11 tips for psychologists how to make a man run after you

Women often have to resort to various tricks and tricks to get the man they like to run after themselves. Therefore, if you do not yet know how to achieve the desired, modern psychology will suggest several accessible and effective ways that you can apply in practice. Guided by these tips, each girl can get the attention of representatives of the opposite.

The beauty in the first place

The beauty in the first place

The beauty in the first place

The beauty in the first place

The beauty in the first place
  • The clothing match
  • Choose the odor
  • The weapon is the smile
  • The underestimated gait
  • The inaccessible
  • Is not a dummy, but the personality
  • Self development is not standing still
  • Ally in the hobbies
  • Time to fall in love
  • Ability to listen andsilent
  • Beauty in the first place

    For men, the inner world of a girl will always be in second place, on the first one there is an appearance. And this is due to evolution, this fact is pleasant to young ladies or not, but their deep inner world will become interesting only later, they can also keep a man after appearance will play the role of bait.

    In order to interest a guy, you need to put yourself in order. You need to pay attention to your appearance, because the girl must be kept well-groomed and always under any conditions. Do not neglect makeup, styling, hair and manicure.

    The grooming should be natural. Here the main thing is not so much a fashionable hairdo and a bright make, as much as the purity of the skin, hair, nails, neatness of clothes, matching your appearance to the place and occasion.

    Being well-groomed is a daily work, the result of which gradually accumulates. You can not get a radiant appearance for a week, but you can achieve it by leading a correct lifestyle, following a balanced diet, doing sports, spending daily compulsory cosmetic procedures, attending once or twice a month, a manicurist and a hairdresser.

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    Meet on the clothes

    The girl should not look vulgar. Even if you are the owner of an ideal figure, you do not need to denude a flat stomach, expose the breasts for show, or boast of the slender legs, wearing mini skirts. Frivolous girls, men do not choose as a companion of life, although they attract their attention in the first place.

    If your goal does not go beyond a short novel, then these fatal images will allow you to get a man, but he will not run after you, because you are already available. If your goals are more far-sighted, leave the man a place for fantasies, choose elegance, not sexuality, do not stick out your dignity, just emphasize them.

    In the eyes of a man, the more elegantly the woman is dressed, the higher her price.

    Give preference to more restrained outfits, you should determine the style in the clothes that suits you and stick to it. Universal styles of elegance and chic can be called the following win-win styles: English, French, Provence, variations of Casual, Baroque, Empire, Victorian.

    More information about styles in clothes you can learn in the section of articles http://woman-l.ru /dom/ stil-odezhdy /
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    Choose by smell

    Many psychologists agree that we choose partners on an unconscious level for ourselvesa natural smell. This is also determined by evolution, so life is unlikely to reduce you to a man who at the genetic level will be a distant relative. His smell, like yours, will seem repulsive, although you probably will not even feel it, everything will happen unconsciously.

    If a man you like also unconsciously does not take your natural smell, then probably your efforts will be in vain and you will not get farther than easy flirting or intriguing.

    But, if you genetically approach each other, in this case it is important not to discourage attraction. Beauty and attractiveness will be dictated by your scent at an unconscious level, and its components, attracting or repelling a man, will directly depend on your health.

    A healthy woman, who is all in harmony both with the soul and body, simply can not smell repulsive. Therefore, to strive to be well-groomed, add the desire to be healthy: regularly undergo examinations, do not run sores, especially those associated with the oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract, watch for harmony of thoughts, not allowing negative.
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    Attention strong sex can also attract a pleasant synthetic smell. For seduction, such spirits as

    • Chanel No. 5 from Chanel,
    • Habanita from Molinard,
    • J'adore from Dior,
    • Opium from Yves Saint Laurent,
    • Obsession from Calvin Klein,
    • Light Blue from Dolce &Gabbana,
    • Romance by Ralph Lauren,
    • Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel,
    • Poison by Dior,
    • Magnetism by Escada,
    • Dior Addict by Dior.
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    The weapon is a smile

    It is pleasant for any person to communicate with a positive person who simply radiates good energy. Therefore, try to smile at every convenient and suitable occasion, especially in the presence of your object of adoration. Do not overdo it so as not to create the impression of a half-witted or frivolous person.

    Compliments and looks, as a magnet attracts a cheerful and benevolent person.
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    Underestimated gait

    Elegance and charm begins with gait, with how you hold yourself, how you serve. Even the best and to the subtleties of the chosen image will be crossed off by an inept gait, stoop, falsity or sharpness in the movements.

    Grace in itself must be trained daily. Make sure that your shoulders are deployed and slightly retracted, the head held straight, but not arrogant, the back was flat, the stomach is slightly retracted. When walking, make a step not small and not wide, but medium. Do not make quick and abrupt movements, stick to smoothness.

    To develop the grace will help such sports destinations: dance, yoga, pilates. During the exercises, pay a lot of attention to exercises on flexibility and exercises for the musculoskeletal system, especially the back.
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    Affordable inaccessibility of

    Men attract independent girls. To the gentleman running and caring for you should forget about persistence and obsession. It is necessary to determine the distance, not to cross the line. You should urge a man to conquer, and not pretend that he does not interest you at all.

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    By nature, men are proprietors, it should desire your attention no less than you do it.

    Do not overdo it with jealousy. Do not forget to keep the form of inaccessibility, so that the guy does not lose interest to you, because easily accessible girls are full.

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    Not empty, but personality

    The girl's mind is an important aspect, do not be shy about telling interesting things about which you know, but you should know the measure, do not try to outshine your interlocutor. A man will feel restrained in the company of a too smart woman.

    Do not forget about tact, do not use abusive words in speech, then you will look calm and adequate.

    To imitate a man in conversation is not worth it, but a little flattery does not hurt.

    Guys like to feel stronger, they have to lead you, not to be led, so let him have such fun, but do not forget about self-esteem.

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    Self-development does not stand still

    A man should see that a girl is worthy of his attention. Do not stop on what has been achieved, develop and become better. Register for courses that you would raise in your self-development above, for example, culinary, hairdressing, pedicure and manicure courses, learn to drive, learn a foreign language, read books and stuff. Thus, you will enrich your inner world and become a more interesting interlocutor, any man will be pleased to spend time with you.

    The best books on self-development, psychology and personal growth are looking for here http://woman-l.ru/luchshie-knigi-po-samorazvitiyu/
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    Ally in hobbies

    To get close to a man will help joint hobbies, so it is worth to find out what he is interested in and how to spend his leisure time. Perhaps you will find for yourself an interesting activity that will unite you, for example, watching movies of a certain genre, bowling, hobby for sports and so on. If he enjoys spending time with your company, he will surely start hounding you.

    Like-minded women, men are very appreciated, so he will try not to lose you.
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    Time to fall in love

    A man must feel an irresistible sympathy to follow you. There are some women's tricks that will help you fall in love with a guy. You can make the first call to him, and then a few days not to make themselves felt. For a call, it's better to choose the evening time, and the conversation should be interesting and memorable. He will call you back if you are interested in him.

    Go on a date or even a couple, but the next appointment should be postponed, using an important reason. During these few days the man will be able to get bored with you and will already look forward to meeting you.

    Learn to disappear from the field of view of a man. The more you want to tie him to yourself, the less you should be in his environment.

    Place your bet not on quantity, but on the quality of your meetings and conversations. Let each meeting be special. As a result, the man will begin to show more initiative, so that there are more such meetings, and it is not you, but he will become the leader in your relations, will take the initiative.

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    Ability to listen and remain silent

    Your image can be anything, but being alone with the guy of interest to you, show affection, gentleness, caring in his address. A man needs attention, tenderness more than a woman, he must understand that you can rely on.

    Learn to listen to a man. The ability to listen and respond in time is almost the main method that allows you to tie and hold a man.

    After all, a strong sex by nature is more egocentric, prone to posing and bragging. If your man sees a spark in your eyes that ignites his speeches, he will never change you for another, unable to appreciate his fuse and thoughts.

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