Lessons and secrets of floristry for beginners

Floristics - the direction of arts and crafts and design. The main task of floristry is to compose bouquets and flower compositions that can express the mood and feelings by their kind, supplement the atmosphere of certain events and harmonize with it. Master classes on floristry for beginners include the basic principles of performing simple but beautiful compositions of fresh flowers and greens.

  • Blue dream
  • Lilimelia
  • Box with flowers
  • Handbag with flowers
  • Wedding bouquet

Blue dream

To perform the composition it is necessary to prepare:

  • hyacinths;
  • irises;
  • statics;
  • wooden container;
  • small river stones;
  • wire;
  • oasis - floristic sponge;
  • polyethylene;
  • tap-tape.

To begin with, it is necessary to overlay the inside of the container with a polyethylene film so that the film retains water inside the composition. Then gently cut the floral sponge to the desired size.

Moisten the sponge in water and place in a container, if necessary fix with adhesive tape or clamps.

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Next, you should prepare hyacinths. In the stem of each flower, gently insert the wire, approximately half its length.

Depart from the edge a couple of centimeters and trim.

You also need to wrap the wire with a flower stem, you can hide it with a tape tape.

Irises should be pruned obliquely and placed in an oasis.

Add the flowers of statics and hyacinths to the composition.

To make a broken dome over the flowers you can use decorative greenery, for example, using stilgrass.

Decorate the free surface of the oasis with river stones.

The composition is ready.

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Flower arrangement created from lily petals. It can be attributed to the direction of wedding floristics.

For the manufacture of Lilimelia you will need:

  • gerbera;
  • white lilies;
  • the greens of an alchemy;
  • tap-tape;
  • decorative wire;
  • green adhesive tape;
  • decorative ladybug,
  • satin ribbon;
  • knife, scissors, cutting pliers.

The lily is to be dismantled on the petals and permeate each of them with two small wires at the base so that the petals are fully opened.

The gerbera stem should be wrapped with a tape tape to make it more dense.

loading. ..

Then the gerbera flower should be overlaid, prepared lily petals. You need to do this by adhering to the chess order.

After all the petals are folded into a beautiful lush flower, the stem should be bandaged with green tape.

Decorate the composition will help the greens of alchemyles.

It can be fastened around lily with special adhesive tape.

Wind the green satin ribbon stalk, hiding all the unevenness of the composition.

You can attach a butterfly or decorative bug to the finished bouquet.

Lilimelia is ready!

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Box with flowers

To perform this composition you will need:

  • large roses;
  • succulent on natural stem or taped;
  • box;
  • mica;
  • floristic sponge( at least 3 cm high);
  • Stapler;
  • knife;
  • scissors.

Take an empty box or a beautiful wooden box.

The sponge must be cut according to the dimensions of the box, packed in mica, secured with a stapler and placed in a box.

loading. ..

The next step is to fill the box. To lay flowers it is necessary very accurately that there were no creases and creases of petals, gradually filling all free space of a box, paying attention to corners and edges.

Grouping colors by types will give the composition expressiveness.

In the final, the box should be tied with a satin ribbon and attach a small elegant card to it.

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Handbag with flowers

Each woman will appreciate such a handbag with flowers.

For its manufacture you will need:

  • gentle carnations;
  • rose;
  • Pittosporum;
  • flowers of eustoma( Irish rose);
  • food film;
  • piaflor( floral sponge);
  • decorative tape;
  • tap-tape;
  • fabric;
  • large purple beads;
  • wire;
  • scissors;
  • cutting pliers.

First of all you need to wrap the wire with a pink tap-tape.

Now from the wire it is necessary to build a skeleton base for the handbag. To do this, twist the wire between each other, as shown in the photo, and give it the necessary shape.

Then, twist the handles of the handbag from the same wire and attach them to the frame.

To give the handles an attractive look, you can simply wrap them with decorative tape.

The inside of the handbag should be laid out with a cloth. Fabric can be taken any, it is important that it is combined in color with a frame and flowers. Sponge the floral sponge with water, wrap in a film and gently put the bags on the bottom.

All flowers need to cut the stems so that they fit in the purse. And insert alternately in the sponge rose, eustoma, cloves and pittosporum.

It is necessary to make a garland of beads, strung them on a decorative tape.

To complete the composition, you should attach the garland of beads to the purse.

The original gift for March 8 is ready!

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Wedding bouquet

Let's try to make a bouquet of the bride in pink tones.

For work you will need:

  • 7 terry tulips of soft pink color;
  • 5 panics;
  • green wire;
  • decorative lace;
  • decorative plastic tape;
  • pink organza;
  • 15 white beads with a diameter not exceeding 1 cm;
  • scissors;
  • pruner.

First you need to make the blanks from the organza. To do this, a strip about 30 cm wide should be folded in half and cut into two parts. Such rectangular shreds need 4 or 5 pieces.

Each rectangular piece should be folded in half and cut into strips 3 cm wide, without bringing the cut to the fold line.

The resulting cuts must be collected in beautiful lush flowers and bandaged at the base with wire, twisting the legs between each other. One leg should be left long, it will serve as a stem for the ribbon flower.

Collect the bouquet followed by a spiral. It should turn out to be low and round. Tulips should be placed on the same level, and panic evenly distributed throughout the bouquet. After making the framing of the living flowers with decorative blanks made of organza.

You need to connect all the stems to the green wire. Do it better as high as possible, so that the flowers do not fall apart and keep the shape.

Now with the pruner you can shorten the stems of the plants to the desired length.

The remaining green leaves on the stems must be separated and added to the bouquet along the circumference.

Then gently, so as not to damage the fragile leaves of the tulips, to fasten the bouquet with plastic tape, wrapping it several times around the ligament site.

In the end, for each end of the decorative tape you need to thread 2-3 white beads.

The air wedding bouquet is ready!

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