Top 12 best professional and semi-professional hair colors

Hair coloring and toning has become the most demanded procedure in our time, therefore, the world's cosmetic concerns are creating more and more tools every day. How not to get lost in this diversity and choose a quality, safe and resistant paint? It will help in this matter the following rating of popular paints for professional and home use.
Ranking is presented in descending order.

12th place - SYOSS Professional Performance

  • 11th place - Garnier
  • 10th place - Palette
  • 9th place - C: EHKO
  • 8th place - Revlon
  • 7th place - Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse
  • 6th place - Wellaton
  • 5th place - Essensity Color
  • 4th place - Londa Professional
  • 3rd place - Igora Royal
  • 2nd place - Estel DeLuxe
  • 1st place - L'Oréal Paris
  • 12th place - SYOSS Professional Performance

    The hair coloring tools SYOSS Professional Performance are presented in several lines:

    • Baseline is a preparation with anti-color wash protection.
    • Oleo Intense is a cream based on natural oil.
    • Gloss Sensation - a paint with the effect of lamination, without ammonia.
    • Impulse Colors is based on an innovative technology that first lightens the hair on 2 tones and then tones.
    • Mixing Colors - each shade of this paint consists of two tones - basic and intense, due to this the hair color is multifaceted and iridescent.

    • Lightening blondes - preparation for lightening hair up to 3 tones without yellowing.
    • Activator Colors is a toning mousse that improves color and gives shine to the curls in just 3 minutes.

    All SYOSS cream paints give you the opportunity to get the perfect saturated colors and professionally hide gray hair even in home-coloring conditions. They consist of concentrated microculture particles that penetrate to the center of the hair and create intense shades.

    In the palette of colors from SYOSS 25 colors, which stay on the hair up to 8 weeks. After applying any SYOSS paint, the hair looks like after the salon.

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    11th place - Garnier

    Paints from Garnier for home use are presented in several lines, among which every woman can choose the right option.

    • Color Naturals is a cream paint enriched with olive, avocado and karite oils. Ideal for light shading of natural hair color.
    • Color Shine is a soft formula enriched with cranberry extracts and argan oil. A product without ammonia will help to get a deep and rich natural color.
    • Color Sensation - cream paint enriched with mother of pearl and flower oils. Creates a persistent expressive color on the hair.100% paints the gray hair. After dyeing, the hair reflects light and shimmers with a mirror shine.
    • Olia is a gentle cream paint with camellia, passionflower and sunflower oils. It carries out deep nutrition and performs sealing of scales, thus providing a laminating effect.

    All products from Garnier, in addition to high-quality staining, protect the hair from external negative factors and retain color up to 8 weeks. The palette of colors offers about 30 different shades.

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    10th place - Palette

    Paints Palette are designed for dyeing at home. The series includes 4 series:

    • Resistant cream paint with keratin complex.
    • Fitolinia with milk of jojoba and valuable oils.
    • Perfect Care without ammonia with elixir of silk.
    • Deluxe with 7 oils, enriched with high-efficiency color pigments and natural ingredients. Excellent coping with gray hair.

    Palette paints are highly resistant, they provide uniform color, stunning color, natural shine and nourish the hair from the inside. After applying the means Palette hair becomes soft and easy to comb. The palette includes 45 shades. At a price the paint is very affordable.

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    9th place - C: EHKO

    German paints C: EHKO Color Explosion are professional paints. More often they can be found in beauty salons, but you can use them at home.

    The palette of colors at the moment consists of 60 shades and 6 mix-tones. The cream color C: EHKO includes keratin and almond protein, so after staining the structure of the hair improves, they become elastic, silky and shiny. The paint gives the locks a uniform, persistent color and effectively hides the gray hair.

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    8th place - Revlon

    Quite original coloring products are represented by the American firm Revlon:

    • Color Silk is a stable bezamiachnaya cream paint that provides a uniform and high-quality color.
    • Color Effects Ombre - a unique paint that helps to easily give the hair a beautiful clarifying effect ombre.
    • Color Effects Highlights is a product created for the self-realization of the hair melting procedure.

    Revlon paints give the hair amazingly bright, vibrant, rich colors. At the same time, the hair remains soft and shiny. The assortment includes 40 magnificent shades. The only drawback is the high cost.

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    7th place - Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse

    Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse is a unique mousse paint that allows you to turn your home coloring process into pleasure. All you need is to fill the bottle-applicator with a staining gel and apply a paint-mousse to your hair.

    Thanks to the saturated structure, the mousse evenly distributes and easily stains even gray hair, giving them juicy shades and healthy shine. The paint does not contain ammonia in the composition and has a pleasant smell, and the extract of orchids and soy proteins provide softness and elasticity to the colored curls.

    The Perfect Mousse palette has 20 natural shades. The merits of this tool include economy and ease of use.

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    6th place - Wellaton

    Wellaton is an innovative line of paints from the German cosmetic company Wella. Wellaton is available in two versions:

    • A cream with color serum that helps restore shine to fading hair.
    • Mousse - resistant foam, very easy to use, which gives 6 times more volume of paint than conventional coloring agents.
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    Both types of dyes are superbly applied, evenly colored and give the hair a rich color, while retaining its natural softness and lively shine. They gently take care of the hair, keeping the ideal color for 8 weeks.

    Wellaton products are ideal for dyeing gray hair. There are 20 shades in the palette.

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    5th place - Essence Color

    Essensity Color - professional bezammiachny permanent dye from Schwarzkopf. The composition of the paint includes grape seed oil, which allows to gently color and restore both normal and completely gray strands.

    Clarifying shades, thanks to a unique formula make it possible to get a color of 4 tones lighter than the original.

    Essensity Color palette consists of 58 wonderful shades. After applying the dye, the hair acquires a truly shiny, persistent color and looks healthy and well-groomed until 25 head wash procedures.

    In addition to the cream color of the desired color, an oil-based lotion activator( 2.5%, 5.5%, 8.5%, 11.5%) will be needed for staining, so at least for the first procedure it is better not to experiment, butto resort to the help of a hairdresser-colorist.

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    4th place - Londa Professional

    Londa Professional is a professional cream paint with unique vitaflection microspheres that fill the hair from the inside and are blocked in it with the help of natural waxes and lipids, thanks to this, even gray hair acquires a strong and rich colorfor a long time.

    A special formula of the paint provides a quality hair care, they become strong and filled with life. Londa offers a rich palette of colors, presented in more than 90 versions, both for persistent staining and for toning.

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    3rd place - Igora Royal

    Igora Royal is a separate line of professional dyes from Schwarzkopf. It is distinguished by a huge modern palette of colors( more than 100 shades), created using the latest High Definition technology, capable of satisfying the taste of any modern woman.

    Igora Royal has good durability even on porous hair and is not subject to rinsing and burnout for 8 weeks. Unlike many other colors, it has a pleasant aroma.

    It consists of:

    • semi-stable dyes without ammonia.
    • silica, giving the locks strength, elasticity and strength.
    • biotin, which slows down the aging of hair and the appearance of gray hair.
    • proteins and oils that produce quality hair nutrition.

    Another advantage of Igora Royal is the ability to simultaneously use several shades. But in addition to the paint, an oil oxidizer( 3 to 12%) is required for painting, which is not included in the kit.

    Of course, without special problems Igora Royal can be used independently, but to get the most effective result, it is better to contact a specialist who knows all the subtleties of working with this paint.

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    2nd place - Estel DeLuxe

    Estel DeLuxe is a professional cream paint made in Russia, which includes an innovative formula with a chromo-energetic complex and natural ingredients.

    Thanks to this composition, hair scales are blended during staining and the locks acquire shine, softness, silky and rich color. Estel DeLuxe is suitable for salon as well as for self-durable staining and toning.

    Paint perfectly shades gray hair and has the most gentle effect on hair and scalp. Its air consistency ensures ease of application, and the innovative composition of coloring pigments - long-lasting durability and deep color. The palette can boast 130 shades.

    No less serious advantage of Estel DeLuxe paint is low price.

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    1 st place - L'Oréal Paris

    Deservedly the first place is occupied by hair colors from L'Oréal Paris .All products of this brand are of high quality and excellent staining results. In several lines, paints are available that can satisfy the demands of any of the fair sex.

    • Casting Crème Gloss allows you to get a natural hair color, while keeping the hair healthy and shiny to 28 shampoo applications. The paint does not contain ammonia and actively cares for the hair both outside and inside. In the palette of 28 persistent colors.
    • Sublime Mousse is a unique mousse that is applied like a normal shampoo and gives hair any of 17 possible saturated shades.
    • Preference is a high-quality cream paint, characterized by high color fastness up to 8 weeks. Thanks to the original system "Extra shine", the product creates a saturated iridescent color on the hair. The palette contains 32 variants of noble shades. In addition, for the fashionable effect of bronzing, the fair sex can resort to the use of the Préférence Ombrés series. And to create a trendy melirovaniya as in the cabin you can use Preference Glam Lights.
    • Excellence Creme is a very gentle cream paint with oils, pro-keratin and protective serum. She simultaneously colors and strengthens the curls. In the fight against gray hair, you should give preference to the colors of this series. Moreover, the assortment has 34 shades.
    • Casting Sunkiss Jelly is a clarifying gel without ammonia, which allows you to gradually and very gently lighten your hair for 2 tones.
    • Prodigy - a paint that allows you to create the most natural color on hair with millions of overflows. After application, the hair becomes softer and well-groomed, thanks to the micromachines being part of the composition. The novelty is presented in 19 different shades.
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