Comparison of popular models of robots vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaner - a real miracle of technology, a dream of housewives and business people. Today there are no less than a dozen robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers and not one hundred different models on the market. Which of them to choose? Will help to understand this difficult issue, our comparison of the most popular models of robots vacuum cleaners from well-known manufacturers.

  • iRobot Roomba 880
  • LG Hom-Bot Square VR6270LVM
  • Miele SJQL0 Scout RX1
  • iClebo Arte
  • QWIKK XRobot 400
  • Panda X500 Pet Series
  • Samsung SR8731 Navibot Light
  • Philips FC 8802
  • Karcher RC 3000
  • Sititek Robo-sos LR-450

iRobot Roomba 880

Roomba 880 is the latest addition to iRobot, which occupies a high place in the robot rating of vacuum cleaners. It implements the company's patented advanced AeroForceTM garbage collection system. Its innovation - in the replacement of conventional brushes with rubber rollers with ribs-scrapers. This allows for a more thorough cleaning of surfaces, preventing the winding of hair and hair on the rollers.

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Marina, 56 years old, Moscow:

«iRobot Roomba 880 was just a godsend for me! I'm a "koshatnitsa" with experience and I know what it's like to clean animal hair. With my new assistant I forgot and think what a torment! ".

Sergey, 33, Nizhny Novgorod:

"Before choosing a robot, the vacuum cleaner has studied all possible models and their characteristics. I stopped on iRobot Roomba 880. The model, of course, is not cheap, but it costs its money. "

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LG Hom-Bot Square VR6270LVM

The main advantages of the robot cleaner LG Hom-Bot Square VR6270LVM - square body, extended brushes and improved system of cameras Dual Eye 2.0 in combination with the new camera II-SLAM.This allows you to significantly improve the quality of cleaning in hard-to-reach places, under furniture and especially in the corners, which is impossible for round models.


Maxim, 41, Samara:

"The main advantages of this model is that it climbs wherever there can be garbage. And even if the appearance of the floor is clean - the robot will find dust and pollution. I checked!".

Maria, 28, Rostov-on-Don:

"When I bought this miracle vacuum cleaner - just could not get enough of it! Every day this workwoman was collecting a bag of dust in the house! But just a month later the automation of the robot broke - with outwardly clean sensors it shows their pollution. "

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Miele SJQL0 Scout RX1

The test of the Miele SJQL0 Scout RX1 robot cleaner revealed its main advantages: it is smart navigation and cleaning in a strictly defined order. The model is equipped with the Triple Cleaning System and cleaned in three directions - sweeping, cleaning and vacuuming, and thanks to two side brushes it provides additional cleaning around the edges of the room. It is able to work autonomously for 2 hours without recharging, while cleaning 150 m2 of the area.


Svetlana, 23, Oktyabrsky:

"I'm picky about cleanliness in the house, but due to my activity, I do not have time to clean at all, so Miele SJQL0 Scout RX1 was really a godsend for me!".

Roman, 59 years old, Perm:

"My wife and I could not rejoice when we bought this miracle assistant. Especially I liked the presence of a vacuum cleaner in the vacuum cleaner, which collects even stale dirt. "

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iClebo Arte

The benefits of the Korean robot cleaner iClebo Arte include:

  • the map of the most rational routewhen cleaning the room;
  • easy cleaning of the container and filter;
  • low case, able to pass under low furniture;
  • two side brushes and microfiber nozzle;
  • low noise during cleaning;
  • the presence of the remote control.


Наталья, 38 years old, Ufa:

"I am very happy with this model - everything is clear, accessible, high-quality. The house really became noticeably cleaner, and the free time - more. A real woman's happiness! ".

Yaroslav, 54, Izhevsk:

"At first I watched this miracle robot as a child - it was interesting how he mastered the house. At first, carefully, and then more confident. Now our apartment for 40 minutes cleans. "

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QWIKK XRobot 400

Robot vacuum cleaner QWIKK XRobot 400 - budget model of Chinese production.

Its merits can be safely attributed:

  • low cost;
  • bright design.

The drawbacks of the model include:

  • a small power that does not allow cleaning carpets;
  • small volume of the dust collector;The
  • is a low-power battery that allows the robot vacuum cleaner to operate in a weak mode for a maximum of 50 minutes without recharging.


Vlad, 24 years old, Astrakhan:

"I bought this little helper for my friend as a gift. He's a student, there's never time to clean up, and with this funny robot he's much cleaner. And time to study is. "

Ekaterina, 47, Tver:

"To be honest, I expected more from this assistant. Of course, I understood that I was buying an inexpensive Chinese variant, but even that kind of money is a pity - it makes noise, removes it badly, and clean it - generally a total torture! ".

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Panda X500 Pet Series

Robot vacuum cleaner Panda X500 Pet Series combines:

  • modern technology;
  • nice design;
  • Japanese quality;
  • affordable price.

It was created specifically for pet owners, so it does an excellent job of wool and hair. Works without recharging at full power for more than two hours.


Tamara, 39, Stary Oskol:

"I'm glad I bought this particular model - inexpensive, quiet, works on the machine. His money, this assistant fully justifies - the wool in the house has significantly diminished! ".

Ivan, 48, Kislovodsk:

"In principle, this model is not bad - wool from cats cleans, but for my apartment of 90 square meters.m was weak. I would prefer a model with a battery more powerful. And it would not hurt to coordinate navigation. "

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Samsung SR8731 Navibot Light

The main characteristics of the robot vacuum cleaner Samsung SR8731 NavibotLight are:

  • high maneuverability;
  • fast acceleration;
  • smooth movement;
  • intelligent control system;
  • visual mapping;
  • three obstacle sensors.

In case of battery discharge, the robot itself returns to the charger, and after recharging continues cleaning from the place where it stopped.


Vasily, 33, Arzamas:

"I have always been skeptical about such vacuum cleaners, but this robot is just something! I do not cease to marvel at his cleverness. "

Galina, 45, Pushkino:

"I'm just delighted! This little helper made life easier for me at times! Wool cleans, dust and garbage collects, furniture does not scratch, cats do not scare, do not fall off the steps. "

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Philips FC 8802

Robot vacuum cleaner Philips FC 8802 is not only an "intelligent" system, but also a super thin five-centimeter body with long side brushes. Due to this, it perfectly cleans hard-to-reach places from low-level furniture from accumulated dust. The robot is equipped with obstacle detection and automatic detection of the type of coatings. Designed for dry cleaning.


Ольга, 35 years, Chelyabinsk:

"I like the fact that you do not need to control this miracle device. The main thing is to remove excess rubbish from the floor, which can prevent the robot from working. And you can do other things. "

Svetlana, 48, Nizhny Urengoy:

"At first it was difficult for me to adapt to this toy. That quality of cleaning did not suit, then charging was not enough. And now I've learned to get along with my robot - I close it in one of the rooms until it cleans it up thoroughly, then I load it and transfer it to the next one. "

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Karcher RC 3000

Reliability, convenience, noiselessness - these are just some of the advantages of the robot cleaner Karcher RC 3000. Also its advantages include:

  • 4 drop sensors;
  • high cleaning quality due to automatic detection of pollution intensity and independent selection of the cleaning program;
  • independent return to base;
  • good navigation thanks to the infrared beam.


Пётр, 34, Магнитогорск:

«Отличный аппарат.Completely justified the hopes placed on him. That's just the cost as for me is too high. But for the comfort of life it is possible to fork out. "

Nikolai, 46, Syzran:

"I can not say that I am completely satisfied with this unit. I have something to compare with, and this robot is not the best. And the navigation is lame, and the lack of a turbo brush affects the quality of cleaning. "

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Sititek Robo-sos LR-450

Sititek Robo-sos LR-450 is a powerful robot vacuum cleaner capable of carrying out both dry and wet cleaning of premises, and most importantly - to clean and disinfect air thanks to built-in filters and ultraviolet lamp. This distinguishes it from other similar models. The device is equipped with two side brushes, a virtual wall, a radio control panel, and has a liquid crystal display.


Yaroslav, 28 years old, Norilsk:

"The characteristics of the model are excellent, it stopped just because of them. But the quality of this robot vacuum cleaner was very low. As a result: for two months - two replacements. "

Grigory, 57, Surgut:

"For a long time I dreamed my wife to make such a gift. Now that's together we do not like this robot. He quietly himself cleaning the rooms, and we rest. Simply beauty! ".


I have a vacuum cleaner qwikk xrobot 400 I really like it, it helps to clean up and very stylish. Yes, and cats really like him to run and play with him.

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