How to store mink coat in summer

In winter, the mink coat gives comfort and warmth. In the summer it should be stored in a certain way, otherwise it will quickly lose its luxurious appearance and will not last long. On average, with improper storage and without proper care, such a product will last no more than two seasons.

  • Features of mink products
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Features of mink

The distinctive and unchanging feature of this mink ware is its fur feature: the hairs of this fur always!of the same length. On this basis, and you can distinguish real fur from a clever fake.

Thanks to the natural, identical length of the hairs, the velvety effect of the product is created, which is filled with an incredible, deep and iridescent shine. Recognized brilliance is the second feature of this fur.

The third mink whale is covered in a warmth, which can be made from a fur coat sewn from it. Fur copes with the frost to minus 25 and does not miss a small wind, but on too windy days from the mink it is better to refuse.

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It is because of these three features that mink products are so popular and, unfortunately, soroads.

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Summer clothes storage

When buying a mink coat, purchase a case specially designed for storing similar products. It must necessarily be tissue. Polyethylene can not be used, because it does not let in air, and the fur coat in it will quickly deteriorate. It is desirable to choose a dark color, but the fabric should not be painted with . Before you send a coat to the closet, you need to clean it. Thanks to this, she will always look beautiful. If the fur is crumpled, gently comb it with a frequent comb. Careful attention should be paid to places of increased wear: collar, cuffs, edges.

Before hanging a fur coat in a closet, fasten all zippers and buttons on it. Keep it on a hanger with wide shoulders. All other options will cause deformation of the product. The storage location must be one meter or more away from heating and heating devices. If this requirement is not observed, the fabric will lose its elasticity and dry out. The humidity of the room should vary from forty to sixty-five percent. This indicator is considered optimal for maintaining the product in perfect condition.

The fur coat needs to be hung so that there is enough space around it. Fur should not be in contact with other clothes, as this will cause a breakdown in the structure of the fibers, which will adversely affect the appearance of the mink fur coat. Also, do not hang on your fur ornaments and other accessories.

Products made of natural materials, do not tolerate the effects of sunlight. The result can be an uneven change in the shade of the fur coat. Therefore, the mink should be stored in a darkened room.

Do not allow spirits to enter the product. Fur pile easily absorbs odors, which in time can change and become quite unpleasant. For protection from moths, use products in plates or tablets. Aerosol should not be used, since its particles fall on the nap and eventually impregnate it. You can wrap clothes in gauze, previously soaked in a weak solution of blue. It will effectively protect against insects and allow the fur coat to breathe. Never use naphthalene, it can spoil the material. Among natural remedies, tobacco leaves or orange peels are considered effective.

Regularly take the fur coat out of the cabinet to ventilate it. If in winter you wear a fur coat rarely, sometimes it must be sent to dry frosty air, then dry it at room temperature and put it into the cupboard. Such manipulations will protect the fur coat from an unpleasant smell and will allow for a long time to preserve its elegant appearance.

These are the main recommendations for keeping a fur coat in the summer. Remember that this thing is expensive, which does not tolerate a careless attitude to yourself. Create optimal conditions for proper storage simply. If you follow all the recommendations for care and maintenance, the fur coat will please you long enough.

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