Signs about the flower of the sheffler in the house

Scheffler is an evergreen blooming tropical plant that is often grown at home. According to the set of accepts and superstitions, she is an energetic vampire and brings misfortune. However, these fears are greatly exaggerated, and for people who risked keeping this flower in their home, he will become an excellent assistant in financial affairs and strengthening family relations.

  • Energy absorber
  • Predicts the future
  • To attract money
  • To whom is suitable

Energy absorber

Some people oppose this houseplant, accusing it of energy vampirism. In part this is true - the sheffler really absorbs energy, but only negative and in small quantities. The flower, on the contrary, cleans the atmosphere, brings harmony to the house, reduces the level of scandals and conflicts in the family.

If you put the plant in a matrimonial bedroom, it will promote a sound healthy sleep, strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. Also, the flower humidifies the air, creating a favorable microclimate in the room.

Scheffler on the student's desk stimulates mental abilities, helps to quickly learn knowledge, improves memory, improves performance.

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Predicts the future of

Another superstition is the plant's ability to call disaster into the house.

In fact, the flower simply reacts to changes in the energy of the room, which makes it an excellent predictor of future events:
  • If the leaves of the sheffler darkens, this indicates a large accumulation of negative energy that can result in family quarrels or a series of failures. In order to improve the situation, it is necessary to clean the home. Also, it would be superfluous to take a closer look at others - perhaps someone from family members try to impose a spoil or evil eye.
  • Plant discards leaves - to losses. Take a closer look at your health, perhaps you are starting to get sick. No less likely to be financial losses, excessive spending, failed capital investments.
  • Sheffler leaves are folded into a tube - conflict situations are coming at home or at work.
  • If the flower of a plant suddenly stops growing, you should choose another way of achieving the goals. Review your decisions and actions, otherwise they can lead to financial failures or career difficulties.
  • Sudden rapid growth of the sheffleria heralds pregnancy.
  • The plant does not grow for a long time and does not develop - it symbolizes stagnation in business, minor troubles, the need for change.
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To attract money

Most bad signs about this plant presagetrouble related to money or career growth. Therefore, it is believed that proper care, maintaining the sheffler in good condition, helps to attract material well-being:

  • If you keep a flower at home, it is tuned to increase the welfare of all family members.
  • In the office of the Scheffler attracts new customers, contributes to the conclusion of profitable contracts, increasing profits.
  • A plant standing in a separate room or on the table of its owner will bring him success in work, increase in salary, promotion.

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To whom the

is suitable, Scheffler will find a common language with any person, but in its energy most suited to people who are protected by the elements of Fire, that is, born under such zodiacal signs as Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the flower best reveals its potential in the southern corner of the room. In this case, it is important not only the proper care for him, but also communication, stroking of leaflets. However, this should be done with caution - all types of plants are slightly poisonous, and are capable of causing irritation on the skin and mucous membranes of some people. This property also played a role in the negative attitude to the sheffler, as to the indoor plant.

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