How to make a tree of happiness

Trees of happiness, they are also topiary, have long been in fashion for decorating rooms, festive tables and as gifts and souvenirs. There are a lot of variations in the design of this craft, but the design of a happy tree, charged to attract happiness, should be bright and attractive, as in this master class.

  • Creating a flower of the topiary
  • Topiary of the tinsel

Creating a flower of the topiary

To create this floral bright tree you need:

  • a ball of foam( you can buy it in the store for needlework or cut yourself),
  • flower pot or flower pot,
  • wooden stick of mediumthickness,
  • sisal of different colors,
  • gypsum,
  • artificial flowers,
  • glue;
  • lace.
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First you need to fill the plaster in the pot and install a stick in it. Place the wand in the center, hold it until the gypsum misses. After that, you can put a ball of foam on the stick.

Next, using a hot glue, treat it with the surface of the ball and wrap it on the white sisal material. The sisal layer should be about three centimeters.

With the help of glue spread on the surface of the ball artificial flowers.

The formed lumens must be filled with balls rolled from a multicolored sisal.

If you did not manage to purchase a colored sisal, you can paint with industrial dyes for white sisal fabrics.

When the bowl is ready, proceed to decorating the pots. Glue the sisal on the plaster, hiding it, plus, glue several colors over the sisal.

Using a lace and a flower, wrap the pots.

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Topiary of tinsel

This elegant tree requires:

  • two foam balls,
  • yellow, orange and white cardboard,
  • large hole puncher,
  • two flower pots,
  • two wooden sticks of medium thickness,
  • several pieces of foamrectangular shape,
  • orange tape,
  • black paint,
  • adhesive,
  • tinsel.

The first thing you should do is cut out three sheets of cardboard a lot of circles. To do this, you can use a large diameter hole puncher. If you do not have one, you can use scissors, it just takes a little longer.

After that, you need to glue these circles to the polystyrene balls, alternating colors, and sticking with a slight overlap of one on the other. Glue the circles so that the foam is not visible between them.

Now you need to take rectangular pieces of foam, and insert the lower ends of the sticks into them, first applying glue on them. These foam rectangles will be the support on which the crown of the craft will be kept. After this, you need to place the foam with the wood in the prepared pot, and fix it well.

loading. ..

The interior of the pot will not be visible, so you can fix the foam with any materials, if only it was securely fixed.

All you have to do is put the tinsel on top of the pot, which at the same time closes the bottom of the topiary, and makes your topiary more beautiful.

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