Photoshoot in country style

To the list of one of the most colorful and informative styles in the genres of photo sessions can be attributed country style. At the same time, he is sincerely surprised by his rare use in practice in the CIS countries. If in America, the ancestor of this direction, the cowboy cult is considered almost a national treasure, then we are more likely to know it than to take it seriously. The blame, strange as it may sound, is our climatic conditions, and this direction does not like cold at all.

  • Features of the photo shoot
  • Cowboy image
  • Color palette
  • Accessories
  • Makeup. Hairstyle
  • Location

Features of the photo session

Country photoset - a style of shooting that is absolutely not suitable for holding in the studio. Its elements are sun-burnt fields, countryside motifs, a warm season, a pleasant expanse of space, forests, rivers and the abundance of nature. In the studio, this style will be, at least, inappropriate. Nothing, except for standard and uninteresting porter photos, will not be realized. So it turns out that for the implementation of the exit photo session we have the strength of a couple of months a year.

But no one really prevents you from preparing for a photo shoot in advance, to think through the image, decide on the venue, perhaps to work out a whole thematic plot. Having done this, you will achieve the best result in the end, and not the dull parody of a real cowboy style, which is already enough in the portfolio of amateur works by other admirers of amateur photography. To surpass all and all, use the following guidelines for creating an image and choosing a place for a photo session.

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Cowboy image of

The Cowboy style takes full advantage of its basic characteristics since the times of the Wild West, where courage, luck, sexuality, brutality, freedom of spirit, causing insolence and even the corporate squint of talented Clint Eastwood were mixed with success. All these features are inherent in the image for the photo shoot.

The choice of clothes amazes with its scope: from the classic cowboy costume to the elegant fitted dress with Victorian motifs of the late XIX century.

If there is no possibility of observing the historical aspects of the style, you can choose the following things from modern fashion:

  • Leather or suede pants, preferably flare;
  • Shoes. As a rule, country welcomes high specific footwear: leather boots-boots, recognizable cowboy leggings, cowboy-style leather boots with ringing spurs. These shoes look massive, and it can be the main accent in the image;
  • Outerwear. Also suitable are all sorts of plaid shirts, blouses with a deep neckline and open shoulders, or with a cutout on one shoulder of neutral color and from natural fabrics, preferably flax;
  • Things from denim. Denominations are also appropriate, but not as accentual. They need to dilute the image slightly. Suitable for a photo shoot jeans short shorts or ragged pants. More rarely - a denim vest, but it's better if it's made from suede or leather.
  • Cloak. Very lucky if you can get a long shabby, wiped leather cloak with a high collar.

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Color palette

The color palette should be moderate, pleasant, warm, like yellowish-reddish- brown landscapes of the Wild West.

Country - it's terracotta, golden, beige, blue colors as basic, and claret, yellow, black, green as extra.

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No photoshoot in this style can be a hundred percent complete without accessories. To their list carry:

  • Traditional, brown-earthy cowboy hats with wide margins;
  • Leather, high( sometimes up to the elbow or slightly higher) gloves, it is possible and up to the middle of the biceps, only necessarily wide;
  • Scarves or kerchiefs tied around the neck in such a way that half of the face can be covered;
  • Leather wide belts with heavy wedges are also included in this list;
  • Holster for weapons, respectively, the weapon itself, made for copies of that time - the best revolvers and hard drives;
  • Thematic decorations in the Indian ethnic style;
  • Decorate a photo shoot and cowboy whip or rope lasso.
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Makeup. Hairstyle

Make-up in a photo shoot in this style almost always comes down to a natural make-up, where the main task of the make-up artist is to hide flaws. As for the hairstyle, it will ideally be easy to dissolve the hair in the wind or braid the braids. Regarding the latter, the braids can be both ordinary and in the manner of those that weave in many Indian tribes. It will be interesting to look a single small pigtail in her hair.

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The perfect stable for a photo shoot will be a real stable( built of wood!).

You can take a horse - and for a walk. Country can perfectly fit into spacious and panoramic fields. Very nice, if they will have a stack of hay. In general, a chic option, if you find fields where grazing cattle or horses are grazed.

Wooden constructions are a good option, but they should not be pretentious. The usual, knocked-down shed will do.

Interestingly, the country will look and in the classic village hayloft.

If you hold a photo session indoors, then its decoration should be made of wood( darkened from time) and plain - ordinary, better massive, wooden tables and chairs. Simple furniture. In this situation, you can beat a real saloon with a crazy game in Texas poker, feet on the table, with a cigar in his mouth and a revolver ready.

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Less often the country is sold in a wooded area. Green color is not very in harmony with the style. Virtually do not fit bright spruce and similar forests. But, if you know the location of mighty giants( beeches, oaks, pines), the territory next to them will be more suitable.

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