat with a veil and without, beads, a string of pearls, a necklace, handbags, gloves, earrings with pendants, a scarf on the hair, hats-pills, high gloves;
  • Attributes: umbrella, mouthpiece, retro car, shop, animals( cat, dog, birds in cages);
  • Hairstyles: smooth waves, babette, elastic curls;
  • Make-up: black eyes, red lipstick;
  • Venues: old city streets, old railway station, embankment, photo studio, thematic cafes.
More examples of photos in this style are looking for here http://woman-l.ru/fotosessiya-v-stile-retro/
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The brutal kind of photo shoot that arose in the USA in the 50's. Perfectly suitable for the image of a bad girl. Options for such a photo session:

  • Colors: black, red, white, blue;
  • Clothing: leather trousers, skirts, dresses, shorts, crooks, ragged jeans, high-soled shoes, ankle boots;
  • Accessories: studded belts, bracelets, collars, chokers, biker gloves, dark glasses, metal chains, bandanas;
  • Attributes: expensive car, biker motorcycle, electric guitar, baseball bat, cigarettes, microphone stand, drums;
  • Hairstyles: stiff braid, Iroquois, fleece, high styling;
  • Make-up: black shades or smokey-ice, red lipstick;
  • Venues: recording studio, concert stage, abandoned buildings, old factory, night street.
More examples of photos in this style are looking here http://woman-l.ru/fotosessiya-v-stile-rok/
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Russian folk

For a photo shoot in this style, you need:

  • Colors: white, red, light blue, light blue, green, dark cherry;
  • Clothing: shirt, sarafan, quilted jacket, skirt-poneva, fur products;
  • Accessories: crown, kokoshnik, hair ribbons, shawl, shawl, large beads, thin belt, necklaces, earrings, wreaths, gloves, fur hats;
  • Attributes: wicker basket, oven, spinning wheel, spindle, embroidery frame, samovar, bagels, pies, bunches of mountain ash, haystack, sheaves, wooden wheel from a cart, shop, balalaika, tyun;
  • Hairstyles: long braid, over shoulder, decorated with ribbon, bow, loose hair;
  • Make-up: natural light tone, blush as an "apple", a clear contour of eyebrows, a soft lipstick or red lipstick;
  • Venues: a birch grove, a meadow, a garden, a river bank, a veranda, a gazebo, a country house, a wheat field.
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To create a photograph in this style, you need:

  • Colors: all colors that contrast with the selected background;
  • Clothing: T-shirts, T-shirts, Olympics, T-shirts, leggings, shorts, tennis skirts, ski suits, swimwear, moccasins, sneakers, sneakers;
  • Accessories: gaiters, caps, hair bands, knee pads, backpacks, sports bags;
  • Attributes: sports equipment( tennis rackets, shuttlecock, balls, skipping ropes, dumbbells, hulauchup, ribbon, skis, boxing gloves);
  • Hairstyles: short haircuts, tail, tight bun at the nape, straight hair;
  • Make-up: natural, lightly colored eyes and lips;
  • Venues: gym, stadium, swimming pool, gym, park.
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For shooting it is necessary: ​​

  • Colors: the whole range of colors selected according to the chosen style of dance;
  • Clothing: dresses, skirts, tops, shirts, shorts, trousers, T-shirts, shoes, sneakers, moccasins, pointes;
  • Accessories: cap, bandana, gloves, belt, light scarves;
  • Attributes: chair, guitar, tape recorder, tambourine, castanets;
  • Hairstyles: loose hair, tail, high styling, careless or smoothly combed bun, short haircuts;
  • Make-up: focus on the eyes with eyeliner, shadows, false eyelashes, soft lipstick or luscious red;
  • Venues: dance class, stage, studio.
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Protest against rules and principles in everything. Clothes in this style are non-standard, not suitable for style and place. For shooting in trash style you need:

  • Colors: white, black, red, hot pink;
  • Clothing: wedding, evening or ball dress, sarafan, T-shirt, top, shirt, shorts, jeans, boots, rubber boots, leggings, colored stockings;
  • Accessories: hat, backpack, bag, baggage bag, tie, belt, various ornaments, feathers, helmets, trusses, crown, sunglasses, tattoos;
  • Attributes: soft toys, knife, ax, tires, car, food cart, paints, boat;
  • Hairstyles: coloring in bright colors, tracks, tousled hair, nachetsy;
  • Make-up: bright pink shades, black eyeliner, various false eyelashes, lipstick for the image, and make-up can be completely absent;
  • Venues: quarry, ponds, forest, abandoned houses, dirty streets, near the wall with graffiti.
More examples of photos in this style are looking here http://woman-l.ru/fotosessiya-v-stile-tresh/
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For shooting in this style it is necessary: ​​

  • Colors: all colors that match the selected image;
  • Clothing: suits, raincoats, dresses, trousers, jeans, overalls, shoes to choose under the image;
  • Accessories: gloves, caps, hats, bracelets, crowns, tiaras, wings, umbrellas;
  • Attributes: technologies, weapons;
  • Hairstyles: braids, curls, straight hair, unusual styling, toning and various hair coloring;
  • Make-up: bodyart, various options for the chosen image;
  • Venues: photostudio, forest, ponds, thematic places.

All photos are processed in Photoshop. Suitable images: robots, extraterrestrial races.

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For a photo shoot this style is characterized by:

  • Colors: black, white, red, purple, blue, all shades of gray, green, yellow;
  • Clothing: long and short dresses with corset, light flowing loose dresses, light cotton dress, drapery from a large cut of fabric, underwear, long dresses, tunics, small black dress, fur vests, fur coats, jeans, tops, sarafan;
  • Accessories: hat, scarf, diadem, necklace, brooch, long earrings, crown, veil, veil;
  • Attributes: wolf, flamingos, butterflies, flowers, umbrella, wings, birds, rooster, ribbons, fan, shield, armor, horse, boat, flowers, flower wreaths, dragon, mirror;
  • Hairstyles: fluttering hair in the wind slightly curled or straight, careless low beams, tall tails, complex hairstyles;
  • Make-up: light tone, blush highlight cheekbones, lipstick of any colors, highlight the eyes using arrows and shadows of bright colors( purple, reddish-brown, blue, blue), also popular body painting;
  • Location: forest, shore of the reservoir, in a boat on the river, beach, garden, gazebo, park alley, mountains, old buildings.

Suitable images: fantasy characters, from elves to magicians.

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A subculture that appeared in the US in the late 60s.

For shooting in this style it is necessary: ​​

  • Colors: green, red, blue, white, brown, yellow, purple;
  • Clothing: flared jeans with embroidery, loose skirts and fringed dresses, shirts, tunics in ethno-style, short shorts, fur vests, T-shirts;
  • Accessories: beads, bracelets from beads or threads, bags with fringe or embroidery, sandals, moccasins, headbands, feather earrings, amulets with earth sign, hats, flowers;
  • Attributes: guitar, round sunglasses, suitcase, auto 60's;
  • Hairstyles: loose hair on forehead intercepted with ribbon, developing curls, braids;
  • Make-up: natural, slightly shade brown eyes with shadows;
  • Venues: city streets, field road, forest edge, ponds.
More examples of photos in this style are looking here http://woman-l.ru/fotosessiya-v-stile-xippi/
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Based on the work of the writer in the style of fantasy, horror and mysticism Howard Lovecraft.

For these photos you need:

  • Colors: black, red, scarlet, gray, dirty white;
  • Clothing: old, worn ripped dresses, shirts, t-shirts, medical gown, wedding dress with blood drops, knee-highs, stockings, underwear, torn evening dresses, school uniform, pajamas, corsets, mesh dress, hat, shoes or high bootsheel;
  • Accessories: black rose, gloves, lenses, false teeth;
  • Attributes: candles, daggers, knives, chainsaw, rope, suitcase, old soft toys, mirror, bed, armchair, fireplace, crow, owl, black cat, gas mask, headless doll, red liquid bath, ax, skull, cigarettes, bandages, barbed wire;
  • Hairstyle: loose tangled or smooth hair of any color( gray, red, black, red, blue), any length( haircut "under zero", square);
  • Make-up: drawn blood, teeth, facial muscles, black or white spots instead of eyes, white skin, red veins;
  • Venue: old forest, abandoned buildings, operating room, morgue, ward, bedroom, kitchen, night city, ponds.
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One of the national styles. He inherent brightness, color, extravagance. For photography in this style it is necessary: ​​

  • Colors: all bright and saturated colors;
  • Clothing: long developing multi-layered skirts, with flounces, lace patterns, blouses with a wide bell-sleeves, fur vest, dress in the floor, tie with a handkerchief, low-heeled shoes or flat soles;
  • Accessories: long or round earrings, beads, necklaces, large colorful scarf, large rings, rings, bracelets;
  • Attributes: tarot cards, guitar, tambourine, smoking pipe, horse, cauldron, fire, tent, bouquet of wildflowers;
  • Hairstyles: loose straight or wavy hair, low bun or tail;
  • Make-up: dusky skin, brown blush, brightly selected eyes and lips, arrows, red lipstick;
  • Venue: field, ponds, country road, abandoned buildings, forest.
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