Practical advice on how to wean a child from breastfeeding

Breast milk is the most "right" and balanced food for a baby, which is always "at hand".Nevertheless, the moment of completion of breastfeeding sooner or later comes. As the famous doctor Komarovsky says: "Up to 3 months to breastfeed - it is necessary, up to six months - preferably, and then - if possible".It is very important that the decision to terminate breastfeeding be carefully considered, weighed and rigid, taken by one-on-one mom, and not "imposed" by people from the side.

  • Methods of weaning
  • Gradually
  • Fast
  • Use cunning
  • Medication to reduce lactation
  • Folk remedies
  • Advice for experienced mothers

Methods of weaning

After deciding that breastfeeding is time to end, a woman should choose the way she will be usedcomplete this process. There are several "scenarios" aimed at weaning the baby from the chest, each of which has its pros and cons.

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The most painless, most humane and best way to wean a child from breastfeeding. But, at the same time, the longest. It is intended for toddlers who already fully eat "adult" food, and to the breast are applied only before going to bed and after awakening.

The so-called preparatory stage consists in the timely and correct introduction of complementary foods, which in the end, replaces all daily portions of mother's milk.

In order to "clean" the remaining feedings, it is important to follow certain rules.

  1. First we try to gradually give up breast before daytime sleep, putting the crumb not at home, but taking it out in a stroller for a walk. Outdoors, the baby will fall asleep, and after several walks, will be able to fall asleep in his crib, but without a breast.
  2. The second stage is the rejection of attachments after a morning awakening. This is perhaps one of the most difficult moments for mom: if before she could luxuriate with a baby in bed after he wakes up another hour or two, now she will have to get up with him( and the kids, as a rule, are early birds)and prepare breakfast;
  3. Feeding for the night and night attachments. How can we wean the child from breastfeeding at night? To the crumb did not torment the feeling of hunger, it is important to feed it with a nutritious dinner: the special cereal before bedtime, the composition of which provides a full saturation of the baby and a sound sleep. After a warm bath with lavender foam, so that the baby relaxes and tunes to rest. Now - the most difficult. Accustomed to fall asleep "on the chest," the crumb can be capricious, turn around, cry and scream. The main task of the mother in this situation is to be firm in her intentions, and soft - in relation to the baby. Be sure to hug the crumb, sing a song to him, gently pat on the back. You can offer a little water or calming baby gull. The same thing happens during night attachments. As a rule, their main goal is not to satisfy hunger, but to find comfort, to feel mother. And that's why it's so important that Mom was there, it was calm and confident in its decision.

It's hard to say how quickly the child "breaks" of breastfeeding. All children are different, and the end result depends on several factors: the temperament of the baby, the firmness of the mother and the level of their closeness to each other.

During the period of weaning, a woman must necessarily monitor the condition of her breasts to prevent the appearance of seals, stagnation or even mastitis. To this end, it is necessary to express the breast "before relief" first several times a day, then - 1 time, a little later - every 2-3 days until the process of milk production comes to naught and there are no sensations in the breastdiscomfort.

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A similar method was used by our grandmothers, and they considered it to be the only correct one. About to separate the child from breastfeeding gradually, there was not even a question.

The essence of it is that when "it's time" to finish breastfeeding, the mother leaves, leaving the baby with his grandmother, aunt, dad or other non-nervous relatives. She tightly wraps her breasts with bandages or a dense cloth, so that the milk "burns out."

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Of course, this method takes place, especially in really emergency situations. But, nevertheless, it is important to understand and its negative side, which entails:

  • The tremendous stress of the baby, who suddenly "disappeared" not only the beloved, the closest mom, but also the delicious food. One can only imagine the whole spectrum of negative feelings and emotions that a crumb in this situation.
  • Mammary gland deformity, fever due to accumulation of milk and the risk of developing mastitis.
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Use the trick

The aim of the method is to push the baby to the fact that he no longerwanted to take a breast. To do this, the nipples are greased with greenery, red lipstick, mustard, wormwood tincture. At the same time, the mother can explain to the baby that her breast hurts and now she can not feed him.

It should be noted that this method is very contradictory and has a lot of flaws: the crumb can not only be frightened, but also lose confidence in his mother, who was good and "tasty" yesterday, but today she suddenly became a stranger and "bitter".In addition, the means for spreading can adversely affect the health of the baby, often becoming the cause of allergic reactions.

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Medication to reduce lactation

If it is necessary to urgently complete lactation, it is possible to use medicines. The question of their application is solved exclusively with a doctor who is fully aware of the state of health of the nursing mother, the course of pregnancy and the process of childbirth. In no case should you "prescribe" yourself such medicines yourself!

Depending on the situation and the state of health, the doctor may be recommended drugs that are directed:

  • for rapid and immediate cessation of lactation;
  • for long reception and gradual decrease of milk;
  • incidental solution to problems with the menstrual cycle or hormonal background.
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Folk remedies

This method is a "facilitated version" of medication, so before using it, it is also good to get a doctor's advice and to study contraindications.

It is known that there are plants that adversely affect the production of milk. These include mint, St. John's wort, sage, cowberry, basil, parsley. Apply the data of the herb in the form of infusion: a tablespoon is poured with boiling water, infused, filtered and taken according to the instructions on the package( or better - the doctor's recommendations).

In addition, during the period of breastfeeding, you should reduce the consumption of warm liquid, nuts, seeds, dates, milk and other products that stimulate lactation.
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Advice of experienced moms

  • Daily explain to the baby that he is already big, and you plan to transfer it to adult nutrition, so you need to give up breast.
  • Gradually shorten the time of each application.
  • Do not remind the child about feeding if he has played and missed the laid food.
  • Predict the desire of the baby about the breast and in time to distract him with a game or a suggestion to eat or drink something.
  • Avoid places where feeding was particularly frequent, so as not to cause the child's unwanted associations.
  • If possible, during the weaning period, lay the baby to sleep with your father or grandmother, and trust them to feed them.
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