Stylish female images for a night club

Club women's fashion does not stand still from its very start, since the 70's. It is constantly evolving, becoming more bold, open, sexy, elegant. Going to a party or a disco, you have to think through the image to the smallest detail, because this is a world of movement and bright lights, which can not be lost.

Building a club image, imagine how it will look in the lights of the Tang. Sometimes one ensemble can be an ideal house, but in the club it will not seem so because of unusual lighting. Therefore, be extremely cautious about white clothes and linen, which is able to shine through under the influence of such lighting.

Not all styles in clothes are suitable for a trip to a nightclub. The most suitable stylists distinguish the following: elegant style of lady-like, youth baby-doll, recognizable grunge, disco and rock styles.

Also for the club will fit a corset. About what it is fashionable to wear, read here

If you have an ideal figure, and your age does not exceed 30 years, you can pick up for the clubdress-mini, with an emphasis on unusual cut, bright decor or both.

From classic styles, A-line dresses or skirts with a trapezoid, balloon or tulip suit. The length of the product should fit, but the club always and everywhere loves mini.

Ideal is a dress in the style of baby-dol: short, with tight top and lush skirts. In the same style, you can make a set of top and skirt or baseball cap, top and short with an overstated waist.

Look good overalls and kits with shorts, but for them it is also important to have ideal external data and relatively young age.

Asymmetric dresses with different skirt lengths are also popular. It can be a train on a short dress or a smooth length transition. Bottom, as a rule, is made of flying, lightweight fabrics, the top comes in tight.

It will be interesting to look at lace and mesh, especially if you dilute them with details of dense fabrics.

For the same ladies who already by virtue of age or lacks of a figure can not afford frank outfits or the brightness is not for you, the solution will be rock or grunge images. In this case, pay attention to jeans or leather trousers. To them you can choose comfortable T-shirts, tops, T-shirts, adding an image of a vest or jacket of denim or leather.

Also women in 30 suits a dress with the length to the knee. It can be a style case or A-silhouette. The back can be partially or completely open. The sleeve can be absent, if there is no excess weight and the skin is tight, but with faults it is better to choose models with a sleeve three quarters.

Shoes for the club are selected depending on the style. So the dress will fit like classic sandals or shoes, and massive versions and summer versions of boots, up to the boots. Grunge style can be added with sneakers, snikers or sneakers.

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Despite the fact that the club style is considered bright, it does not welcome the abundance of accessories. Things in this direction are already accentuated and brightly trimmed, to them to anything to pick up excessively catchy jewelry and accessories. So, under the dress there will be enough tiny clutch and earrings, and under a rock image there will be enough a belt in the form of a chain or a thematic decoration around the neck.

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