17 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

17 years of marriage - a considerable time. During this time, the family had a lot - and the joy of joint victories, and the pain of failures and losses. But the main thing is the tender feelings that could save the couple and carry them through many years of living together. Like any other wedding anniversary, 17 years of marriage has its name and characteristics. To know which wedding is celebrated in 17 years of marriage is necessary at least in order to think over congratulations in advance and decide what to give.

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    What is the name of the wedding

    In Germany, the symbol of the 17th wedding anniversary is an orchid, and in France and the Netherlands it is called a Pink wedding.

    The same name stuck with us, although the first Pink wedding of the couple was celebrated in its first ten-year anniversary.

    Why does the 17th anniversary of a joint life bear such a name? There are two versions of the origin of the name of this wedding anniversary: ​​

    1. According to the first version, the name "Pink wedding" comes from the name of pink color - the color of tenderness and sensuality. After 17 years of joint life, the feelings of the couple become less passionate, however, tenderness, caring and sensuality replace passion.
    2. According to the second version, the name of the Pink wedding is connected directly with the flower bearing this noble name - a rose. Extremely beautiful, with inaccurate treatment, she can injure sharp thorns, and with careful - bloom with a new force, delighting with her unusual beauty and delicate aroma. That's with the feelings in the couple the same way. To keep love and enjoy it for many years, it must be treated very carefully. And the symbol of the 17th anniversary of the wedding is a confirmation. In addition, the rose is the embodiment of beauty and romance, and it should be added in the relationship.
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    How to celebrate

    It is not customary to celebrate the magnificent and large-scale 17 years of life together.

    Traditionally, this day is a family holiday, for which "newlyweds" are invited only close people - their parents and children.

    During such a family celebration it is possible to revise together photo albums and video recordings of the most important events in the life of the family, thus refreshing pleasant moments in memory.

    With mutual desire, you can turn this date into a big and noisy holiday and hold it:

    1. In a restaurant.
    2. Within the walls of your home.
    3. On the boat.
    4. In the bowling club.
    5. Outside the city.

    Naturally, when decorating a place for a Pink wedding, it is necessary to use pink and floral decor elements:

    • vases with fresh flowers, preferably with roses;
    • balloons are pink;
    • tablecloths and napkins of pink tones;
    • scarlet and tender pink rose petals.

    You can arrange a place for your guests to relax in the form of a beautiful wedding tent and repeat the wedding ceremony that you performed 17 years ago.

    Even more romantic, you can note the Pink wedding, having spent it only together.

    You can:

    1. Arrange a beautiful romantic date at home - with beautiful music, exquisite treats and candles. It will complement the decoration of the room with rose petals and delicate pink elements of the interior. Dinner in a small cozy restaurant.
    2. Go to the movies.
    3. To arrange a romantic photo shoot for two.
    4. Make a walk on foot or by bike to memorable places for you.
    5. To arrange a romantic picnic.
    6. To organize a trip to the SPA-salon for special "double" programs for lovers.
    7. To go together in a romantic trip.
    8. Rent a beautiful "room for newlyweds" in the hotel.
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    A gift for his wife

    From her husband on this day, his wife, first of all, waiting for flowers, so that a bouquet of 17 roses will be the most successful gift.

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    And then everything depends on the imagination and, of course, the financial capabilities of the spouse. It can be:

    1. Jewelry with any precious or semiprecious stone of pink hue.
    2. Branded purse in pink color.
    3. Perfume based on a delicate rose fragrance.
    4. Mobile phone in a pink case.
    5. Beautiful lingerie, possibly of a pink theme.
    6. Intimate gift of scarlet and pink colors.

    And if there is no money for expensive gifts, you can please your spouse in another way:

    1. Prepare breakfast and serve it directly in bed.
    2. Sprinkle the family bed with the petals of tender pink and scarlet roses.
    3. Learn her favorite song and present an unusual musical greeting.
    4. Prepare an unusual collage of your most favorite family photos.
    5. Try to do everything that she asked you to do during the previous few weeks or even months - hang your favorite picture or nail a shelf.
    6. shower it with compliments, wrap it around with tenderness and attention.
    7. Write at least 17 reasons why you love her and what you particularly like about her.
    8. Buy tickets for her favorite show or concert.

    From guests for 17 years of married life for a wife a good gift will be:

    1. Pictures and tapestries of a romantic "pink" theme.
    2. Textiles of a pleasant pink shade.
    3. Decorative items of a characteristic pink color, for example, figures of pink wood.
    4. Dishes with floral decoration or a gentle pink hue.
    5. A cake decorated with exquisite roses, with a sincere beautiful wish.
    6. Beautiful bouquets of pink flowers in the original design.

    If even a pre-selected gift does not match the color scheme of the Pink Wedding, you can pack it in pink paper or decorate it with rosebuds.

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    What to give to husband

    Men are no less than women like surprises and gifts.

    So, thinking about what to give to her husband at the Pink wedding, you need to include your imagination:

    1. Prepare his favorite dish.
    2. Make a relaxing massage with fragrant rose oil.
    3. Buy tickets for the match.
    4. Buy a subscription to the gym or indoor club.

    Gifts for a husband can be more practical, but not necessarily pink:

    • expensive cigars;
    • is a good fishing rod;
    • hunting rifle;
    • trip abroad;
    • jewelry.
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    And complement all selected gifts beautiful poems with the 17th anniversary of the wedding. For example, such congratulations for 17 years of the wedding:

    Seventeen years ago,
    You gave each other consent,
    And I want to say, friends,
    What you have not lost!
    Watch on you today to us -
    Continuous pleasure,
    17 years - solid term,
    And important, no doubt.
    Live many more years,
    With a friend is always there.
    Let these roses be a big bouquet,
    you will be like a reward.
    Congratulations heartily,
    Let your happiness last forever.
    Let love - stronger steel,
    Problems that you do not know.
    Today Pink wedding
    We celebrate together with you,
    Love, health to you, patience,
    So that you do not change with the years!
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