How to choose a household floor scales

To choose a floor scales for household use, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances, because this device helps to monitor the weight, and also to correct it in time to prevent problems of both aesthetic and physiological nature. On how to make the right choice of weights, what characteristics to pay attention to in the first place, which brand products to stop, we will discuss further.

  • Types of floor scales
  • Mechanical scales
  • Electronic scales
  • Tips for choosing a floor scales
  • Material platform scales: plastic, glass or metal?
  • Device weight
  • Dimensions of the balance
  • Maximum permissible load
  • Accuracy of the results
  • Size of the display of the balance
  • Power type of the balance: battery or batteries?
  • Weighing units
  • Useful functions of the floor scales for the house
  • Built-in memory
  • External control unit
  • Calculation of the body mass index
  • Determination of the mass fraction of water, fatty, muscular, bone tissue
  • instagram viewer
  • growth meter Display illumination
  • Automatic switching on and off
  • Built-in printer
  • Manufacturers of household floor scales

Types of floor scales

The main criterion for the classification of modern scales is the method of measuring the weight. Starting from this criterion, all scales can be divided into two types:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic.
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Mechanical scales

The mechanical scales are operated by a special measuring spring, which is located under the platform. Attacking the scales, the user exerts pressure on the spring, which in turn, being connected with the arrow on the dial, shifts this arrow in proportion to the force of gravity.

Advantages of mechanical scales:

  • comparatively low cost;
  • simplicity of operation;
  • no need for power supplies.

Disadvantages of

The disadvantages of mechanical scales have much more advantages than:

  • low functionality;
  • insufficient accuracy;
  • low informativeness.
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Electronic scales

The electronic balance has a special mechanism, the task of which is to convert the mechanical action into an electronic signal and then output the results to a digital display.

Advantages of electronic scales:

  • high accuracy;
  • high functionality, many basic and additional features;
  • high informativeness.

Disadvantages of

The main disadvantage of electronic scales can be called high cost, which, however, is fully compensated by the wide range of opportunities that they provide.

Please note that not all scales with a digital display are electronic. The cheapest models with a digital display work on the same principle as the mechanical scales, only the way of information extraction differs. Of course, such scales of advantages of electronic do not have.

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Tips for choosing an

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Material of the weighing platform: plastic, glass or metal?

Both plastic, glass and metal, from which the scales are made, are strong enough and reliable, therefore, when choosing a material, buyers are repelled mainly from aesthetic characteristics. The most popular scales with a platform of plastic due to their low cost.

Less often there are scales with a platform of metal, which have a stylish appearance, perfectly combined with the interior in a modern style, but cause a certain discomfort - the surface of the metal is rather cold, and this is felt when the foot is touched.

The scales with a glass platform also look pretty stylish, but when used, you should be careful - even though the glass is durable, falling solid objects on it can cause it to crack.

In the modern market, you can also find models with a platform of natural stone, having a sufficiently large weight, as well as a scale with a platform of wood. It should be noted that the scales in this version have a fairly high cost.

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The color of the scales material is also offered at the buyers' choice.

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Weight of

The weight of the floor scales depends on the material from which they are made. Plastic scales have the lowest weight - from several hundred grams. The greatest weight is possessed by scales from a natural stone - it can reach twenty kilograms. The weight criterion of the device must necessarily be taken into account for those who often carry the scale from place to place - with too heavy a device such manipulations will be quite difficult.

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Overall dimensions of the

Weigh practically all models of the scales presented in the modern market have approximately the same dimensions - selected for maximum comfortable use of the instrument. If you are looking for scales of non-standard sizes, manufacturers are ready to offer you models from designer collections - miniature and vice versa, large enough and large.

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Maximum permissible load

Manufacturers issue scales, the maximum permissible load for which is certainly higher than the body weight of the average person. If the mass of your body exceeds the standard values, pay attention to the scales with large indicators of this parameter - you can purchase for household use scales with a maximum load of 100 to 300 kilograms.

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Accuracy of results

The accuracy of the results depends directly on the type of scales used - in mechanical it is significantly lower than in electronic ones. So, in the device of a mechanical type, the error can be up to 0.5-1 kilograms, while the error of the electronic balance in most cases does not exceed 0.1 kilograms. If the accuracy of the measurements is critical for you, of course, it is worth to choose the electronic models.

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Size of the display of the

scales Few buyers pay attention to this parameter, and the convenience of using the scales largely depends on it. The larger the display, the better you will see the figures displayed on it. Especially relevant is the large size of the display will be for those users who have visual problems.

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Power type of balance: battery or batteries?

This parameter is relevant only for weights of the electronic type. The energy consumption of the scales is small, so you can safely choose the models that work on batteries. They have a lower cost, and you will have to change the batteries very infrequently, which will not cause inconvenience from using them. Some models of scales work from solar energy.

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Weighing units

The overwhelming majority of models presented in the Russian market shows the results of measurements in kilograms. But you can find models, the unit of measure used in which - the pound, as well as the combined scales, which can show the weight in both pounds and pounds. Choose those that are more convenient for you.

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Useful functions of floor scales for house

All of the functions listed below are typical only for scales of electronic type, not a single mechanical balance can have such functions.

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Built-in memory

Electronic scales have built-in memory, the volume of which differs from model to model. The larger the amount of memory, the more users will be able to store information. If you plan to use the scale only within your family, a maximum of five memory cells will be enough for you. Manufacturers offer models that can store information about even 15-20 users.

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Remote control unit

The remote control unit is equipped with only expensive models. It is a device on a long rod with a cord for flexible connection with the body. The unit is located at arm's length, so that you do not need to bend to switch modes, nor do you have to bend over to see the result. The latest models are equipped with a wireless control unit.

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Calculation of body mass index

The scales with this function are called "diagnostic", because they not only measure body weight, but also determine if it is within the permissible norm for a particular person. The balance will automatically calculate the body mass index, and display its value on the display, it is enough to only make a numerical value of its growth in the memory of weights. Thanks to the body mass index( BMI), the user can get information about whether he has weight problems.

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Determination of the mass fraction of water, fat, muscle, bone tissue

Highly functional diagnostic models can calculate not only the body mass index, but also determine the mass fraction of water, fat, muscle and bone tissue of the user. The principle of determining these parameters is to pass a weak electric discharge from the electrodes output to the weighing platform through the body of a person measuring his weight. Different types of tissues have different characteristics of electrical resistance, due to which their mass shares in the human body are determined.

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This diagnosis, like the definition of BMI, allows you to qualitatively assess the state of the body, and if necessary, take measures to correct the weight.

Despite the safety of such an analyzer, it is not recommended to use the scales equipped with it at elevated body temperature, during pregnancy, children under 10 years of age, as well as people with pacemakers.

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Some models of household electronic scales are equipped with a rostomer. But its presence is not a function of the first necessity - the growth parameters can be entered into the memory of the balance manually.

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Illumination of symbols on display

The scales can display luminous symbols on the display. On the one hand, this function contributes to a faster discharge of batteries, on the other hand it makes the use of scales more convenient, especially in poor light conditions.

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Automatic switching on and off

Some models of electronic scales are equipped with a mechanism that is responsible for automatic switching on of scales when they are mounted on them, as well as for their shutdown some time after the completion of active actions with them. This useful feature will free you from having to turn the balance on and off manually, and also significantly save battery or battery power.

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Built-in printer

The built-in printer is equipped, as a rule, with a diagnostic balance designed for use in cultural and health-improving facilities. But manufacturers offer models with a printer and for household use. After each weighing you can get a printout of the results.

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Manufacturers of household floor scales

Among the manufacturers of floor scales, many brands engaged in the production of household appliances. Qualitative, reliable and functional scales are offered by the company:

  • Bosch;
  • Beurer;
  • Gorenje;
  • Tefal.

These manufacturers produce models in different price categories and with different functionality, so each buyer will be able to pick up the device for themselves. On too cheap models from little-known manufacturers, their choice is better not to stop - their internal and external performance in most cases will be substandard.

When choosing floor scales for home use, carefully think out what features you will need, and without which you can do without problems - you should not overpay for them. Pay special attention to the quality of performance, not appearance.

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