10 Best Ways to Pick Pork Lard

Salting by salting is very popular, as it does not require special culinary skills and costs, it gives different taste results. Salting can be done by several methods( dry, wet, hot, with the use of smoking and cooking fat), which are described in the following recipes.

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        • Fast salting
        • Fast pickling with spices
        • Hot salting
        • Wet pickling in Ukrainian
        • Pickling salad in brine
        • Sharp salting of fat
        • Express pickling
        • According to the classic recipe
        • Smelting salting
        • Spicy salting of boiled fat

        Dry saltingfat

        Ingredients list: salt large, black or red ground pepper, sweet pepper, bay leaves, garlic, fragrant herbs.

        The calculation for 1 kilogram of fat is presented. It is necessary to mix 4 tablespoons of salt, herbs, half a tablespoon of pepper, bay leaf.

        If the fat is thin, then it can be salted with one piece, if centimeters 5 and more, then it should be cut into layers. Lovers of garlic can add to each layer a small amount of grated garlic. At the bottom of the container you need to lay out a layer of fat, after adding pepper and a few laurel leaves. Further in the dishes you can lay out the next layer, sprinkle it with a mixture and so on until all the fat is finished. For salting, lard is packed very capacitively: the first layer is laid with a skin down, the second upwards and so on in order.

        Store lard in a cool place or in a refrigerator. You can consume it in about 5-10 days.

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        Fast pickle with spices

        Prepare a mixture of spices( 3 tablespoons per half kilogram of fat), which will include dry garlic, black and red pepper, mustard, coriander, turmeric, cumin, bay leaf, nutmeg. Mix the spices with 3-4 tablespoons of salt. For salting, you need a tray. Thin layers of fat should be well pushed into the spices with salt, roll and densely put in the tray. After send the tray to the refrigerator. After three days, the fat will be ready.

        Before consuming fat, you need to rinse a little in cold water to wash off excess salt and spices. This fat is not stored for a long time, it should be consumed within a week after its readiness.

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        Hot Salting

        Ingredients: one and a half liters of water, two kilograms of fat, one glass of salt, one headgarlic, about 15-20 chopped peas, one teaspoon adzhika, five bay leaves, 100 grams of onion husk, 6 teaspoons of liquid smoke.

        For this method of salting, the thickest piece of fat is selected, reaching a thickness of 3 centimeters.

        To begin with, the skin is carefully scraped with a knife, to whiteness. After, the fat should be cut into pieces. The next step is to pour the water in a container and bring to a boil, also add adzhika, pepper, bay leaf. After boiling, you can add liquid smoke. Already in the boiling brine are added lumps of fat. Fire can be reduced, boil the fat for five minutes. Salting will be uniform if the pieces of fat are covered with water completely. A pan of bacon should be left in the brine for 12 hours. After this time you can get lard and dry it, rub it with garlic and paprika, leave it for two to three hours in the cold and fat is ready.

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        Wet pickle in Ukrainian

        Ingredients: 2 kilograms of fat, 1 glass of salt, 5 glasses of water, four pieces of bay leaves, five cloves of garlic, black pepper peas.

        Water should be brought to a boil, add salt, a little time to boil and after cooling. To begin with, it is necessary to clean the fat skins, cut into small pieces and loosely put in a three-liter jar. Between the layers lay garlic, bay leaf, pepper and pour brine. The bank should be covered with a loose lid.

        Salo with this method is greased for a week at room temperature. After the fat, it should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within two weeks.

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        Salted salad in brine

        Ingredients list: 2 glasses of water, 2 kilograms of fat, 1 glass of salt, five bay leaves, two cloves of garlic, black pepper peas.

        Boil the water with salt for 15 minutes and leave to cool. Salo in the meantime should be cut into small pieces and put in a jar. Between the layers spread a mixture of garlic, black pepper, crushed laurel leaves. After the fat should be poured already cooled brine. After weeks of insisting in a dark place, we send the fat to the refrigerator.

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        Salo prepared with this recipe has the longest shelf life.
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        Acute salting of

        fats. Water with 1 glass of salt should be boiled, add a small handful of onion peel, bring to a boil and then leave to boil for another 10 minutes. In the prepared liquid, it is necessary to put lard. The water must be so large that it completely covers it. After that, the fat in the brine should be boiled, take out and rub with red pepper and garlic, put in jars. After a week, the fat will be ready.

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        Express salting

        In the jar you need to put lard cut into large pieces, garlic, salt. After that, the fat is poured with boiling water and cooled. With this treatment, fat will be ready in a few hours. Keep it in the fridge for a week.

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        According to the classical recipe

        Large pieces of fat about 300 grams should be treated with salt and put into the refrigerator for 2-3 days. After the specified time, prepare the following mixture: pepper peas, bay leaf, teaspoon black pepper, salt, garlic. Cooking fat should be in this mixture 7-8 minutes. Then you can send the fat to the freezer for two days.
        Store in the freezer for up to 4 months, in the refrigerator and defrosted can be stored no more than two weeks.

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        Salting for smoking

        Ingredients: one and a half kg of pork bacon, 3 cloves of garlic, 200 grams of salt, bay leaf, dry mustard, water, chips of alder, apple and cherry.

        In preparation, the fat is washed and dried, water is put on the fire, garlic should be cleaned and rubbed, and the laurel leaf is broken. Salo should be rubbed with garlic and salt, and sprinkled with laurel and mustard. It is important to spice literally into fat. In a separate container we pour salt and top out the fat, pour boiling water. Water covers the fat completely. Pack should be covered with a lid and put into the refrigerator for a week. At the end of this time, you can take the fat out of the container and wash off the salt spray, then dry it. Salo is ready for subsequent smoking treatment.

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        Spicy salting of boiled fat

        Ingredients: 2 kg of fat, a glass of salt, black pepper, 2 bay leaves, 1 head of garlic, one quarter teaspoon of red pepper, a quarter teaspoon sweet pepper, coriander ground,a teaspoon of mustard seed, one teaspoon of sesame.

        Pour water into the container, add salt and black pepper. Brine we bring to a boil. Salo should be washed and cut into pieces about 20 centimeters in length. After the brine boils, we put in it pieces of fat, reduce the fire to the weakest. Cooking lard needs 1 hour. Approximately ten minutes before the end of cooking, you should add a laurel. While it is brewed, you need to make a mixture: garlic is cleaned, washing and rubbing, add spices. The mass must be homogeneous. Once the fat is cooked, you should get it and rub it with garlic seasoning. Grated fat should be left in a separate container and allowed to cool. After 2 hours, the cooked bacon will be ready.

        It can be stored no longer than 10 days and only in the refrigerator.
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