List of the best serials about zombies

Zombie series are very popular due to fantastic scenes of the destroyed world, sharp plot and colorful makeup extras. Today, there are a lot of pictures at the box office, but only a few of them are worthy of being included in the list of the best zombie series. Below you will find a selection of the best paintings of recent years - from the Georgian apocalyptic series to the chamber arctic horror.


When a plane landed at New York airport, it turned out that all of its passengers were dead. However, soon the dead begin to revive and degenerate into blood-sucking monsters. The best urban epidemiologist Efraim Goodweather finds out that the cause of everything is an infection - a strain from which you need to find the vaccine urgently, otherwise the virus threatens the extinction of all mankind.

Survive after

Mighty corporation "Vershina" develops a unique virus capable of creating a new race of ideal people. But there is a failure and the virus breaks out onto the streets of Moscow. Infection, which is a deadly weapon, turns people into zombies. Tens of thousands of people in a few hours become walking dead.

In the flesh of

A few years after the terrible epidemic that hit the world, scientists were able to create a vaccine that turns zombies back into humans. The government is launching a rehabilitation program, under which the adolescent Kiren Walker falls. After treatment, he becomes an ordinary person and returns to his small town, where he encounters the hostility of the infected and his own demons.


In the center of the sci-fi thriller "Spiral" is a large research base in the Arctic. The number of employees of the base is rapidly decreasing, since a lethal infection spreads on the site. A group of scientists is sent to the base to find out what happened and to stop the terrible virus that threatens all of humanity.


Little boy Jacob woke up on a rice field in China. He does not remember how he got there and what happened to him. Finding his policeman, Jacob could hardly name only his name and address in the US where he lives. Soon it turns out that at this address there is an elderly couple who really had an 8-year-old son, but he died more than thirty years ago. After an investigation and a test for DNA, which confirmed that this is really their long-dead son, the couple takes the boy home. However, it turns out that not only did Jacob rise from the dead and this event plunges the horror of all living things.

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Nation Z

After three years, after a terrible epidemic swept the whole US and turned people into zombies, the team of virologists finds the onlya person who was not ill and was able to develop a permanent immunity to the disease. Now his blood is the last hope of mankind. To get this blood, the special unit is tasked to transport it from New York to California in a single functioning virus lab. What will end a journey of 5 thousand miles across the ruined America will become known from the plot of the series "Nation Z"


Guy Gum comes to life in the subway tunnels and discovers that something terrible has happened in the world. He and a small group of people were lucky to stay alive. Among them, the girl Elena, who is trying to find her daughter, lost in the general turmoil. Guga decides to help the girl. Going out into the street, they discover a ruined city and scurrying through the ruins of people, turned into zombies. Now young people have the task to survive in this terrible world and find an antidote for the virus.

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Project S.Е.Р.А.

The main character of the series is on an abandoned weapons warehouse. She learns that biological weapons are being developed here. Her father fell into the hands of these evil geniuses of science, and now all the trials are conducted on him, causing him terrible torments. The girl will have to figure it out until the scientists finally turned her father, and at the same time, all of humanity into zombies.

At the call of sorrow

In a small mountain town in the Alps in one of the evenings absolutely disoriented people try to return home. They do not yet know that they have all been dead for a long time. They are completely unprepared, driven by one desire - to return to their homes as soon as possible, to see their families again, but no one has been waiting for them for a long time. But then strange events begin to occur and the resurrected ones begin to discover that they are not the only ones who returned.

Death Valley

The "Death Valley" series is a rattling mix of purely American humor and horror, which tells about the work of the elite special forces of the Los Angeles police, fighting with various evil spirits. This special squad was formed several years ago, when the valley of San Fernando was flooded with werewolves, zombies and vampires.

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Zombies from the road

The events of the series begin with the fact that a group of reckless and energetic teenagers goes to rest in a small house by the lake. On the way, they move to an unfamiliar road and accidentally knock down a squirrel. But the protein comes alive and it turns out that this road is cursed and everyone who dies on it turns into a zombie. Running away from the zombie-squirrels, the boys realized that a lot of living dead dwell here, ready to eat people.

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The short TV series "Vykusi!" Will tell the audience about the three friends-neighbors who have been playing the game "Dead Rising 2".When the world had an apocalypse and all the zombies rebelled, thanks to the game, the guys knew how to behave. American humor, adventures and crowds of walking dead will not leave anyone indifferent.


17-year-old Paul has a superpower - he sees the souls of dead people who, for various reasons, were trapped in our world. Paul is constantly dreaming of post-apocalyptic nightmares, but neither the family, nor his attending physician, nor friends can help the guy. Meanwhile, the ghost of Pole, tormented by a thirst for revenge, found a way to return to the world of the living, and now all of humanity is in danger. Semi is to save the world from imminent death, and for this he needs to prevent the embodiment of ghosts in human form.

American horror story

Vivienne and Ben Harmon are spouses who are going through a difficult stage in their family life. They are on the brink of divorce, because Ben changed his wife to a young student. To save the family, the couple moves with their son to an old house in Los Angeles. However, they soon realize that they live there not alone, but share their habitation with ghosts. They are aware of their fears and do not mind playing on their new residents' nerves.


For two whole months the participants of the popular television show "Big Brother" were isolated from the outside world. They are all tired and ready to literally grab each other in the throat. But then it becomes known that due to their isolation they are the only survivors of the zombie army's offensive. Now the main goal of this eccentric group of people is to unite and resist the zombie attack.

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