What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Hungary

Have you already enjoyed an unforgettable holiday in Hungary and going to your native land? Be sure to share your joy with your family and friends by choosing for them the unique souvenirs with which this country is rich. And the choice here is really great and varied - these are the famous Hungarian delicacies, and drinks, and beautiful clothes with embroidered elements. Let us consider in detail what it is worth to bring from Hungary as a gift.

  • Alcohol
  • Fröccs
  • Tokay
  • Fruit vodka "Palinka»
  • Balm "Unicum»
  • Rubik's Cube
  • Marzipans
  • National clothes
  • Paprika
  • Salami
  • foie gras
  • Textile and embroidery
  • Crystal, ceramics and porcelain
  • can notexport


The whole world is famous for Hungary for its alcoholic beverages, which have unique and rich taste properties. The most highly developed winemaking in three regions - Tokaj, Eger and Lake Balaton.

Hungarian wines are noteworthy in that they do not add sugar or alcohol to their production. Tokay and Balaton wines are predominantly light, white, and Egerskoye, in contrast to them, is red, viscous, with a pronounced spicy-fruity aroma.

But not only wines are rich in Hungary. Nobody is left untouched by liqueurs and fruit vodka. But beer, alas, somewhat loses to German and Czech counterparts.

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One of the most notable alcoholic souvenirs is Fröccs( Froch) - a drink of freshness and good spirits. The basis of this drink is wine and soda pop. Depending on the proportions of the ingredients, they distinguish between large and small frech.

Gift set consists of a beautiful painted siphon, a bottle of magnificent Tokay wine and a bubble of soda pop. Indispensable refreshing and invigorating frech in the summer heat, besides Hungarians assure that it is not only tasty, but also useful!

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Tokaji wines

Among all Hungarian wine regions, the championship belongs to Tokay - a mountain range where the best grades of light, golden grapes grow. Because of the luxurious color and special taste of raisins and honey, Tokay wine is called liquid gold.

The most popular of them are "Native Tokay" from unsorted grapes, "Tokai essence", made of raisins, and "Tokai-Asu"( wine of kings) - a dessert wine that is insisted up to ten years.

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Fruit vodka "Palinka"

"Palinka" is the famous tincture on fruit fruits - one of the main national drinks of Hungary. Prepare it mainly from apricots, grapes, quinces, plums, pears and apples.

All fruits should be thoroughly washed, cut and peeled. In order to "Palinka", which was called "Carpathian brandy", acquired a softer and more refined taste, it is kept in strong barrels of oak wood.

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Balsam "Unicum"

The recipe for this unique Hungarian drink was invented in the distant 1790 and is still kept in the strictest secrecy. It is known only that this balsam is insisted on more than forty kinds of medicinal herbs.

Use balsam "Unicom" as a separate aperitif, and in combination with juices of various fruits. As manufacturers assure, balm is characterized by a favorable effect on the respiratory, blood and digestive systems of the body.

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Rubik's Cube

A wonderful gift for both children and adults will be Rubik's Cube - an amazing puzzle for intellectuals. Only in Hungary you can find the original product, produced several decades ago by Erna Rubik. Here, this souvenir is presented in a wide variety of options!

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Famous Hungarian marzipans will certainly please any sweet tooth. Choose any option - the core of bitter or sweet almonds in sugar powder or aromatic syrup in the form of a variety of figures.

In supermarkets in Budapest, you can buy not only ready-made sweet products, but also sugar and almond mass by weight, to create delicious masterpieces yourself.

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National clothing

You are wondering what to bring from Hungary out of clothes? Pay attention to the national costumes, which at first sight conquer their beauty and brightness.

Women will enjoy magnificent multilayer shortened skirts in combination with waistcoats and shirts with wide sleeves, decorated just below the elbow, richly decorated with embroidery.

The male version of the suit is more modest and consists of a simple short shirt, linen trousers, a waistcoat and high boots.

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One of the gastronomic symbols of Hungary is ground paprika, which is an indispensable component of many national treats. The taste and flavor of this spicy spice depends on its shade.

It is noteworthy that the gentle pink color of the paprika actually indicates a burning and saturated taste, while a rich red is characteristic for spices with a soft and delicate taste.
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Would you like to know what to bring from Hungary from products? Of course, the true Hungarian salami. This delicacy is noteworthy in that it can be stored for a very long time without loss of quality, so it can become one of the best gift options for any holiday.

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The greatest liking of tourists from all corners of the world was won by such kinds of salami as "Peak" and "Herz".In addition, there are other varieties of this meat treat with the addition of ginger, red hot pepper and other spices.

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Foie gras

Another wonderful Hungarian delicacy is Foie-gras. In this country, by the way, it carries its unique name - libamaj, which consists of two words - liba( goose) and maj( liver).

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Textile and embroidered products

Famous Hungarian embroidery deserves admiration. The main techniques are called mother and galoch.

The embroidery of the mother can not be confused with anything - in the very center of the textile is a large flower surrounded by small elegant patterns. Such multicolored patterns richly adorn Hungarian national clothes.

Embroidered lace galochi, which is called "Hungarian inlay," first appeared in the ancient town of Kalocsa. They are characterized by a unique color scheme, consisting of 27 shades.

Speaking of textile souvenirs from Hungary, it is impossible not to mention delicate Halash laces, the creator of which was the drawing teacher Arpad Decani from the city of Kiskunhalash.

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Crystal, ceramics and porcelain

If you are thinking about what to bring from Hungary as a souvenir, pay attention to the crystal, porcelain and ceramic products.

The elite Hungarian crystal «Ajka Crystal» is known since 1878.This is the choice of representatives of bohemia all over the world.

Very interesting and porcelain, produced in the Hungarian village of Herend from the beginning of the century before last. These products were preferred by all notable persons.

The city of Nadudvara produces excellent ceramic dishes, which, thanks to a special roasting technology, acquire a deep noble black color.

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Any kind of weapons and ammunition can not be removed from the

  • ;
  • more than 2 liters of wine;
  • more than 1 liter of spirits;
  • more than 250 cigarettes, 50 cigars and 250 grams of tobacco.

For the export of historical valuables, jewelry, food and medicines, additional permits and checks are required.

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