With what to wear fishnet pantyhose

Many girls do not dare to wear lace pantyhose, considering them a sign of vulgarity, but this opinion is mostly erroneous. Yes, when choosing lace tights, it's worth thinking more carefully about choosing an image, a style of clothes and even your own behavior, since such things are an excellent characteristic of your taste. Therefore, let's understand in what circumstances and with what items of clothing fishnet pantyhose will look the most advantageous, and with what it is better not to wear it.

  • Combination
  • Evening attire
  • Business style
  • Casual
  • Extravagant image


Openwork tights are suitable for girls who prefer a classic or romantic style. Plus they have more than enough, because they can be worn not only for special occasions, walks and visits, they can be safely worn in everyday life. In any situation, you will look extravagant, feminine and bright.

Designers do not advise at the same time with fishnet pantyhose to wear things of different textures, decorated with lace and catchy patterns, as this is too much. Lace pantyhose can add an image to the image of the necessary share of sensuality.

Try not to combine laced pantyhose with jeans and leather mini, leopard prints and sports-style things, it usually looks rather ridiculous and vulgar.

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Evening dress

Wear black translucent pantyhose with attractive patterns with a small black or burgundy dress. This combination can be used not only for a gala evening, but also, for example, for a business meeting. Romantic or rigorous image can be emphasized with appropriate accessories.

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Many open-work tights, especially tights in a mesh, are associated with a retro style, so they will look extraordinarily extravagant with the darkdress in paetkas and a short fur cape, as shoes fit shoes with high heels.

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Business style

When choosing pantyhose stockings or pantyhose as a business style element, it is better to give preference to dark shades( black, brown, gray), and when forming a complete business image, one should use only one-color things, for example,a case of a dark shade or a black pencil skirt with a light blouse and classic boats.

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In everyday life, you can give vent to your imagination and experiment with colored pantyhose. Gray pantyhose, like bodily ones, are quite universal, so they can be selected for any color.

Thin white fishnet tights are better to wear with light romantic dresses and uniquely light shoes. Although if you choose a white pullover, a black pleated skirt and dark shoes with buckles, you can get a rather interesting image, remotely resembling a school uniform.

Pantyhose of red and burgundy shades should be worn with brown, white, mustard, dark green, dark blue, gray and black monochrome clothing.

Brown fishnet tights fit under the clothes of warm colors - brick, the color of wet asphalt, green, yellow, orange.

Blue and green pantyhose will look good with things of brown, orange, yellow and gray.

And here the pantyhose of purple and crimson color is correctly combined with black clothes and shoes or with clothes, some elements of which will duplicate the tint of tights.

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As for the warm lace pantyhose knitted, the combination with a woolen tight dress to the knees and suede boots on a wedge with a dress or a skirt-trapezium, a sweetsht and loffers will be especially romantic and tender.

In spring, elegantly dressed with a daily wear will look like a tasteful ensemble of short flared skirt, bright blouse, light elongated jacket, tights with graceful patterns and ankle boots.

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Extravagant image of

To create a bright extravagant, even outrageous image will help the combination of fishnet tights with short wide shorts, a sleeveless jacket and boots with boots.

Either ensemble of black dress and red fishnet tights, with a monophonic belt and accessories. In this situation, shoes with high heels with a red sole or ankle boots on the platform are ideal.

Look great tights with patterns with lacquer shoes. This combination will emphasize your style and allow you to put on them outfits of satin, velvet and chiffon.

It is worth remembering about accessories, which should complement your image. Choose fashionable jewelry, for example, a spectacular massive brooch. Harmoniously it will look like a handbag-clutch.

And one more nuance. Wearing fishnet pantyhose better than girls slim, otherwise they can highlight shortcomings.

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