How to step-by-step using a highlighter for the face

The so-called make-up-sculpture has long been put in a separate category, thanks to which it is possible to significantly improve the natural defects of appearance, make the face visually more correct, thin, homogeneous and so on. One of the indispensable components of this make-up is the highlighter - a selection of light tones. It can be used both independently and in tandem with dark pallets.

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application schemas Why use the high-altitude

Literally, "highlight" means "highlighting" or "underlining".If the dark pallets in make-up-sculpting are called to hide something on the contrary, to remove the accent, then the high-tech is needed just to put the accent on.

Outside of make-up, sculpting is used with matte bases and powder. If you apply a matte foundation, your face can become flat, in this case highlighter stand out convex areas: the line of the nose, the middle of the forehead, the cheekbones, and the inner corners of the eyes and the line under the eyebrow.

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How to choose cosmetics

Hailers are of different consistency and saturation:

  • friable;

  • liquid;
  • cream;The
  • is compact.

Liquid haylaytery most suitable for day-time make-up and to create a natural make. More dense and firm fit for evening make-up. It is possible to apply a liquid high-tech liquid on top of the foundation, and dry highlayers fit well over the powder base.

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Schemes of application

Correct application of a highlighter on the face is a whole art. First, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the exterior, what is worth emphasizing, and what to hide.

If you want to draw attention to your eyes - just swipe a thin line over the eyebrows and under them. This will help you also raise and highlight your eyebrows.

To get the highlayer to go smoothly, you need to take care of your face and moisturize it, more about the care in the article

If you want to visuallyto expand narrow eyes - it is enough to make a small smear haylayterom in the center of the upper eyelid and slightly shade. You can do this directly on top of the shadows, the highlighter will fulfill the role of the clarifier and visually make the eye more.

A small spot, applied in the corners of the eyelids, will help to visually "spread out" the closely-set eyes, and applying the medication on the center of the nose bridge will narrow the eyes widely apart.

If you want to focus on the lips - apply a highlighter thin line on the contour and lightly shade it - this will accentuate your lips, and a small speck over the upper lip will make them thicker. Such actions are better to perform, if you are going to apply lipstick, in this case, the highlighter will make the lip contour equal and more contrast.

To visually make a narrow forehead above, it is necessary to apply the remedy to the side parts.

If there is a desire to correct the nose, apply the agent exactly in the center with a thin strip. This will help visually reduce it, but the accents on its wings - on the contrary, visually increase the nose in size.

If you want to slightly extend the rounded face, apply a little highlighter to the chin. If you want just a little refresh your complexion, lightly brush with the product over the cheekbones.

Just a little bit of money applied to the bones under the eyes helps to level out dark circles and make the face more open and fresh.

Important advice: do not process hailer on the areas you want to hide, especially pimples, redness or scars, because this will only attract more attention to them.


Strobying has become very popular now, this is using only a highlighter to highlight the protruding areas of the face, without using a dark sculpting tone. A very handy thing, especially for those who just want to learn how to contour the face.

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