Style of rock in clothes

Who really does not take recognition and eccentricity, so it's a colorful trend in fashion called rock - the loud, "reeling" phenomenon of the last century. This rich, dark, sometimes gothic and gloomy, and sometimes pleasant glamorous style does not lose its popularity, it constantly develops, rushing to different sides of the fashion industry and laying more and more new tidings. Passion for change does not have to be borrowed. From the very first days of its origin and in our time, rock, like the subculture that gave birth to it, invariably tears forward.

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This style of dress stems from the enchanting era emergedin the 50-ies of the XX century. And, perhaps, the rock subculture is the only formation that so freely leaked to all continents and was accepted equally by many peoples, from restrained Asians to conservative Europeans.

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Features of

Rock is recognized thanks to its basic features in the choice of colors and materials.

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Colors of

Originally it turned out that the basic color for rock quickly legalized black. He remains the main one even now. The shades of black are advanced for almost any style direction, except for softer indie rock.

The formed color palette includes white color, red, metallic or gray, less often other natural shades.

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The first place has always been leather, leatherette, latex. Over the years, they added denim( jeans), cotton, synthetics, knitwear. In the decoration is irreplaceable the use of various metals, wood. Strasses are allowed only in branches of glam-rock and sometimes in gothic.

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Combinations of

In its pure form, the style is brutal and gloomy. To reduce its "blackness" is recommended to combine the style with close in content directions or with those that do not stand out in clear contrast.

Taking rock as a basis, the direction of the kazhual, modern American and European styles, something from the modern grunge direction, is appropriate. But for those who want to make rock even more intense, it is worth adding to it a punk direction in clothes or giving preference to a branch of gothic rock.

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Directions of

Rock managed to lay up to twenty different branches. Here are the advanced ones.

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Indie Rock

One of the softest branches of rock. Created for gentle girlish natures. But, for all its softness, the rock style in it is recognizable thanks to the obligatory elements. These can be accessories made of leather( belts, open gloves, ornaments), accessories or furnish from various metals( rivets, plaques, spikes, chains) or clothing made of leather( jacket, pants, leggings, sleeveless).

Attributed attributes are added to the attributes of the style from the ethnic style of the peoples of North America: loose cut shirts, t-shirts, long loose dresses, etc.

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Hard rock

How indifferent is indie, so loud is the hard. Hard rock is a real screaming and incendiary riot, where it is necessary to put emphasis on masculinity and strength.

This style is more suitable for men. More precisely, in it they feel more comfortable. As for the girls, the hard does not add to them femininity, so its elements are best combined with more calm and neutral things. But what can be hard is to emphasize your boldness and sexuality. For some cases in life, it will be appropriate to 100%.

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A distinctive feature of this lining in clothes is the unlimited use of metal, leather, less often latex and jeans and, as a rule, everything in black tones.

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Clothes in the style of hard rock: things made of leather or jeans: pants, vests, sleeveless jackets. They can be torn, in thorns, with stripes. T-shirts and T-shirts with themed prints.

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Glam rock

Style glam is a purely female version, simplified and feminine hard. He is in many respects similar to him, but is not meant to entangle a girl, but, on the contrary, to emphasize provocative femininity and sexuality.

The color range is much wider: Bordeaux, white, beige, red, metal, silver and so on. To achieve the effect of glam, you can use a short dress with thorns on the shoulders or on the bodice, leather or denim short jackets, jackets, mini( shorts, skirts).

Ideal combination of neutral clothing with leather. For example, a chiffon sarafan and on top of a short leather jacket or a denim vest and scarf.

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A hundred times brutal, darker, demonic will look like an image in this overflow. He always implies subjects, suits both sexes and must have a bias towards the basic style - gothic. Its elements: it is a unique cut of clothes, V-neck, tightness of things, corsets, tunic-dresses and men's tunics. And also thematic decorations: massive amulets, rings, etc.

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Recognizable style accessories include the following: bandanas, scarves, leather belts and gloves, leather studded bracelets.

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Make-up is divided into several types:

  • Glam-rock makeup. The accent is more often on the lips. Called to emphasize femininity and hide flaws;
  • Classic rock makeup. Focus on the eyes. The maximum of dark shades, the perfect solution is the combination of smokey-eyes with bright shades of lipsticks;
  • Indie rock makeup. Neutral, natural make-up, where also the accent passes to the eyes. Arrows will be a good solution.
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Hairstyles vary greatly depending on the branches of rock, starting from real Iroquois, high stitches and ending with simple loose locks.

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