What is the sign if the bird croaks on a person or a window

There are many signs associated with birds - a change in their behavior may portend a change of weather, a pleasant event or disturbing news. If the bird kaknula on the person, it is necessary to expect monetary receipts. Much at the same time depends on the location and size of the bird droppings.

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Per person

Feathered creatures are intermediaries between our world and the heavens. Therefore, the signs sent through them are considered a warning of the higher forces. Some esotericists believe that birds mark only people with a strong biofield, an extraordinary mind or magical abilities. Therefore, having received a bird's mark, you can try to develop intuition.

If a bird croaks on you, pay attention to which part of the body it hit:

  • On the head of the .Such an event is especially unpleasant, however it is interpreted in a positive way. The bird droppings on the head symbolize money that will literally fall on a person, and without much effort on his part.
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  • On the arm .According to the signs, this heralds success in business. All projects and undertakings for which you take will be successful and profitable.
  • On the shoulder of .The fall of bird droppings on this part of the body symbolizes the receipt of a new asterisk on shoulder straps, that is, career growth. Be brave in this direction, and the new appointment will not take long. For young men, this may be foreshadowed by conscription or enlistment.
  • At the neck of the .A sign promises happiness and joy, liberation from something oppressive. Think about what keeps you in suspense, perhaps it's time to change jobs or move to a new living space with other neighbors.
  • On the foot .Such a sign is a call to action. Perhaps you are standing still or are showing signs of indecision. It's time to build bold plans - you will definitely implement them.
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For clothes

If the bird has contaminated human clothes, it also matters:

  • Bird droppings have decorated the uniform or corporate service suit - you should expect a new rank, promotion or career ladder, increase in salary. This sign works equally for all people in work clothes - military, fire, police, builders and cashiers. A tagged thing promises success at work.
  • A bird has pounced on a wedding dress of a bride or groom's costume - the main place among the feelings of this person is calculation, not love. Nevertheless, the union can be successful and prosperous in material terms.
  • If everyday clothes are damaged, serious trials are coming to the person, which he will be able to overcome with honor, gaining strength and financial independence. It can also mean getting a one-time profit or a gift, a nice find.
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Which bird

According to the beliefs, birds are endowed with good or bad energy, therefore, and their litter portends good events or troubles:

  • If a pigeon, sparrow, gull or other bird of light color per man is a good sign, bringingluck and profit.
  • The droppings of black birds( such as crows, jackdaws, rooks) means difficulties on the way and calls for prudent actions. If at the same time the bird made croaking sounds - get ready to call on the carpet or verbal quarrel.
  • If you fail to notice which feathered creature left its mark on you, it is also regarded as a positive sign.

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On the

window Litter on the window or the windowsill symbolizes the fast arrival of guests. Depending on the size of the label, you can find out whether it will be a short-term visit of a neighbor or the arrival of relatives from afar. In this case, visitors should wait from the side of the window, which the bird has pounced on.

Read also in more detail about the signs that are associated with the popular bird pigeon http://woman-l.ru/primeta-golub-na-okne-ili-balkone/
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To the

machine If the bird askson the hood of the car, this can mean an unpleasant encounter with the guards of order on the road, a breakdown or collision with another car. Therefore, the driver should be extremely cautious and attentive.

loading. ..

If you find a bird droppings on other parts of the car, including on the windshield, soon you will receive unexpected, but good news or money.

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Litter size

By the size of the bird's feces, one can judge the size of the forthcoming profit or the importance of the event. If you are marked significantly, and you have to wipe yourself and change clothes for a long time - prepare yourself for serious positive changes in life. A small drop of manure, which fell on a man, promises a small cash flow.

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Dreams related to bird droppings have different interpretations:

  • To smear in the feces of a bird or any other excrement - to joyful events and making a profit.
  • To see how a bird is bugging you - to unpleasant news, grief. If, however, kakanula on the head - the events will have a strong impact on you, will shock.
  • Detect a bird's mark on the car in a dream - to unhindered achievement of goals.
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