All about bases for make-up - features of use and rating of the best means

Very often, girls have a question: why do I need a makeup base? After using the foundation for make-up, the complexion will look even, and the skin will look more well-groomed. Selecting the basis for make-up, it is necessary to take into account the defects of the face, which must be disguised( freckles, acne), skin color and much more.

Contents of the bases for make-up
  • Types of bases
  • By application area
  • By consistency
  • By type of pigment
  • By skin type
  • How to choose the basis
  • Application rules
  • Matting and pearlescent base
  • Correcting color primers
  • Rating of the best bases
  • Functions of bases undermake-up

    Make-up base is a very important element, because it is with the help of its application that you can make your face look well-groomed and beautiful. The base absorbs excess skin fat and performs the following functions:

    • levels the complexion;
    • masks defects( inflammation, acne, pores, dark circles under the eyes, vascular asterisks and the like);
    • refreshes the complexion;
    • eliminates greasy shine;
    • increases the stability of the foundation;
    • fills the unevenness of the skin, visually smooths out wrinkles;
    • makes the skin more well-groomed and silky;

    • protects against sunlight.
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    Kinds of bases

    All bases for make-up are classified according to different principles: by area of ​​application, by consistency, by skin type and by pigment type.

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    By application area

    • For eyelids is a thick-textured preparation containing cosmetic silicone. A little drying the skin of the eyelids, the base under the shade is applied in order to prevent shattering and rolling down the shadows, as well as to prolong the durability of the makeup. Due to this basis, the color of the shadows becomes brighter and more saturated.
    • For eyelashes - a product with a powder component, which contributes to the increase in the volume and length of the eyelashes. The main function of the basis for mascara is the prolongation of the durability of the makeup and the obstacles to the shedding of the carcass. The components of the caring components that help to strengthen the eyelashes and accelerate their growth. For ease of application, a similar base is produced in a tube resembling mascara.
    • For lips is a base that provides a smooth application of lipstick, filling the cracks on the lips. Due to its composition, the base moisturizes and nourishes the lips, protects them from drying and cracking. The main function of the base is the prolongation of the make-up of the lips.
    • For facial skin .

    In turn, the basis for facial skin can be divided into 4 types:

    • Shimmer - a tool designed for application to the central part of the frontal zone, chin and cheekbones. When applied over the lip and under it promotes a visual increase in the lips. Apply over the tonal basis.
    • Highlighter - a means for highlighting certain parts of the face, contributing to the correction of the relief, the masking of wrinkles. The highlighter, put on the back of the nose, the chin, above the cheekbones and the lower forehead will give the skin a well-groomed appearance.
    • Bronzer is a product that can give a face a tan. There are different consistencies( cream, liquid, stick).Can be applied to the whole face( matt) or to its individual areas( shiny).
    • is a cleanser that brightens the skin and gives it a radiant effect. It is applied to separate areas of the face( cheekbones, chin, under the eyebrow, the central part of the forehead, above the upper lip).

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    For consistency

    For each type of skin, a make-up base with a certain consistency is needed. The choice of consistency of the base also directly depends on the number and type of visible skin defects. The more significant they are, the thicker primer should be purchased.

    • Fluid is a clear or slightly pigmented liquid base for make-up that smooths complexion. The light texture of the make-up base ensures that it is applied to the face in a thin layer. After applying the base, the skin becomes matte and velvety. Its disadvantage is that with its help it will not be possible to hide acne and severe inflammation.
    • Primer is a liquid makeup base designed to mask expanded pores and scars after face cleansing. This effect can be achieved thanks to the special pigment present in the base.
    • The cream base for make-up is a foundation with a tonal effect. It is designed to mask the pigment spots, red spots from acne, red veins and the like.
    • Gel-like base - the basis, which is ideal for oily skin type. Due to its texture, the base is evenly distributed, does not clog pores, providing skin breathing.
    • Stick - a solid base for make-up in the form of lipstick. Corrects complexion, masking pigment spots, scars and other skin defects. A similar base for make-up is recommended for oily skin and absolutely not suitable for dry.
    • Powder base for makeup on the texture resembles the usual powder with a higher density. Masks shortcomings on oily skin, eliminates shine. Apply a foundation on the day cream.
    • Silicone base for make-up masks all flaws in the skin, but it has one significant disadvantage: it forms a dense film that prevents skin breath. Not recommended for daily use and use in frost and extreme heat.
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    By the pigment type

    The makeup base contains silicone and pigment, due to which the base masks defects and smooths complexion, as well as auxiliary components: vitamins, plant extracts, moisturizing and skin-feeding substances.

    The main function - to ensure the durability of makeup and alignment of the contour of the face - is achieved thanks to the silicone that is part of the base. The pigment helps to mask the deficiencies. Depending on which defect is to be hidden, a specific kind of pigment is selected:

    • Color pigments - help to mask small skin defects. Currently, pigments are produced in the following shades: green, blue, white, beige, yellow, violet and pink. Do not be afraid of the bright color of the corrector, as it becomes invisible when applied to the skin. For the correct choice of pigment, it is important to study its effect, that is, what problem it can eliminate.
    • Pearlescent pigments - give the face a fresh look. When applied to the face it is important to guess with the amount, because, overdoing, you can get a greasy shine on the face.
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    Skin type

    • Matting base - a remedy that eliminates the greasy shine of the skin. The base does not clog the pores and allows the skin to breathe. To achieve a better effect, it should not be used as an independent agent, but for a foundation. Using a matting base will forget about the gloss of oily skin for the whole day.
    • Moisturizing base is a remedy for moisturizing dry and sensitive skin. This effect is due to the components that make up the base( oils, glycerin).
    • The lighting base is a tool that includes flickering particles. Suitable for pale and dry skin, fills it with radiance and gives a healthy appearance.
    • Correction base - a tool designed to mask the flaws on the face. The corrective base is colored primers that hide inflammation, wrinkles, circles under the eyes and smooth out the skin tone.
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    How to choose the basis of

    To properly choose the basis for make-up, you need to consider the type of skin.

    • For dry skin type cream bases are recommended. In addition to masking the deficiencies, such a foundation contributes to nourishing and moisturizing the skin, and also prevents the harmful effects of cosmetics on the skin of the face.
    • For greasy type , a gel-like, stick and powder base suitable for matting effect are suitable.
    • For the normal type , a gel-like, liquid and a base in the form of mousse are usually used. They can be used daily.
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    Application rules

    There are certain rules for applying make-up bases, following which you can achieve the desired effect:

    • Before applying the skin, the skin is first cleaned with a tonic from make-up residue and dust particles.
    • After the tonic on the face, apply a day cream. The base can be applied to the skin only after the cream has completely absorbed.
    • It is best to apply a makeup base with the help of finger pads, because in this case it is possible to achieve the distribution of the substrate with a thin layer.
    • When applying the basis of the movement of the fingers should be directed from the forehead to the chin. This will ensure a natural application of the makeup base.
    • To mask expanded pores, it is important not to rub the base into the skin, but apply it with patting movements.
    • Sponge for applying the substrate should be moistened so that it does not absorb a large amount of base.
    • It is very important not to overdo the amount of applied base on the skin. An excessive amount of the foundation will emphasize wrinkles on the face. In this case, remove the part of the makeup base.
    • Apply a transparent gel, masking the unevenness of the face.
    • The basis for make-up should be distributed evenly over the face, then the complexion will be even.
    • After applying the substrate, wait 5 minutes for it to dry. Otherwise, makeup can "swim".
    • To fix the foundation for make-up, apply a matte powder.
    • In conclusion, to fix the makeup, you can apply thermal water, which creates the effect of "imprinting" makeup in the skin.
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    Matting and pearl base

    Depending on what type of pigment is includedin the base, it can either give the skin a shine, or make it matte.

    • A make-up base containing pearlescent pigments is used to make the skin radiant and fresh. When applying it is important not to overdo it, since the base applied by a thick layer can create a greasy shine. Pearlescent makeup base is of several types, depending on the type of pigment: from porcelain, which is suitable for light skin, to olive - for tanned skin. Choose the color of the base for make-up depending on the shade of the skin of the face. You can check the base on the inside of your wrist.
    • Matting foundation for make-up is used to neutralize greasy shine, as well as to smooth the complexion. Due to its dense texture, the matting base masks all irregularities and defects in the face. The basis is recommended for all skin types, it can be used for evening make-up.
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    Corrective color primers

    Color primers are very popular among the bases for make-up, with the appearance of which the question no longer exists: what to replace the base for make-up? They are applied locally to certain areas of the face. The color of the primer is determined depending on which defect is to be hidden.

    Color primers are very bright, however, when applied to the skin, they merge with it, masking imperfections.

    • Benefit the Porefessional PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores .

      The make-up base has a light and delicate texture, without silicone, it is easily distributed on the face. Perfectly masks the pores, providing a light coating of the skin before applying the foundation.

    • Chanel Base Lumiere .

      Base for make-up for normal and oily skin, which perfectly tones the skin and hides the pores.

    • Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base.

      Universal base, which can be used both as a base for make-up and independently without applying a foundation. After its application, the skin glows.

    • Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel.

      A foundation with a bronzing effect, it is recommended to be applied to the cheekbones, chin, back of the nose.

    • Clarins Eclat Minute Base Illuminatrice de Teint .

      This foundation under make-up levels the complexion, hides the imperfections, moisturizes. Depending on the skin tone, you can choose 1 of 3 tones: 01 - for any skin type;02 - for light problem skin;03 - for masking defects on swarthy skin.

    • Givenchy Acti'mine Color Correcting Primer .

      The makeup base perfectly moisturizes, is recommended for all skin types. Variation of the shades of the base is enormous-from transparent to blue. Provides protection from the harmful effects of sunlight and increases the persistence of makeup. Used as a foundation for foundation, and also instead.

    • Guerlain Meteorites Perles Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer .

      The makeup base has a gel texture, contains particles of pearls, well nourishes the skin of the face. The base with light-reflecting particles makes the skin smooth and radiant, giving a feeling of freshness.

    • L'oreal Lumi Magique Base Concentré de Lumière.

      Professional foundation, masking irregularities, enlarged pores and wrinkles. This moisturizing base falls flat on the skin, making it soft and velvety.

    • Lumene Beauty Base .

      This makeup base is a means with reflective particles. After applying the liquid foundation, the skin becomes well-groomed, the make-up is fresh. The radiant base is suitable for dry skin, and for oily and combined a matting base with absorbent microparticles is developed. The leveling base for make-up thanks to its particles eliminates gloss, smooths complexion and keeps make-up all day long.

    • MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage .

      Base for make-up in the form of light fluid, supplemented with special silicones soothes and smooths the skin, removes excess fat and removes redness, simplifies the application of foundation and powder.

    • Make up for ever .

      Color corrective bases, they create an inconspicuous coating on the face skin, which hides all the shortcomings. Ideal for applying to a foundation.

    • Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur .

      The base nicely masks the pores, softens the skin thanks to the plant extract of cherries. This base contains light-reflecting particles and instantly improves the complexion.

    • Nivea Make-up Expert.

      A creamy base that moisturizes and soothes the skin, strengthens the cell membranes, acts as an oxidant. This budgetary base for make-up is very popular among young people, it helps to maintain youthfulness of the skin of the face, does not make make-up worse.

    • NYX High Definition Primer .

      The base for make-up in the form of fluid creates a natural shine, moisturizes and protects the skin from external influences, perfectly masks the flaws on the face. In addition, nyx produces several other varieties of corrective bases for any type of skin.

    • Oriflame Very Me Prep Me Perfect .

      The makeup base is used to correct the complexion, narrow the pores and give the skin radiance. After its application the foundation lasts longer.

    • Revlon Photoready .

      The make-up base contains particles that refract sunlight, gives the skin a shine and radiance. Silicone base for make-up is easy to use, easy to apply, economical, and increases the stability of the tonal product.

    • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer oil-free.

      Base for make-up with herbal extracts of grape seed, green tea and vitamin E. Suitable for dry skin. Thanks to the application of the base, the number of visible wrinkles is noticeably reduced, the pores become invisible.

    • L'Etoile Illusionniste .

      Lightweight gel base with matting effect. This smoothing base for make-up fills the pores and fine wrinkles, making the skin smooth and silky.

    • The green tone of is used to mask redness, pimples and vascular asterisks on the face.
    • Blue - designed to give the person the effect of radiance and to hide yellowness.
    • Yellow - used to mask dark circles under the eyes.
    • Pink - is designed for the correction of complexion due to the elimination of gray color and the ability to make the skin porcelain.
    • Purple - well masks yellowness and passing bruises.
    • White - brightens the skin, giving it a fresh look.
    • Beige - is able to hide any defects without applying a foundation.
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    Rating of the best bases

    Today, in connection with the huge popularity of bases for make-up, almost all well-known brands are engaged in their production.

    Choose the ideal basis for yourself can only be experienced.
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