How to apply propolis candles

Based on propolis, bee glue of dark yellow color with a high content of medicinal substances, it is possible to prepare medicinal candles. Prepare them from an extract or soft extract of propolis, and as a soluble base, use natural cocoa butter, pork fat, butter or a mixture of paraffin and lanolin.

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                  From prostatitis

                  Propolis contributes to normalization of urine outflow and reduction of prostatic adenoma. In addition, candles with propolis do not allow the degeneration of adenoma into a cancerous tumor, and it gradually resolves.

                  Due to its antibacterial properties propolis is able to extinguish infectious processes in the prostate gland without the use of antibiotics and provide a stable remission for a period of 2-4 years. And unlike antibacterial drugs, this bee product does not have a negative effect on the body.

                  Bee adhesive also has an anesthetic effect. After 7 days of applying suppositories, pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen and during urination completely disappear. Healing candles suppress inflammation in the prostate gland, thereby reducing swelling of the tissues and normalizing metabolic processes, thereby eliminating the causes of pain.

                  In addition to its medicinal properties, this agent stimulates the regenerative function, which promotes the renewal of the gland and the restoration of its normal functioning.

                  For treatment, 2-3 courses lasting 30 days and a break between them for 30-60 days. Candles are injected into the rectum by 1 per night. In advanced cases, it may take a long time to reach a stable remission - up to 2.5-3 years.

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                  In gynecology

                  Virtually any female genitourinary disease can be treated with suppositories with propolis:

                  • Erosion.
                  • Thrush.
                  • Colpitis.
                  • Endometriosis.
                  • Bacterial vaginosis.
                  • Vaginitis.
                  • Parameters, etc.

                  Candles with propolis are used as an antiseptic and anesthetic. It is proved that bee glue destroys all pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria in a short time, which is a necessary condition for the treatment of infectious and infectious diseases.

                  These suppositories have anti-inflammatory properties, which is indispensable in acute or severe disease, accompanied by chills, fever, or general malaise.

                  Propolis candles are prescribed for courses from 7 to 30 days. The duration of treatment is prescribed by the doctor on an individual basis. Basically, the drug is used once a day, but another order of administration may be prescribed.

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                  From hemorrhoids

                  Propolis-based candles are very effective in treating diseases of the rectum. Indications for their use is the presence:

                  • inflammation in the anus;
                  • hemorrhoids;
                  • anal cracks;
                  • colitis, proctitis and constipation;
                  • inflammation in the anorectal area in nursing mothers and parturient women.

                  Therapy of hemorrhoids with propolis in the form of candles is effective and convenient for patients. After introduction into the rectum, the suppository dissolves, having a therapeutic effect not only on the mucous membrane of the anus, but also through the blood vessels to the organs of the small pelvis due to the active substances absorbed into the bloodstream.

                  Propolis has a beneficial effect on the mucous tissue of the lower intestine, heals and calms irritation, inflammation in this area, stops the development of the infectious process, has a drying effect, accelerates the healing of sores and wounds.

                  The combination of rectal suppositories with a diet and an active lifestyle can quickly get rid of this delicate disease.

                  Cracks in the rectum are treated by administering 1 suppository with propolis per day after a cleansing enema or a natural toilet. After administration, it is desirable to lie down for 30 minutes until the drug dissolves completely. The course of treatment is until the cracks are fully healed.

                  Please also pay attention to the list of effective and inexpensive candles for hemorrhoids treatment
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                  Candles with your own hands

                  Meanswith bee glue from prostatitis, hemorrhoids, diseases of female genital organs can be purchased at the pharmacy( for example, Tambukan, Fitorovy, Prostopin, Propolis DN, etc.) or cook at home. In folk medicine, there are many recipes for the manufacture of medicinal candles from propolis.

                  The most common of these are:

                  • Propolis : 75 grams of bee glue, 80 grams of fat base, 4 grams of royal jelly, 12 grams of honey, 5 grams of peppermint. The base is melted in a water bath, then all ingredients are added, starting with propolis. The mixture is boiled until a homogeneous mass is obtained at a low temperature - no more than 40 degrees. After the mass is poured into a foil shape with a diameter of 1 centimeter and a length of 5 centimeters, the finished medicine is stored in the refrigerator.
                  • With a soft extract of propolis : 1 gram of extract of the beekeeping product is ground with 20 grams of natural cocoa butter melted in a water bath.10 small cylinders are formed from the resulting mixture, which are then stored in the freezer and used in accordance with the prescribed course of treatment( usually 1 candle per night).
                  • With propolis extract : 20 grams of 10% alcohol extract of propolis are mixed with 80 grams of fatty base and thoroughly grinded in a mortar until a homogeneous mass is obtained. From the obtained mixture roll out cylinders with a diameter of 1 centimeter( it is best to do this on waxed paper or baking parchment, so that the mixture does not stick to the table or hands).The received sticks are cut into pieces in length of 3 centimeters, their ends are sharpened to give them the form. Ready cylinders are wrapped in parchment or cellophane and stored in a cool dark place.
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