Examples of lamination on short, medium and long eyelashes

The procedure, which is based on the nutrition of eyelashes with useful minerals and components, is called lamination. This method significantly lengthens the eyelashes, makes the look open. Therefore, many girls prefer to laminate in the summer, when you want to consume a minimum of cosmetics, and look amazing.

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Essence of

technology The advantages of this technology include the following advantages:

  • eyelashes get a beautiful bend and a new ideal shape;
  • appears a rich shine;
  • increases the strength of the eyelashes;
  • the growth of eyelashes accelerates;
  • effect lasts 2-3 months;
  • the skin around the eyes takes on water in the form of beneficial minerals and vitamin.

With these eyelashes, you can do make-up, wash with cosmetic lotions, wear lenses, go to the sauna.

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There are contra-indications and disadvantages of lamination:

  • procedure can not be applied to pregnant women,
  • mothers during lactation,
  • for serious eye infections,
  • after surgery on the eyes,
  • if there are accrued eyelashes,
  • in case of allergy to components.

How to proceed:

  1. Preparation. Eyelashes need to be degreased, and a special cream should be applied to the skin around the eyes. Install a silicone pad to prevent the composition from entering the skin.
  2. Application. On eyelashes put on a special roller of silicone, apply serum, which strengthens the eyelashes and makes them visually thick.
  3. Staining. The first applied compound is dried, and it is possible to apply the paint of a suitable color.
  4. Fastening. Keratin( protein) - the final stage of lamination of the eyelashes, it fixes all the compounds and serum for a long time.
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The procedure of the procedure takes no more than 60 minutes, as at each stage it will take at least 10-15 minutes for all the means to dry up.

The eyes can not be wetted during the day after laminating.

At first it seems that the eyelashes have become stiff and all have stuck together, but after a day this feeling passes. Eyelashes become thick, beautiful and twisted.

Due to the high-strength protein, included in the composition for lamination and penetrating deep into each hair, eyelashes are markedly added in the volume.

The procedure for lifting( laminating) the eyelashes is aimed at strengthening and volume, on the saturation of color and luster. The method has a cumulative effect, which means that after a secondary procedure the result will be twice as good as the first. For the best result, it is recommended to undergo 3 procedures, then the eyelashes will be larger by 25%.

In addition to the visible effect, the patient also receives medical treatment. The products of cosmetics used in lamination contain useful microelements and vitamins.

Can I perform lifting at home? Paying attention to the algorithm of actions, the cost of the product and other nuances, you can understand that this is not an expensive pleasure and responsibility. Therefore, do not recommend experimenting at home, and do lamination in the cabin. After all, in order to conduct work qualitatively, it is necessary to have experience, skill and certain knowledge.

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