Embroidery with ribbons for beginners

Today, a special popularity is acquired by products decorated with their own hands. Original, bright and beautiful look things trimmed with ribbon ornaments. Such embroidery is used to decorate napkins, blankets, pillows, children's clothing and other items. Today we will hold a small master class on embroidering ribbons for beginners .

  • Materials
  • Work process


For work we will need the following tools and materials:

  • canvas on which we will embroider;
  • colored ribbons;
  • embroidery frame;
  • water-based marker;
  • threads and a needle with a wide handle;
  • scissors.
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Work process

We will start the master class on embroidering ornaments with satin ribbons by preparing the work area. To do this, we take the canvas and determine the area on which we will embroider. We draw a rectangle by the marker and, in its framework, arbitrarily draw flowers with five petals. Outside the rectangle does not stand.

Now take the embroidery frame and place the embroidery zone in the center.

We begin embroidery of a flower. We pass the tape in the needle and from the wrong side we stretch the needle through the center of the flower.

Then stretch it to the end, turn and again pass through the center, only on the front side. The resulting loop is not tightened to the end, leave the tape to the size of the petal, which you want to embroider. Now, from the wrong side, pass the needle at the end of the petal, stretch it, grab the loop and draw it with another loop.

Tighten the formed petal from the wrong side.

With the same technique we embroider the next four petals of our flower.

Then take the ribbon of a different color and proceed to the formation of the core of the flower. We enter the tape in the center from the wrong side and stretch to the front side.

Then wrap the tape around the needle, pass through the center and pull it to the wrong side.

Here is a flower you should get.

The next step is embroidery of stems from our flowers. To do this, we take a green ribbon, insert it into the needle and insert it from the wrong side into the center of the stem.

Next, stretch the ribbon from the center of the stem to the petals, inverted from the wrong side, reintroduce it to the front side at the end of the stem and stretch to the center, from the wrong side.

The stem is ready.

Now embroider the leaves of the flower. We remove the tape sideways and embroider the leaflet according to the scheme shown in the picture.

With the same technique, embroider all the planned flowers and a beautiful glade of ribbons on the canvas is ready.

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This simple and at the same time bright and original embroidery can decorate the pillowcase, which will be an ideal addition to your villa furniture.

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