21 year of marriage what kind of wedding is this

Each anniversary in the life of the spouses is an important event, especially if the marriage experience has passed the 20-year boundary. During this time they gave each other many unforgettable moments, were able to go hand in hand through the life tests that have fallen to their lot, preserving trust and love. So the 21st anniversary of the marriage of the couple is an extraordinary event and you can not forget about it. And how correctly to celebrate this event, what kind of congratulations to come up with and what to give, will tell you what wedding is celebrated for 21 years of marriage.

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

What is the name of the wedding

According to existing traditions, the 21st anniversary of the wedding is called the Opal wedding.

Thus, the symbol of this wedding is opal - a demanding and rather capricious stone.
There is an opinion that with good and proper care opal can become a good talisman for its owner, a symbol of eternal love, matrimonial fidelity, trust and happiness. Otherwise, it can bring trouble to a person and bring discord into the family. This is very symbolic, because any family without due care and the desire of the couple to strengthen relationships is doomed to destruction.

In numerology, the number 21 is considered a special number, a symbol of wisdom and perfection, the most sacred of odd numbers, the "crown of magic".It is believed that for 21 years of living together, a flashy love is replaced by wisdom and respect, and once passionate loving newlyweds become faithful and reliable spouses. During this time the family comes of age, and the marriage union becomes inviolable.

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How to celebrate

After the noisy and crowded Porcelain, Opal wedding is celebrated more modestly.

There are no special traditions for its celebration, so how to celebrate this day depends on the spouses themselves.

Perhaps you want to spend it only together, and perhaps come in to share the celebration of this date with your friends and family.

We offer several options for celebrating Opal wedding for your spouse:

  1. Luxurious evening at an expensive restaurant. Give yourself a chance to relax from everyday worries and enjoy each other's company in some really good and worthy place. Take care of the table for two in advance and warn the waiter about what event you are going to celebrate. Surely to you this evening will be particularly attentive. A joint walk through the places of youth. Arrange yourself an excursion into the history of your family, walk through special places for you, plunge into the atmosphere of the sensations that you experienced during your very first date, the first kiss and the first declaration of love.
  2. Dinner by candlelight. To forget about the hectic everyday life will help romantic atmosphere and a special intimate atmosphere, which is always given candles. Take care of tasty treats and good music, and enjoy each other's company.
  3. Journey to the city of dreams. Perhaps you have long dreamed of going to some particularly beautiful place or city. So why postpone the fulfillment of a dream? Opal wedding is a wonderful occasion to fulfill your wishes!
  4. Adventures for Two. Well, if you want something very special, you can buy certificates for a balloon trip, horseback riding or even diving.

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A gift for the wife

The best gift for the 21st wedding year for the wife is any decoration with the symbol of this holiday - opal. It can be:

  • earrings;
  • ring;
  • brooch;
  • necklace;
  • beads;
  • suspension;
  • bracelets;
  • watch;
  • hair ornament.

And, of course, congratulations must be accompanied by a bouquet of flowers. Let them be exactly 21, as well as lived together for years.

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What to give to my husband

And the answer to the question what to give to her husband for the Opal wedding can be:

  • tie clip, encrusted with opal;
  • beautiful cufflinks with opal;
  • fashionable watch with inlaid from opal;
  • beautiful cigarette case with engraving.
  • loading. ..

If a man categorically denies men's jewelry, you can make him a present based on his hobbies.

What is it - fishing, billiards, car, hunting, sauna, collecting or numismatics wife for 21 years of marriage probably knows.

Perhaps a man will be pleased with a bottle of good wine or some useful for home thing.

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A special congratulation for the "newlyweds" on the anniversary of the wedding will be beautiful poems. For example, such:

Today I congratulate you on the twenty-first anniversary,
Let this date be - love and happiness in the day!
Let your union shine as an opal shines,
Let there be a place for fun and happiness in it.
Let them always warm you,
Let the hearts fill with good.
Let your happiness last forever,
And souls are warmed by heat.
Do you now Opal wedding -
Lovely and happy is the hour.
Having passed all tests and fears,
Today, accept congratulations from us!
Let your happiness multiply with the years,
Let your union grow stronger with each passing hour.
Successes to you, love and prosperity,
Let the grievances remain in the past.
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