Primitive luck with the right elbow or other part of the body

Our ancestors believed that all events occurring with a person are not accidental. They firmly believed that if they hit with the elbow( right or left), the knee or other part of the body, then one should expect changes in the life of both the bad and the good. The interpretation of this sign depends on the location and side of the strike.

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  • Our ancestors believed that everything connected with the right side is a good omen, sincebehind the right shoulder is the angel. If a person accidentally strikes with an elbow, then at this moment someone remembers him, admires him and says good words about him. For the girl, the bruise of the right elbow indicates that her beloved recollects her and dreams of a date. For a man, such a blow is a warning and means that soon it will be necessary to find out the relationship with a foe or envious person.
  • To strike with the left elbow - to gossip, most likely, a person is discussed and bad words are spoken about him.

  • Hit with your elbow and knock down the bread from the table or the plate during this - to a protracted and serious quarrel in the family.
  • If after the impact there was an itch, then this is a good sign, which promises the approach of a joyful happy event. For single women, itching after a stroke is a harbinger of a declaration of love or an unexpected gift.
  • To hit the right and left elbow indicates that the person will spend the night in someone else's bed.
  • It is not necessary to worry if the interpretation of the omens carries a negative character, since it is possible to cancel its effect. It is necessary to rub the place of the blow well and read the prayer "Our Father" three times.
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  • To hit your forehead means that in the coming days a person will visit a brilliant idea that will bring profit and joy. It can also be a harbinger of an early complex life situation in which you will have to show mental and analytical abilities.
  • In Russia it was believed that to hit his head against a Christian cross or an icon - to become a godfather.
  • In prisons, the head is interpreted in two ways: some say it is a harbinger of an early exit from prison, and the more bruises occur, the sooner a person will be at large. Others argue that this is a signal about the betrayal of a waiting wife or girlfriend waiting on the will.
  • Hit heads - to marry or to marry, to a great celebration.
  • It is also believed that when a person's head is injured, negative energy leaves and his karma is cleared. To prevent important information from flying out of the head, an icon with the image of John the Baptist should be attached to the site of the bruise.
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For the girl

  • To knock with her right hand means that her husband, a friend thinks and speaks about her pleasant words.
  • According to another note, the girl immediately after the blow with a brush needs to say out loud the first male name that came to her head - that's how she will call her future husband.
  • To hit with the left hand is a negative sign, meaning that the lover or husband behind the girl dissolves about her unpleasant gossip and belittles her dignity in conversations with friends.

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For a man

  • To hit with his right hand means that he is considered a good, positive person or someone who has tender feelings for him.
  • The left hand - behind the back of a guy colleagues or friends are discussing, and the authorities express dissatisfaction with his work. However, the secret will soon become apparent, so a man needs to prepare to confront his enemies.
  • On other signs to hurt the left hand - to a misunderstanding and distrust in a love relationship, which can end in a quarrel or parting.
  • If the blow is not strong, then the troubles can be reduced to a rude word, said after a stranger in the street.
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Signs for the left hand

  • Hit lefta person's brush is often suspected of bad deeds.
  • Another interpretation says that one of the native people takes offense at the deeds or words of the victim, but hides it behind a smile.
  • Also such a bruise can mean that one of the friends is dissatisfied with the human qualities of the victim and tells about it to all the common acquaintances.
  • If, after a stroke, the hand in this place is still itchy, then one must prepare for a quarrel with friends or colleagues.
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Signs for the right hand

  • For one of the spouses, a right-hand strike predicts an unexpected gift or a pleasant surprise.
  • The right hand injury indicates that the victim has people who will never leave and will always help at a difficult moment.
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By knee

  • For unmarried girls to knock their right knee against the door - to the long-awaited meeting or acquaintance with their second half. If there was a bruise of the left knee, it's to parting with your beloved. If the girl hits two knees, then you need to choose which one suffered first. If both at the same time, then you need to prepare for a meeting with a man with whom there will be short but passionate relationships.
  • For an unmarried guy the bruise of the right knee promises a loving relationship, which most likely will end with a wedding, the left one - to betrayal and quarrels.

It is important to take into account and what was a knee blow:

  • On the bed - close relations with an old acquaintance will soon resume.
  • Right knee on the nightstand - a friend( friend) will introduce the future lover( lover).Left - a close friend( friend) will be a razluchnitsey. A blow with two knees warns of frustration in a relationship.
  • About the chair or table with the right knee - to increase wages, profits;to the left - to losses.
  • On the right side door - to good guests in the house;left - to ill-wishers.
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With the foot of the

  • To strike with the right foot means that all life flows in the right direction and everything that is happening in it is correct. Knocking with the left foot is a bad sign, one should think about the correctness of the life position and the decisions taken recently. Perhaps there was a mistake somewhere, which could lead to many unpleasant events.
  • Also hit your right foot - to see you soon with a person who has been going for a long time, but still can not come. For girls, hitting the right foot with the door is a good sign, meaning that in the near future a man will meet, destined for her. If the girl bumped her foot on the cupboard, chest or nightstand, then the long-awaited meeting will happen thanks to a friend.
  • Hit with your left foot - to troubles that can happen both at work and at home.
  • In ancient times, it was a sign that a man who had hit his left leg, all thoughts in my head came together and a good idea will soon emerge that will have long-lasting prospects.
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