20 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

20 years of joint life - a really serious anniversary in the life of the family. Preparing for it, it is necessary to think over all the details: what to give, what congratulations to voice, what traditions are associated with it. And for starters - you need to find out what kind of wedding it is.

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

What is the wedding called

The anniversary, the twentieth anniversary of living together in many peoples of the world is called the Porcelain wedding.

So they call it in France, and in the Netherlands, and in England, and in Germany. But why porcelain?

There are several explanations for this name:

  1. As you know, porcelain is very noble, elegant, beautiful, and at the same time brittle material. And the relationship of spouses after 20 years of living together are full of love, respect and understanding, but fragile and tender. The symbol of the 20th anniversary of the wedding reminds the couple that happiness is fragile and must be protected in 10 and 20 years.
  2. The second version of the origin of the wedding anniversary name is associated with China - the birthplace of porcelain. In ancient times, Chinese porcelain is very much appreciated. It was expensive hand-made, decorated with hand-painted. And the relationship of spouses in 20 years have become simply priceless.

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How to celebrate

Traditionally, the twentieth anniversary of the wedding, the couple are celebrating in their own home, in a warm family circle.

Whom to invite to the anniversary of the wedding - it's up to you, but the traditions associated with it are better to fulfill. And traditions are:

  1. The first and main tradition of the celebration is connected directly with the name of the Porcelain wedding. It is believed that the table should be served exclusively on porcelain tableware this day, and absolutely new.
  2. The old china ware was taken on this day solemnly to break, saying goodbye to the past grievances, troubles and omissions.
  3. The table on this day is covered with exquisite treats, among which there must necessarily be an oriental dish. This tradition of celebrating the Porcelain wedding is associated with the eastern origin of porcelain.
  4. Regardless of the menu you choose, the celebration should end with a tea party.
  5. To tea, the wife must bake something herself, thereby demonstrating which mistress she has become over 20 years of married life.
  6. The original tradition of celebrating this jubilee is the making of clay figurines by guests. This can happen at home, where the celebration is held, and, if possible, in a pottery workshop.
  7. "Newlyweds" on this day it is customary to give happiness to a horseshoe with wishes to the family of well-being. It does not have to be porcelain, but it must be hung over the door.
  8. Wishes and congratulations for 20 years of wedding are written down on paper and are added to a porcelain( or clay) vessel. You can not read them right away! After all guests and the spouses write their wishes - the vessel is sealed. It will be possible to open it only on the next anniversary date.
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Gift for wife

For 20 years of wedding, a gift for wives is easy to choose. Usually they are all related to porcelain. It can be interior items:

  1. Beautiful porcelain vases with original festive inscriptions.
  2. Wall dishes with a beautiful pattern.
  3. Porcelain boxes.
  4. Candlesticks.
  5. Mirror in a porcelain frame.
  6. Decorative porcelain doll.

Original gift - thematic porcelain figurines:

  • a pair of pigeons - the personification of a family of peace and mutual understanding;
  • porcelain heart - the embodiment of love and tenderness of the couple;
  • "pair" of porcelain - the bride and groom;
  • figure 20 with engraving and wishes.

Hit of the holiday - porcelain tableware:

  • original tea pairs;
  • tea sets are different;
  • coffee sets;
  • dishes;
  • salad bowls.
A nice memorable gift is a cup or dish with a picture of a happy couple.
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What to give to the husband

If you are thinking what to give to your husband for the Porcelain wedding, choose:

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  1. Original ceramic watch.
  2. Jubilee medallion of porcelain.
  3. Porcelain or clay piggy bank.
  4. to the ashtray.
  5. Horseshoe.
  6. Unusual mug for coffee.

You can associate a gift with eastern themes by presenting:

  • kimono;
  • set for sushi;
  • aroma lamp with a set of oils;
  • eastern bonsai tree.
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And will complement the gifts and congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the wedding beautiful poems:

Porcelain pure radiance
Today we will meet your home.
How light is a reliable wharf
He beckons with love, kindness.
Always in your house is comfortable,
Cozy, calm, warm. Let your way be carefree,
And together you will be light.
We wish you love - clean, clear,
Beautiful, like gentle porcelain.
Good luck, hope, prosperity
Let the glory of your house.
Wonderful porcelain wedding,
The family of your happy 20 years!
We see how beautiful the young are -
You radiate love beautiful light!
Let your union as expensive porcelain,
Becomes more valuable day by day.
And every moment brings happiness to you,
And your family gets stronger every day.
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