What a child should be able to do in 2 months

To the surprise of the parents at 2 months the baby already knows quite a lot. He is more focused than a month ago, carefully considering people and objects. A two-month-old child sleeps less and is more awake, he expresses his emotions and desires better. Yes, parents already understand their favorite child better. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that the development of the baby is normal.

  • Physical development
  • Intellectual development
  • Emotional and social development
  • Psychological development

Physical development

During this period the child is rapidly growing and developing. In just one month, its growth increases by 3 cm, and the weight by 800 grams. Improved and physical development of the baby.

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According to experts, a two-month-old child should be able to:

  • lying on the tummy, trying to raise the headand hold it yourself for 15-20 seconds;

  • surely keep the head in an upright position;
  • try to turn( one way);
  • lying on the back, trying to turn the head either one way or the other( reacting to sound or movement);
  • hold the rattle in fingertips with your fingertips;
  • reach out to accessible items and try to grab them with a pen;
  • connecting knobs together;
  • coordinate the movements of their peepholes and heads;
  • to study own movements of pens and legs;
  • to focus on the environment;
  • focus on a bright subject or light source;
  • respond to the presence of parents.

It should be noted that at the age of two months, the baby's actions acquire a certain expediency. He constantly moves handles and legs, but coordination of movements becomes much better. The kid pulls everything in his mouth that comes into his hands, including his own fingers and fists.

At this age, he sleeps less than before, after feeding does not fall asleep immediately and can stay awake between feedings for 15-20 minutes( from 1 to 1.5 hours per day).This time is good for using with the baby and his physical and intellectual development.

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Mental development of

When your child reaches the age of two months, you can begin to engage with your baby, developing his mental abilities. To begin with, 5-7 minutes of sessions aimed at developing the hearing, speech, coordination of movements and attention of the baby will suffice.

In order for the child to develop fully, you need to talk with him as calmly as possible, with a kindly voice, show bright toys, introduce various sounds, and include soft music. It is now time to hang toys and bright rattles over the baby's crib, which will help in its development.

Normally, at two months of age the child should:

  • distinguish familiar faces, recognize the mother;
  • focus on a fixed object;
  • trace eye movement of the object at a distance of 50 cm;
  • distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar voices;
  • listening to various sounds, turning the head to their source;
  • respond differently to different sounds;
  • try to publish a series of sounds similar to singing, as well as some guttural sounds;
  • begin to master the speech - try to "agukat."

It is equally important to introduce the child to himself - to allow him to view his legs and pens, to show him in the mirror his reflection.

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Emotional and social development of

Develops at two months of age and the emotionality of the baby. Now he quite consciously reacts to what he likes or does not like. So, a child can wrinkle his forehead and even cry if he hears sounds that he does not like, and vice versa, is able to smile consciously in response to pleasant sounds or actions. He distinguishes between pleasant and unpleasant objects.

A two-month-old baby likes to be carried on his hands, "agucing" with him and talking. At the age of two months the child emotionally reacts to the appearance of the mother: he can smile happily, actively move his legs and arms and even try to pronounce some sounds, showing his joy. No less emotionally, a two-month-old baby expresses his dissatisfaction, and he can make different sounds when he is hungry, when he is frozen or when he suffers from pain in the tummy.

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As before, an infant at the age of two months needs constant contact with his mother and feels calm and comfortable only by being near her.

Indicators of normal emotional and social development of a two-month-old child are:

  • the ability to transmit information about their condition or needs through various sounds;
  • manifestation of interest in people around him, sounds and objects;
  • the ability to distinguish between "one's own" and "other's" people;
  • imitates the sounds and intonations of adults;
  • expression of their emotions in all possible ways: smiling, laughing, crying, screaming, "agucing."
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Psychological development of

Important changes occur at the age of two months and in the mental development of the infant, because right now the unconditioned reflexes of the newborn are beginning to be replaced by conditioned reflexes. His nervous system is improving, basic mental functions are formed: memory, attention and thinking.

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You may be surprised, but a two-month-old kid is quite capable of remembering the sequence of daily procedures and worked outdaily regime. You will understand this when you see how happy your baby is in anticipation of feeding or bathing. It is at this age that the child begins to get real pleasure from contact with water and water procedures. I like toddlers and the procedure of massage, and exercise. You will see this both in his sweet smile, and in the joyously enthusiastic expression of his face, and in the active movements of pens and legs.

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The development of the attention of a two-month-old baby, and his thinking. Now he is able to focus his view on the subject of interest for quite some time and get what he is interested in touching, whether it's a toy or his own pens. Maybe the baby can feel the mood of his mother, sensitively catching the intonation of her voice and the expression of her face.

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