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Crafting is very exciting and useful, especially when you get the eye-pleasing result. To create crafts, you can use a lot of different materials: plastic, clay, dough, cloth, wood, gifts of nature, yarn, threads, paper and much more.

  • Original earrings from wire
  • Owl made of paper
  • Flowers from fayamiran

Original earrings from wire

One of the most universal materials is wire. It is widely used not only in beading, but also in many other techniques. The advantage of this material is not only its versatility and practicality, but also its availability - after all, it is inexpensive.

Having made such earrings, you can be sure that none of your girlfriends and acquaintances will be like that.

To create such cute earrings, you will need the following:

  • wire for beadwork;

  • stock for earrings;
  • nose pliers;
  • pliers;
  • cutting pliers;
  • small metal rod.

First you need to make "knobs" for your miniature coronets. Wrap your wire around the rod, tightly pressing one turn to the other. For each earring you need to make a base of 13 turns. After you finish, cut the wire, and to bend its end, use the pliers. This way you will get rid of sharp and uneven ends. If the turns are not tight enough, you can press them with the same pliers.

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Now you need to create the "corners" yourself. For this, wrap the wire around two fingers. Try to first make tight turns of crafts, weakening them little by little and working in different directions. Then it will be easier for the coils to shape the corolla later. Wrap your fingers around your fingers four or five times for each "corolla".Cut off the wire and release your fingers.

With pliers, squeeze one end so that you can insert the corolla into the handle prepared for it in advance.

Now using the nippers, open the ring on your earrings hooks and insert it into one or two loops of your corolla. This way you can securely fix the hook and prevent the loss of the earring. Clamp the ring again, with sufficient effort.

All you have to do is to give the "crown" a natural look. To do this, you need to gently and gradually straighten the hinges. You can keep a picture of the real corolla or the corona before your eyes in order to facilitate your task.

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Owl made of paper

Want to instill in your child perseverance and interest in creativity? Suggest him to create a craft with his own hands. To do this, you can use any improvised materials, even, at first glance, an unsightly sleeve from a roll of toilet paper. From it can turn out a wonderful toy - an owl.

For work you will need:

  • sleeve from paper towels or toilet paper;
  • brushes;
  • colored paper;
  • glue PVA;
  • double-sided adhesive tape;
  • scissors;

Getting Started:

  1. First, prepare the workplace. Place a newspaper or an oilcloth on the table so that after the end of the work the table remains clean.
  2. Take the bushing, it will become the backbone of your owl. Remove the remaining toilet paper from it.
  3. Ask the child to choose the color desired for the bird and color the sleeve in it. Wait until the paint has dried and will not stick to your hands.
  4. Now form the head of the owl - bend the edges of the cylinder to the center so that the two sides are formed "ears" and fix them with glue.
  5. From the colored paper cut out the heart, turn it over and glue it to the base - these are the legs of an owl.
  6. Let's start the plumage. To do this, cut out from paper of a different color several identical circles of small diameter. Circles are feathers, if you attach them to double-sided scotch, then the craft will become more voluminous.
  7. Beak make in the form of a triangle and better in one color with paws. Stick it over the plumage.
  8. From black and white paper, cut out 4 mugs: 2 whites and 2 smaller ones. Stick the black circles on white, and transfer them to the craft with a double-sided tape. The owl had eyes.
  9. You can make wings if you want. For this, 2 diamonds must be cut from colored paper, rounding the corners from both sides. To look like they looked like wings. Glue them on the sides of your bird.
  10. loading. ..

This completes the work on the craft.

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Flowers from the fameaman

More recently, in the handicraft shops, material has appeared, which should be given attention. It is called a foiraman. Most often it is used in scrapbooking. It is very bright, soft and plastic, so if you decide to take your kid with creativity, then he will be enthusiastic about the fame.

We suggest starting with the manufacture of flowers.

To create a craft, you need:

  • foiuran;
  • glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • beads for the core of the flower;
  • an empty plastic flower pot;
  • corrugated paper of green color;
  • toothpicks;
  • newspaper for filling a flower pot;
  • glue PVA;

First form the core of the flower from the beads, combining them with an adhesive gun.

Now from the fameiran of bright color we cut out the oval petals of our flower. Fingers stretch each petal from the middle to the edges, giving them a shape. The material is very malleable, so everything will turn out without problems.

loading. ..

Now you can collect a flower. Paste the petals to the heart of the beads in a checkerboard pattern. Than there will be more of them, the more fluffy the flower will turn out.

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The ready head of the flower is put on the stem, from the pre-prepared toothpick.

We fill the pot to the brim with a crumpled newspaper.

Corrugated paper is laid over the newspaper and fixed with glue PVA.It turned out to be grass.

It's time to collect the hand-made. Plant flowers in the pot, inserting toothpicks-stems into the filler from the newspaper.

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