Embroidery on clothes with beads by own hands

Bead embroidery is a good way to realize your creativity in practice, because you can do such hobbies without special preparation. And with practice will come and genuine skill. In addition, embroidery with beads will help decorate and transform your wardrobe, make it special and unique.

  • How to choose beads
  • Selection of threads, tools
  • Examples
  • Embroidery patterns
  • Simple schemes

How to choose

beads Surely you all have an idea of ​​what beads are. It's such a variety of small beads of different colors, sizes and shapes with a hole in the middle. They can be very small or relatively large, faceted both from the inside and outside, they are elongated, flat or round, like ringlets.

As for the price, then the cheapest is the beads of Taiwanese production, but also the quality of its corresponding. The most expensive is Japanese. If you want to buy a less expensive, but not less quality beads, we recommend to stop your choice in Czech.

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Selection of threads, tools

Separately it is necessary to say about threads for embroidery with beads. First of all, they must be very strong, so you can safely wash and wear clothes embroidered with beads for a long time. At the same time, it should be quite thin and invisible on the fabric. Therefore, the best for working with beads are suitable such threads as: kapron, as well as threads with lavsan - cotton-lavsan or flax-lavsan. But if you are embroidering on a very thin fabric - chiffon or silk, then it's better to take thin and strong natural silk threads for embroidery.

As additional tools you may need sharp thin scissors, a set of needles and a frame to make it easier to fix the workplace on clothes.

If you are a beginner in this hobby, it is recommended to start with loosely and indelicate fabrics, for example, to practice on cotton clothes.

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Examples of

Many areas of clothing are suitable for embroidery, but this embroidery looks best on sleeves, along collar cuts, along the cuts on the back and so on.

Before embarking on the embroidery, it is necessary to translate the pattern onto the fabric. This is done with the help of contour embroidery thread and stencil. For light fabrics, a dark thread is used, for dark fabrics - light.

Draw the stencil on thick paper, pin it to the workplace, gently sew the pattern along the contour, starting with the largest details and ending with small accents. After that, gently remove the stencil.

Many couturiers choose this decor for their outfits, but most of all beads adore the Lebanese designer Eli Saab.

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Patterns for embroidery

There are a lot of variants of drawings. In fact, the design of the pattern is not limited to anything, only by your skill and imagination.
To simple designs, one can include those where a small detail of the picture and the use of one or more colors of beads.

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It's difficult to name the drawings where beads of different shapes and shades are used, with color transitions and other complexities.

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Simple schemes for

Schemes are generally understandable, do not require additional explanations and remind stencils. Make them, more often, in black and white format, the choice of shades of beads is yours.

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Finally, we note that embroidery with beads can be successfully combined with the technique of embroidery with stitch and embroidery with pawns and beads.

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