How can I quickly stretch my shoes

Try not to allow such purchases when the purchased shoes are small. If you still did not resist and bought in the store a little too small shoes or boots, near which you can not just pass by, we will tell you how to stretch your shoes at home and still enjoy the purchase.

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A little bit modified in the homeyou can externally have any tight shoes: stretch leather, suede, lacquer, rubber, artificial and even from nubuck. At the same time, in appearance, this will not affect and will not spoil the shoes.

Bought shoes are not always exactly small and do not always need to stretch as much as the size. It may well fit in size, but be slightly narrow or stiff at the points of contact with the ankle. Sometimes it needs to be stretched a little bit wide.

In fact, in the stretch may not only need new shoes, but, for example, shoes made of genuine leather, which during the winter season have shrunk or been squeezed in the most uncomfortable manner in the closet.

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How to be? Do not throw away because of this purchase or your favorite boots? Search in the city for a shoe shop, in which with the help of shoes stretch the shoes on your foot, there is no time, no strength, no desire? The situation can be saved even at home!

There are several of the most effective and proven ways to stretch your shoes:

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With the use of alcohol

And the very first and effective in this list is to stretch your shoes with ethyl alcohol.

  • Wet shoes from inside with alcohol( equally successfully you can use vodka, and colognes);
  • Wear cotton socks thicker( the foot should be snug in the shoes);
  • We put shoes on our feet;
  • We process footwear with alcohol and outside. In order not to quickly evaporate alcohol, large, thick and loose socks must be worn over the shoes, five sizes larger than your usual size;
  • Within 1-2 hours walk around the apartment until the shoes will not get the size you need.
  • It will be easier to treat alcohol with alcohol by pouring an aqueous solution of alcohol( 1: 1) into a container with a sprayer.
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With the use of

oil The oil itself is a very plastic substance, in the old days it was very actively used to soften or stretch the shoes. Especially this method effectively resurrects footwear from kozhzama, which was not worn for several years and helps restore the original look of patent shoes.

Most suitable castor oil, which is devoid of pronounced odor, but has excellent elastic properties and will help stretch the shoes. If it was not at hand, and shoes urgently need resuscitation, then conventional refined vegetable oil can be used.

  • The required amount of oil is applied to the cotton pad;
  • Shoes are heavily processed - either the whole shoe, or just a problematic shoe that clamps and rubs your feet;
  • Cotton socks are worn( for "oil" procedures it is better to choose old socks that will not be a pity to throw out) and wear shoes for 1-2 hours.

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With the use of boiling water

What you can always find at home is hot water. Just as in the boiling water the macaroni swell, shoes from natural leather can behave.

Warning! This method will allow you to stretch your shoes only from natural materials! Shoes made of imitation leather or some synthetic materials can lose shape, appearance and other qualities.

So, shoes with boiling water are stretched according to the following scheme:

  • from the inside shave the shoes with boiling water;
  • hold a couple of seconds for exposure;
  • we drain water from shoes;
  • we put the cooled shoes on a thick layer of socks, as described in the previous methods;
  • is worn until the moment when the shoes dry out completely.

If you are confused by such a "boiled" way and you are afraid to ruin your shoes, then use a more gentle variation. Shoes will have to steam out over boiling water for a certain time. Hot steam will have a similar, though, weaker effect on shoes. Then she should as soon as possible to give the desired shape, stretch properly and fix the result( shoes can fix plastic struts or tightly crumpled paper).

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Using cold

This label is radically opposite, but no less effective. If your shoes press, and there is free space in the freezer, you can stretch your shoes in one night!(Well, or in balcony conditions, if it happens in the winter).

Put plastic bags filled with water into shoes. Before shipment to the freezer, also put the shoes in the package for hygiene purposes. In the evening leave uncomfortable shoes in the cold, and in the morning take out the ice blocks from them and get comfortable shoes!

Take all the precautions:

  • In order not to damage your shoes, use two tight bags, the first of which tie, the second - leave open;
  • Make sure that the water fills the entire space( if you stretch the shoes to fit) or only the toe( if you stretch the shoes in width).
  • In the morning, hold the shoes for about 20-30 minutes at room temperature, and then remove the ice blocks.
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With the use of paper, newspapers

This is also one of the very first popular ways to stretch your shoes. Leather shoes do not always confirm its high efficiency, but for fabric moccasins, rubber boots or slippers, as well as shoes made from other non-natural materials, it fits almost perfectly.

  • Prepare a lot of newsprint;
  • Moisten it in warm water( you can use a little alcohol from the first version of stretching the shoes);
  • Protect your shoes from inside with newsprint with a clean sheet of paper or a packet);
  • Tightly wet the wet newspapers inside( by the way, practice not only to stuff shoes with paper, but also with a wet cloth, though it's holding the new form a little worse);
  • Leave the shoes to dry.
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When forming a pad from wet newspapers it is important to show care and accuracy, because what form your shoes will get now, this will remain when drying.

If the shape seems slightly distorted to you, it's better to redo this shoe papier-mache.

It is very important that, in any of the "wet" ways of stretching, shoes are dried gradually, and not on batteries, heaters or in the open sun. Because the result can be obtained inversely proportional. Shoes will dry up even more and will be unpleasantly deformed.

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With the use of a hair dryer

In an apartment, you can stretch your shoes with a conventional hairdryer. Shoes are heated and then treated with a stretch agent( or treat the shoes with one of the above home remedies), then put the shoes on the toe. It will be necessary to repeat this procedure several times, so that the shoes stretch out gradually.

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With the use of vinegar

Arsenal answers to the question of how easy it is to stretch the shoes, this is not exhausted. Virtually everything you can find in your kitchen cabinets or refrigerator can be used. For example, vinegar. They are most often treated with shoes with narrow "noses", which squeeze fingers and feet. Prepare a 3% vinegar solution and work the shoes from the inside. It will become softer and supple. But outside the shoes with acetic acid is better not to handle - it is not known how the shoes react to it.

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Other ways of

If you have paraffin candles at home, you can use them by analogy with the "freezer" method. Melt the wax, pour into bags and - into the shoes. We are waiting for solidification, we take it out and get comfortable shoes!

If your shoes are rubbing a foot - in the problem areas, treat the backs and sides of shoes with soap or a paraffin candle.

Excellent and effectively softens kerosene leather shoes. But this method is unlikely to be popular with women of fashion because of its unpleasant companion - a persistent smell.

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With the use of special tools

Perhaps the experiments on shoes - not your method, or shoes too expensive, then of course home remedies should be reserved for the most extreme case. Stretch the shoes will help affordable professional tools that are sold directly in shoe stores. The most famous of them do not need advertising:

  • Kiwi;
  • Salamander;
  • Duke Of Dubbin.

The method of application of these sprays and foams is indicated on the packaging. But the conditions are the same as with household funds. We put on, put on with terry or other thick socks, and "walk around" the shoes until it dries completely.

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