Recommendations for what to do if the shoe creaks when walking

Unpleasant creaking shoes when walking always makes you think about its quality. This can be a serious reason to refuse to wear this pair, but if you like shoes and replace it now is not possible, you should try to understand the reason for the creaking and try to get rid of this unpleasant problem on their own.

  • Why creaks shoes
  • How to get rid of the creaking
  • Crepe shoe top
  • Crepe sole
  • Crepe heel

Why creaks shoes

The main reasons:

  • Errors in the sewing of shoes, namely the excessively stretched thread that was used to sew the top of the shoes to the sole. Thus, when a person goes, at first the label expands, and then contracts. Over time, the threads may stretch slightly, and the creak will pass by itself.
  • Unpleasant sound can make leather shoes, but in this case it is a question of defective or too hard material.
  • Scratch can provoke various blisters, cracks and other defects on the material from which the shoes are made. Often this "suffer" varnish models. And the creak can appear not at once and will amplify at constant wearing.

  • In the manufacture of shoes in the inner parts could get microparticles of sand, earth and so on. In this case, getting rid of the creaking will be very difficult.
  • Insole friction is also a common problem, resulting in the creaking of shoes. The insole, which was poorly glued or sewn, can move off when walking and lead to squeaking.
  • Sometimes the outsole of heavily worn shoes can make a creak and shorkat on the surface.
  • If the shoes are very wet or not dried, then water can also provoke creaking. Sometimes the reason for the appearance of extraneous sounds can be increased sweating of the feet. But there is also a reverse situation, in which the creaking of shoes, on the contrary, is manifested after improper drying.
Will the shoes creak, you can determine even when buying. To do this, you should wear a pair on both legs and test it well: sit down, jog slightly, walk around, shifting from the heel to the toe and back. With this check, scratches and other defects will necessarily manifest themselves.
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How to get rid of the squeak

What can I do so that my shoes do not creak when walking? First it is recommended to determine in which part of the creaking shoes. To do this, you need to wear a pair and walk around in it, listening to the squeak and determining where it comes from. You can take the shoes in your hands and bend a little, perhaps it will be faster to determine the place of the creak.

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Creins the top of the shoe

If the shoe creaks:

  • , it should be greased with a mixture of petrolatum and wax, lard or goose fat. Do it better on the outside or inside on leather trim. After the procedure, shoes should be left in a warm place and let it dry. In the morning she must stop grinding. Of course, before you put on shoes after such manipulations, you should clean it from fat impregnation. To do this, you can use ordinary alcohol. It is well suited for products made of genuine leather, after which they become softer and more comfortable.
  • can wrap the shoes in a damp cloth and leave it so overnight. It softens slightly and the creak disappears. After some time, he can return again, but shoes, which are already quite different, creak very seldom and almost imperceptibly.

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Creates the outsole

If the sole creaks:

  • helps lubricating the sole with linseed oil, castor oil or sunflower oil. The liquid should be preheated a little, and then soak the sole of the product and leave it for a day. In order to remove the oily coating from the sole, it can be treated with a weak acetic solution.
  • can use hot air. To do this, you need a hairdryer, you need to warm your shoes with warm air from all sides. When the sole is slightly warm, it must be kneaded. After this procedure, the shoes will become softer, and the creak should disappear.
Find out if it is possible to wash the sneakers in a washing machine
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Skrip heel

If the heel is creaking, then the reason may lie in its unreliable fixation or weak instep. In this case, shoes should be returned to the store, if it is new or go to a repair shop.

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