Making flowers from the skin

To make original flowers from the skin, it's enough to have at hand nothing: a candle, glue to work with this material, scissors, acrylic paints and, directly, the skin itself. As for some special skills, they will not be required. Everything can be gleaned from this master class, which describes the main recommendations in creating this kind of crafts.

  • Why use the leather flowers
  • Basics of the

technique Why use the leather flowers

Ready-made leather crafts can decorate your wardrobe as well as the interior. They are distinguished by a special style, laconic and refined at the same time and always look rich. In addition, such jewelry can be called universal. They are appropriate both in the summer wardrobe, and in the winter or in the demisezon. The most original look of these crafts from the skin in the role of brooches, jewelry for hair, for example, if you attach them to an elastic band, hair clip or hoop, as well as rings, wide bracelets, earrings and thematic necklaces.

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Basics of the

technique In any work, everything starts with an idea. First of all, you have to think over what purposes the handicraft will be used for, and draw your idea on paper. Precision is not necessary here. The main thing - to indicate the details - the number of elements in the composition.

After that, on the back of the skin, you need to draw all the elements using a pen or a simple pencil. Cut them costs only by professional tailor scissors. They make a neat cut.

Now, to make petals and leaves more realistic, it's worth keeping them over an open fire. Then they will become convex, not flat. Do not bring them close to the fire, keep the elements at a distance of no more than 10-15 centimeters.

When all the elements are ready, go to the decor. Before dyeing the petals and leaves, it is necessary to wipe their surface with a cotton swab dipped in acetone or medical alcohol to degrease it.

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To make the shade smooth and saturated, it is desirable to make the first layer whiteacrylic, using it as a primer. Further, it is already possible to apply the basic shade. It can be made homogeneous, without color transitions, and it is possible to try and convey the strips and transitions of tones characteristic for plants, for example, the transition from dark to light( darker at the base of the petal, lighter at its tip).

Acrylic paints dry quickly, so if you make a mistake, fix it right away, or you'll have to make another coat of paint.

In our case, all elements of the craft are gathered together due to a small thin twine. But if such a decor is not provided in the case of your idea, use glue that becomes transparent when it dries.

It is not recommended to sew items and generally use a needle. This is permissible in case the location of the stitching is hidden.

As an additional decor, you can use wood products, for example, beads. Also on the background of leather material matte beads of different sizes, satin ribbons or silk ribbons, dense fabrics, such as felt, and glassware, for example, faceted beads, look beautiful.

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