What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Sochi

In recent years, Sochi has become one of the most popular Russian resorts. Settlements on the site of the future Olympic capital appeared in the era of antiquity and for the long history of the city in its appearance the elements of various epochs, peoples and cultures were reflected. So there was absolutely unique spirit of Sochi, having felt that, you begin to sincerely love this city-pearl in the resort necklace of Russia.

  • Wine
  • Seafood
  • sprouts palm
  • Sweets Honey Jam
  • Marshmallow Baklava
  • Churchkhela
  • Sauces
  • Tkemali
  • Adjika Spices
  • Souvenirs with Olympic symbols
  • Tea


Best souvenir from the south - the local wine. In Sochi not only different brands of wines are produced, but also aromatic balms based on herbs, and sweet tinctures. Do not know which wine to bring from Sochi? In the specialized shops products of the enterprises "Wines of Kuban", "Dionys" or "Alco-Profi" are widely presented.

To personally verify the quality of drinks offered, you can visit the tasting room "Arcadia".Among the most popular brands: "Dionysa Spell", "Bouquet of Abkhazia", ​​"Golden Muscat", "Chardonnay", "Pomegranate Bracelet", "Valley of Dreams", "Isabella", "Khvanchkara", "Kindzmarauli", "Cahors""Black healer."

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Sochi's stores have a huge selection of stones and seashells. They are sold as separately, and in the form of beautiful sets, products or cute figures. Local craftsmen make shells and stones of various animals, caskets, photo frames and paintings.

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Palm sprouts

Sochi sells special kits for growing palms, and it will not be difficult to grow a tree - the main thing is to observe the necessary temperature conditions and lighting conditions. This symbol of the Krasnodar Territory can be purchased in the original packaging depicting the building of the Sochi Marine Station.

What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Abkhazia http://woman-l.ru/podarki-i-suveniry-iz-abxazii/
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The most popular among tourists are all sorts of desserts based on nuts and honey, pastilleand, of course, fruit. Delicacies can always be tried before purchasing. Their choice is huge, and the prices are quite affordable. Sweets are sold in all shopping centers and markets.

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In October from Sochi you can bring natural jam from different berries and fruits, for example, from the Circassian pear, fig and chestnut, but the highlight is very unusual and fragrant jam from feijoa.

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Local honey in Sochi is called "liquid gold".This is the best treat you can bring from Sochi in September. Aromatic, healthy and ecologically pure honey is mined at local apiaries in the Krasnaya Polyana area. You can buy lime, chestnut, acacia, honey with the addition of nuts, as well as other products of beekeeping - pergu, propolis, royal jelly.

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This delicacy is prepared on the basis of sweet fruits and berries, and some craftsmen manage to cook it with tomatoes and basil. The most popular Beleu pastila: "Vanilla in chocolate", "Apple Classic", "Varietal apricot", and also pastilles with cherries and even without sugar.

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Sochi's famous baklava is traditionally prepared from puff pastry with the addition of nuts and sweet syrup. The most delicious baklava can be bought in shops in the center of Sochi.

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This is a traditional delicacy - threaded and heavily sodden with fruit syrup walnut. In the central market of Sochi there is a huge selection of churchkhels of all colors of the rainbow.

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As a culinary souvenir you can bring a jar of any Caucasian sauce. Among the most popular sweet and sour "Satsebeli", cooked with the addition of walnuts and saffron, "Satsivi" or pomegranate sauce "Narsharab".

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This sour sauce is very popular among lovers of Caucasian cuisine. It is made from a special kind of plum and is perfectly combined with dishes from meat and fish. Thanks to the high content of vitamins and trace elements, it is very useful. Tkemali is red, yellow and green - depending on the color of the plum, from which it was prepared.

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This adzhika is traditionally prepared from fresh pepper and has a bright, rich taste. Buying Adzhika in Sochi, you can taste it and taste its originality. Adjika will certainly be to the liking of all lovers of sharpened.

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A set of spices grown in the vicinity of Sochi, will be an excellent gift. Incredibly fragrant, they will add new colors to any dish. As a rule, they buy different types of pepper, coriander, cloves, basil, as well as already prepared sets of spices for pilaf, soup or shish kebab.

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Souvenirs with Olympic symbols

Despite the fact that the 2014 Winter Olympics have long been over, souvenirs with Olympic symbols occupy the first place in popularity. Their choice is huge: figurines of animal-talismans of the Olympics, trinkets, backpacks, commemorative albums with stamps and coins and much more. Souvenir products are best represented in the official store of the company "Bosco" next to the building of the Marine Station.

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Among souvenirs from Sochi a special place is occupied by "Krasnodar tea".In Sochi there are large tea plantations, on which the most northern tea in the world is grown. In the tea shops of Sochi there is a wide range of both leaf tea and gift sets.

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