Chest for an oval face

Fashion for bangs and hair styles is changeable. But when choosing the shape of a bang, one should not be guided only by fashion trends. It is important to consider the features of the exterior, the structure of the hair and, of course, the shape of the face. Even the most trendy bangs, which do not match with the shape of your face, will look ridiculous. Correctly selected variant of a bang will successfully emphasize your natural beauty and effectively hide the imperfections of the exterior. According to stylists, hairdressers, any form of bangs perfectly fits to the oval face shape. She is able to make the female image truly unique!

  • Features of the oval face
  • Straight bangs for the oval face type
  • Slanting bangs for the oval face
  • Non-standard types of bangs for the oval face type
  • Shape of the bangs and hair type

Features of the oval face

Before choosing the perfect bang,that the face is oval in shape. If the length of your face from the line of hair growth to the chin is 60% larger than its width in the cheekbones, you are the owner of the most proportional face shape, which is considered the standard of female beauty.

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Straight bangs for oval face type

Among hair stylists, straight fringe is recognized as a classic bang variant. This kind of bangs always remains relevant and has many supporters, both among girls and mature women. The straight fringe has several variations:

  1. The long straight fringe of the , which lies on the eyebrow line. This kind of bang emphasizes the depth of the female look and the soft lines of the cheekbones. A long straight bang is best not to file.
  2. Short thick bangs. This kind of bangs harmoniously combines with cuts such as a square on a stalk or a bean-car. A short fringe rejuvenates a woman and remarkably highlights the expressiveness of her eyes and a beautiful line of eyebrows.
  3. Straight fringe of medium length. This kind of bang is considered universal. A straight fringe can visually narrow the wide cheekbones, hide the heavy chin and emphasize the ideal line of the eyebrows.

A straight fringe looks impressive on straight hair. Women with curly hair need to constantly bang a special ironing hair or hair dryer using a round comb. Straight bangs can be decorated with stylish clips or with a hoop.

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Slanting bangs for the face of the oval form

According to stylists, hairdressers, the fringe gives the hairdresses uniqueness and individuality, and is the main accent of the entire female image. The slanting fringe organically combines with a different length of hair, it fits straight hair, and curly locks. Models with an oval type of face can coquettishly twist the edge of the bangs outward or inward. The oblique bangs can also be laid smoothly on the forehead with the help of smoothing agents. Very short thinned slanting bangs make the female face younger. Such bangs can not be specially laid, but ruffled with a hedgehog.

It will not give much trouble to the woman of fashion and a long oblique bangs, which can be carefully combed over the entire length, and then put back in an original way or stuck to one side. This variant of styling of a bang with a hairdrop "a pony tail", "a knot" or with simply hair at the temples, which is especially smoothed, looks especially impressive.

If you want to give your bang a special extravagance and personality, use the color effects. You can shade the ends of the bangs in contrast color or perform a full toning of the oblique bangs.

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Non-standard types of bangs for oval face type

Fashion models with an oval face type can safely experiment and choose the following types of bangs:

  1. Asymmetric bangs. As a rule, this kind of bangs prefer to wear non-ordinary and creative natures. Asymmetric bangs harmoniously combined with an asymmetrical hairdo and is able to correct outward appearance flaws. For example, an asymmetric bang diverts attention from the non-ideal line of eyebrows and a long nose.
  2. Triangular bangs. This form of bangs is a stylish element of many extravagant hairstyles and hairstyles. This form of bangs is not only trendy, but also practical. Its shape can be easily changed. To do this, carefully cut off the angle of the bangs. Triangular bangs look perfect only on shiny and smooth hair.
  3. Double straight bangs. Only a professional hairdresser can create such a bang. All hair bangs are divided into two layers. The top layer of hair is distinguished by a smooth cut which sharply passes in the second longer layer of hair. Double straight bangs need daily styling.
  4. Short graduated bangs. This fringe rejuvenates any woman, and also emphasizes the right features of her face. Short graded bangs are original and suitable for bright, creative women of the fair sex.
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Shape of bangs and hair type

Hair stylists advise in the process of choosing the shape of the bangs to take into account the structure of the hair:

  1. Curly hair. Owners of wavy ringlets should choose rare and torn bangs.
  2. Thin hair. Women with this hair structure are fitted with thick bangs from the top of the head. They look airy and magnificent.
  3. Rigid hair. The owners of naughty hard hair are suitable for occasional bangs of medium length. Short bangs on hard hair should not be done, since the hair will be stuck.
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