List and table of products for proper nutrition

A pledge of good health is the right food, because the quality of the daily diet depends not only on your well-being, but also on your mood. It is important to adhere to a list of foods for proper nutrition every day, which will not only help correct weight, but will also have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the body as a whole.

  • Core products
  • Compound carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Fats
  • Proteins
  • Combination table
  • Menu for the week

Main products

Proper nutrition must be balanced.

There are five main product groups that need to be consumed every day.

This list includes:

  • vegetables;
  • cereals, legumes, cereals;
  • fruit, berries;
  • meat, eggs, fish;
  • dairy products.

The daily diet should be as varied as possible and include the following useful substances.

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Complex carbohydrates

The basis of a healthy diet is complex carbohydrates.

According to dieticians, it is the products containing them that should make up at least 60% of our daily diet.

In our body, carbohydrates:

  1. are a building material for immunoglobulins, amino acids, enzymes, nucleic acids.

  2. Play a critical role in the metabolism of proteins and fats.
  3. Are the main source of energy.
  4. Necessary for the functioning of the brain.

Complex carbohydrates are contained in:

  • foil;
  • brown rice;
  • buckwheat;
  • bran;
  • oatmeal;
  • bulgar;
  • potato;
  • macaroni;
  • whole pea;
  • beans;
  • green lentil.
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Fiber is also an integral component of a healthy diet. Due to its properties, cellulose:

  1. plays an important role in digestion.
  2. Prevents the contamination of our body by harmful substances.
  3. Displays harmful cholesterol from our body.

Fiber is contained in:

  • berries;
  • fresh greens;
  • root crops;
  • cabbage plants;
  • stone fruit;
  • salad;
  • bulbous;
  • of Solanaceae;
  • pumpkin;
  • dessert vegetables;
  • algae;
  • pome fruits;
  • of citrus fruits;
  • tropical and subtropical fruits.
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Useful fats are one of the main components needed to power our cells. In essence, these compounds are fatty acids and glycerin. Acids in the composition of fats are divided into:

  • saturated,
  • unsaturated.

The first - fats of animal origin, and the second - vegetable.

It is vegetable fats that are most useful for the body and must be included in the mandatory list of useful foods.

In our body, vegetable fats:

  1. are an energy supplier.
  2. Included in the composition of cells.
  3. Helps absorb mineral substances.

Useful fats are contained in:

  • dried roasted nuts;
  • avocado;
  • unrefined oils.

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Protein is a major source of protein for our cells. In our body, proteins:

  1. Actively participate in the metabolism.
  2. Perform as antibodies and provide immunity to the body.
  3. are the main material in the construction of new cells.

Proteins are contained in:

  • chicken fillet;
  • eggs;
  • nonfat meat;
  • red fish;
  • white fish;
  • seafood;
  • sour-milk products;
  • milk;
  • protein carbohydrate powders.
Note the list of products with a negative calorie content
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Combination table of products

Product compatibility plays an important role for proper nutrition. We bring to your attention the table of combinability of products.

Products Products
Low-fat meat, poultry, fish, by-products Green vegetables( mainly salads), non-starchy vegetables( cucumbers, onions, asparagus, bell peppers, green beans, spinach, zucchini, etc.)
Cottage cheese and dairy products All(except potatoes), sweet fruits and dried fruits, sour cream, cheese, brynza, nuts
Cereals and legumes( wheat, rice, buckwheat, oats, peas, beans, soy, lentils, chickpeas, etc.)
Starchy vegetables other than potatoesfor example: beets, carrots, pumpkin, cauliflower, corn,sweet potato, Jerusalem artichoke, radish, rutabaga, etc.), non-starchy and green vegetables, sour cream, vegetable oil
Butter cream Bread, cereals, tomatoes, sour fruits( oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, pineapples, pomegranates, lemons), starchy vegetablesincluding potatoes), non-starchy vegetables and green leafy vegetables, curd and dairy products
Vegetable oil Grains and legumes, breads, cereals, starchy vegetables( including potatoes), non-starchy vegetables and green leafy vegetables, nuts, sour taste fruit and tomatoes
Fsyrups Butter, vegetable oil, sour cream, non-starchy vegetables and green leafy vegetables, cheese and brynza, nuts
Sweet fruits, dried fruits
Non-mashed vegetables and green leafy vegetables, cottage cheese and dairy products
Bread, cereals and potatoes Butter, vegetable oil, starchy vegetables, non-starchy vegetables and green leafy vegetables
Sour cream Cereals and pulses, bread, cereals, potatoes, sour taste fruit and tomatoes, starchy vegetables, non-starchvegetables and green leafy vegetables, curd and sour-milk products
Vegetable oil, Fruits with sour taste and tomatoes, starchy vegetables( except potato), non-starchy vegetables and green leafy vegetables, curd and dairy products
Cheese and brynza Cottage cheese and dairy products, starchy vegetables( except potatoes), fruit with sour taste and tomatoes, non-starchy vegetables and green vegetables.
. Starchy vegetables( other than potatoes). Cottage cheese and dairy products, nuts, cheese and cheese, bread, cereals, cardsFat, butter, vegetable oil, legumes, non-starchy vegetables and green vegetables

Non-mashed and green vegetables
Low-fat meat, fish, poultry and offal, cereals and pulses, butter, vegetable oil, sour cream, bread, cereals, potatoes, nuts,eggs, cheese and cheese, sweet fruits and dried fruits, sour fruit and tomatoes
Eggs Nekrakhamistye and green vegetables
Melon, watermelon Do not mix with
Milk Do not mix
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Menu for the week

Adhering to the right food will help the tentative menu for a week from ordinary products.


  • Breakfast - green tea, oatmeal with yoghurt. Lunch - vermicelli soup with chicken.
  • Snack - a broccoli casserole. Dinner - potatoes and baked chicken.
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  • Breakfast - poached eggs. Dinner - vegetable soup with chicken.
  • Snack - curd casserole.
  • Dinner - steamed vegetables with fish.


  • Breakfast is cottage cheese. Dinner - rice soup.
  • Snack - fruit curd cake.
  • Dinner - cabbage rolls.


  • Breakfast - poached eggs with vegetable salad. Dinner - buckwheat and fish casserole.
  • Snack - apple-rice pork.
  • Dinner is a ragout of vegetables.


  • Breakfast - millet porridge. Dinner - vegetables with boiled chicken meat.
  • Snack - curd casserole.
  • Dinner - buckwheat porridge with vegetables.


  • Breakfast - barley porridge. Dinner - soup with vegetables and chicken.
  • Snack - casserole from a cauliflower. Dinner - stewed vegetables and fish cutlets.


  • Breakfast - cottage cheese with nuts and honey. Dinner - soup with meatballs and spinach.
  • Snack - curd casserole with fruit.
  • Dinner - zucchini stuffed.

I successfully sat on the so-called separate food, I think it is acceptable, very quickly got used to such nutrition, I lost 25 kg a year, before that nothing worked for me, not a drop of alcohol and, of course, motivation, first of all.


I used the recommendation from this article about the menu for a week. I want to note, the result showed itself on the second day - there was lightness in the body, the intestine began to work like a clock, the heaviness in the stomach disappeared. Overeating is not felt for a whole week. The ration is balanced so much that you are left full and go extra centimeters in unnecessary places.


Proper nutrition is the guarantee of health! Of course I agree with this, especially now, when I'm in an interesting situation waiting for a miracle! Sharing their food and carefully choosing ingredients, bringing only benefit to your body and growing in me baby.


In the table, the chicken is combined with non-starchy vegetables. And in the menu for a week you recommend a dinner of potatoes and chicken.

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