Complex exercises of facebuilding against wrinkles and saggy skin

Most often, the true age gives out the condition of the face, neck and décolleté region. These zones are more influenced by the environment than others. Controlling the aging can be not only with the help of expensive procedures and drugs. For everyday use, an effective exercise complex, called facebuilding, has been developed.


The use and essence of the exercises
  • The use and essence of the exercises
  • Exercises for the forehead
  • Eye receptions
  • Eye complex
  • Working with the chin
  • Exercising for the nose
  • Exercises for cheeks and cheekbones
  • Lip complex
  • For the face oval
  • Neck lift


Initially, this set of exercises was developed to adjust, restore and improve the performance of the muscles of the face and neck in patients with cerebral palsy, for patients after suffering a stroke, and for other injuries. But this complex has gradually merged into a wide range of applications, including in the field of beauty.

The essence of facebuilding is simple, it lies in the name itself - it is a phased, systematic strengthening and building a face by training all the facial muscles and muscles of the neck and forearm. In many ways, exercises replace massage, lifting, beauty injections and many other procedures.

If in daily life up to 10-15 percent of facial muscles are involved, then the exercises contribute to the work of all groups of facial muscles, which in a few weeks increases their tone. As a result, it is possible to observe a significant improvement in the skin condition as a whole, increase its elasticity, smooth wrinkles, manifest the correctness of the contour of the face, eliminate the lowered eyelids, the second chin, drooping cheeks, saggy skin around the neck, and so on.

The only condition for success in facebuilding is systematic - exercises need to be done every day.

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Exercises for the forehead

We bring to your attention the most popular facebuilding exercises for smoothing wrinkles on the forehead:

  • To remove the interbrow wrinkles, press the eyebrows with your middle fingers and slide them firmly. Repeat the manipulation up to 10 times.
  • To remove horizontal wrinkles, place index fingers above the eyebrows( repeating their line).Raise your eyebrows in surprise, and put your fingers against them. Repeat this action at least 10 times.
  • To remove the vertical wrinkles of the forefinger, the ring and middle fingers on each hand are placed on opposite sides of the wrinkles to be removed. The fingers in this exercise should be below the eyebrows. We stretch our arms out to the sides, thereby tightening the skin with our fingers. Hands do not let go and try to move your eyebrows and keep your skin taut for several seconds. Repeat the exercise should be at least 5 times.
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Eye tricks

We offer you the most effective face-building exercises for the eyes:

  • Toremove already available and prevent the appearance of new "crow's feet", put ring fingers above the corner of the eyes on the edge of the eye cavity. Slowly close your eyes, if everything is done correctly, then the fingers should move slightly towards the center.
  • To remove circular wrinkles around the eyes, open your eyes as wide as possible and stand them in this state for 20 seconds. Try to stretch the circular muscles around the eyes.
  • In order not to have bags under the eyes, it is necessary to push the outer corners of the eyes with your thumbs. Doing this exercise, it is worth looking up as possible.

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Complex for the eyelids

We bring to your attention the complex of face-building exercises for the eyelids:

  • To strengthen the skin of the lower eyelids, the index and middle fingers are located at the corners of the eyes. The index fingers should be on the outer corners of the eye, and the middle fingers on the inner corners. Press your fingers against the skin while avoiding the appearance of new folds. Raise the pupil up and quickly over eyes. Release your fingers and relax the skin. Repeat the procedure 5 times.
  • To smooth wrinkles on the lower eyelids, you need to raise the skin of the lower eyelid without closing your eyes. In this case, the skin around the eyes should also go up. The view should be directed as far as possible.
  • To smooth the wrinkles of the upper and lower eyelids, place one finger under the eyelashes of the lower eyelid and the other on the upper eyelid under the eyebrows.try to push the skin of the eyelids to the maximum width and look upwards.
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Working with chin

We offer you the best exercises of facebuilding for the chin:

  • To get rid of the double chin, put your fists under your beard and open your mouth overcoming resistance. Repeat the procedure at least 20 times.
  • To have a beautiful contour of the line of the chin and neck, place the thumbs under the chin and put the tongue maximally downward at least 10 times.
  • To strengthen the muscles of the jaw, open the mouth and pull the lower lip inward so that it lies on the lower teeth. Place your index finger in the center of your beard. In a smile, take the corners of your lips back, and with your finger, resist. Slowly open and close your mouth. After each movement, the chin should extend 1 cm forward. When the chin is lifted hold it in this position and count to 20.
  • To tighten the chin and neck skin, sit straight up, chin up and smile. During the exercise, the lips must be closed. Knead the arm at the bottom of the neck and pull the chin skin lightly down.
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Gymnastics for the nose

We bring to your attention a number of exercises of facebuilding for nose correction:

  • To correct the dropped and extended tip of the nose, press it with your index finger with a slight onslaught. Keep your nose bent down pulling your lower lip. Linger in this position for a few seconds, and then relax. Repeat the exercise up to 10 times.
  • To adjust the nasolabial folds open your mouth to make your lips beat folded in an oval. Place index fingers on nasolabial folds and move them 20 times up 20 times down, alternating direction.
  • To visually narrow the nose, expand the nostrils, and wrinkle your nose. Place the connected index and middle fingers on a line from the inner corners of the eyes and the corners of the lips.
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Chest and cheek exercises for

We offer several effective face building exercises for your cheeks:

  • To adjust the contour of your cheeks, place a finger on the corners of your mouth and smile. Try to stretch the muscles of your cheeks as much as possible, and with your fingers resist.
  • To train the muscles of the cheeks, fold the lips and pull them into the oval. Point fingers to the mouth. Training will take place at the expense of fingers. Press your fingers on the cheeks inside the mouth, and with the muscles of the cheeks, provide possible resistance. The mouth should be open all the time, as if you are saying the letter "O".Perform at least 20 repetitions.
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Lip Complex

We bring to your attention a series of facebuilding exercises for lip correction:

  • To align the lip line, firmly grip your lips. Formed around them folds, press against the onslaught with your fingers.
  • To lift the lowered corners of the lips tightly compress the lips. Pointing fingers are placed vertically on the corners of the lips. Should be the letter "H".Smile only the corners of the lips, feeling the resistance of the fingers.
  • To align the lip contour, inflate the lips without pressing them. Finger tap on the center of the lips until you feel a burning sensation. You do not tear your finger from the lips, as soon as you feel a burning sensation, run your fingers 20 times up and down the middle of your lips.
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For face oval

We bring to your attention several effective face-building exercises for correcting the face oval:

  • To correct the line of the cheekbones, open your mouth and pull your lips into the oval. Put your fingers near the nose and pull the skin down a little. If possible, try to squeeze the upper part of the cheekbones. Involve in the exercise and muscles under the eyes( as if winking).Focus more on the cheekbones. Repeat winks and stretching the skin up to 25 times.
  • To correct the contour of the face, say the letter "Y", so that the muscles of the lower face strain. The lower part near the lips press your fingers, pronouncing the given letter. Pronouncing, resist with fingers. Corners of the mouth will be willing to descend, and fingers should interfere with this process.
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Neck lift

We offer you the most common and effective facebuilding exercises for the neck:

  • To swing the neck muscles, pull down the lower lip. It is the lip, so that only the lower teeth open, if the exercise is done correctly, you will feel a change in the usual structure of the neck and feel the tension of the neck muscles.
  • To correct the contour of the neck and chin, stretch the chin and cheeks as wide as possible opening the mouth. Lower jaw push forward. Straine the muscles of the jaw and neck, and then relax them. Do up to 30 repetitions.
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