How to properly use jojoba oil for hair

Simmondsia Chinese is a plant from which jojoba oil is obtained. Shrub grows on the territory of North America. Jojoba oil is extracted from the nuts by the way they are pressed( cold pressed).The substance extracted from nuts resembles a liquid beeswax. Applicable oil and at home.

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  • Properties and use
  • Properties
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  • Hair growth mask
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Properties and benefits

This oil is used for complex hair care. Jojoba oil can make them healthy and saturate with vitamins. If you use jojoba oil regularly, then each hair will be covered with a thin layer, protecting the hair from the harmful effects of the environment and styling agents. In addition, this oil removes the irritation of the scalp, protecting it from drying out and the formation of dandruff.

This substance contains about 96% ceramides, which makes it particularly resistant to the oxidation process. Jojoba oil is also enriched with wax esters, the volume of which in oil is 25%, which brings the composition of the oil closer to the chemical composition of sebum. This advantage allows the oil to quickly penetrate into the epithelial cells on the head and moisten it, keeping the balance of moisture and preventing its evaporation. The film, which as a result is formed on the surface of the skin, does not have an unpleasant greasy sheen.

In addition, cosmetic jojoba oil is rich in lipids, vitamins A, E, amino acids and minerals. Vitamin E accelerates the regeneration of epidermal cells and does not allow the appearance on the head of various painful flaking, itching and irritation.

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How to apply oil

To begin with, you need to prepare the oil for use, that is, slightly heat it in a water bath or lower the container with oil in hot water. Apply it by gentle movements of the pads of the fingers evenly from the roots to the tips. To do this, it is convenient to divide the hair into several equal parts so that the oil is applied to each hair. After that, you need to carefully fold your hair, put on a shower cap, and wrap a towel over it for warmth.

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It is recommended to rub a small amount of oil into your hair 15 minutes before washing your head, but you canleave the jojoba oil and overnight, the hair in this case will get more nutrition and moisturizing.

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For regular positive effects on the hair, perform the aroma-combing procedure, applying a massage of a wooden brush with a little jojoba oil. Repeat this before bed and morning, then the hair will change after a while.

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Mask universal

To create this mask, prepare jojoba oil( 15 ml), propolis( 3-5 drops), yolk, honey liquid( 15 ml), powder of two mummy tablets. Mix all the ingredients, cover with this mass strands, wrap them with a film and warm the head. Do this procedure 15 minutes before the traditional washing of the head.

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Masks for hair growth

Combine 30 ml of liquid honey with 30 ml of jojoba wax and cover this mixture with hair. Wrap the head with a film and wait half an hour. Then rinse the product off the scalp with plenty of non-hot water.

Apply this mask to greasy hair, rinse them with acidified lemon water.

If you have too dry hair, then rinse them with decoction of chamomile or oak bark.

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Mask for strengthening hair

The components of the following mask activate the work of hair follicles, making hair grow much faster. To make a mask, mix 30 gr.powder of mustard with 30 g.sugar-sand. In this combination, pour a little water and stir the ingredients until the gruel is formed.

Before covering the hair with a mustard mixture, add 30 ml of jojoba oil. For 15 minutes, wrap the head with a film, and wash off the mask as soon as the burning sensation on the head begins to intensify.

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Mask for the activation of hair bulbs

Ginger in combination with jojoba oil is a strong stimulator of hair growth. Thanks to him, the circulation of blood in the layers of the epidermis becomes intense, which eventually causes the hair to grow. Rub a piece of ginger or grind with a blender so that the result is 15 gr.pulp.

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Mix ginger with 15 ml of jojoba oil. With the mixture obtained, cover the entire head, and carefully rub it into the surface of the skin. After half an hour, wash off the mask with hot water.

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Mask for density and volume of hair

Mix in the same proportions jojoba oil and aloe juice. Cover this combination with your head and wait half an hour. Then rinse the oil from the hair with shampoo and not hot water.

Do this procedure every week and very soon the hair will change for the better, become silky, strong and shiny.

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Mask for split ends of hair

Heat 50 ml of oil, add 2-3 drops of ylang ylang oil, mandarin or rosewood( one thing), apply a warm mixture to the ends of hair and wrap the head with a film. In an hour, wash your hair as usual.

Before using oil to treat hair, cut the split ends. This mask will help prevent cross-sections in the future.

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Mask for greasy hair

Clean one avocado and mash it to the state of gruel or chop it in a blender. Then add the juice of half a lemon and 50 gr of oil, you can also add a little conditioner for the hair. The mask is applied to washed hair, kept for an hour and a half, and then washed off again with shampoo.

Recommended after this mask to rinse hair with water with apple cider vinegar

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Mask for dry and fragile hair

Heat 100 ml of milk( do not boil!), Then put several pieces of dark chocolate in it and stir it, it must dissolve completelymilk. Then pour 15 ml of jojoba oil, avocado, almond, coconut into the milk and pour in liquid vitamin E, two capsules will be enough.

Stirring all the ingredients together, cover the hair washed beforehand. Wrap the head with a film, roll it with a towel and wait an hour. Then wash the head as usual with hot water, using a little shampoo

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Help with alopecia

If the hair is rapidly falling out, then by mixing jojoba oil with a few drops of cedar, pine or sage oil, you will solve this problem after a while. Add essential oils recommended after heating jojoba. Jojoba wax will strengthen the hair follicles and help the hair shaft to hold.

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