Tea with milk, its benefits, harm and cooking recipes

Most people think that the best morning drink is tea. After all, it has no less tonic effect than coffee, especially if it is properly prepared. There are a lot of varieties of tea with different taste qualities. In this drink you can put not only traditional sugar, but also other food additives, one of which is milk.

  • Usage
  • During pregnancy and after childbirth
  • Cooking recipes
  • With ivan tea
  • Mongolian tea with lamb
  • Green tea with jasmine
  • Black tea with strawberry
  • Boiled black tea
  • Black tea with melted milk
  • Classic black tea with milk
  • Classic green tea with milk
  • Contraindications

The benefits of

These two drinks and individually have many useful qualities, and if you mix them, you get a double effect. Tea with milk not only improves overall health with regular use, but also positively affects the cardiovascular system.

Due to milk, the diuretic properties of tea are enhanced, which helps to remove toxins from the body with excess fluid.

The drink improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, when pure tea enters the stomach walls, it can irritate them, and milk softens this effect, strengthening the digestive system.

Since tea with the addition of milk is a kind of soothing, it can be drunk before going to bed, which is not desirable to do with strong tea.

Milk is good to add not only to black tea, but also to green. This is especially useful for people who try to keep a figure. Caloric content of this drink is practically zero, especially if it is low-fat milk, and after drinking it, you can not feel hunger for a long time.

Milk inhibits caffeine in the composition of tea, this drink is not harmful to people suffering from high blood pressure.

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During pregnancy and after childbirth

Milk itself is a very useful product, especially for a pregnant woman, because it contains the substances necessary for the development of the child, but strong tea is harmful due to the increased content of caffeine in it, butmilk blocks caffeine. Hence it can be concluded that tea with milk can be drunk: add a little tea leaves( half teaspoon per cup) and more milk, and limit consumption to 2 cups a day.

After giving birth, this drink is not recommended until the end of breastfeeding.

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Cooking recipes

Some of the simplest and most common are:

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With ivan tea

This is one of the most useful herbal teas. Get it from the fermented and dried leaves of the spray, a plant that in Russia abundantly covers marshy places. These leaves are immediately brewed with boiling milk, water is not used. The drink is infused for about 10 minutes, then ready for use. Such tea is used not only as a simple drink, but as a healing broth that helps cope with many diseases.

Find out more about red carapace tea for health and beauty http://woman-l.ru/vse-o-krasnom-chae-karkade/
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Mongolian tea with lamb

This unusual drink for a European can be preparedfrom green or black pressed tea. On the tea tile( 30-50 grams) take enough for several servings of water, lightly salted and cook for 10 minutes. Then, pouring boiling liquid over the bowls, add milk to taste, a little fat lamb and melted lamb fat. You can diversify the taste of this kind of tea soup, nourishing and warming, almost any spice, well combined with meat.

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Green tea with jasmine

The delicate aroma of jasmine is perfectly combined with the softness of the taste of milk. Brew your favorite green tea with jasmine petals( very often they are sold already in the mixture, but you can mix the ingredients just before brewing) and taste the milk. The temperature of brewing green tea is much lower than that of black tea, and it is not necessary to pour it with steep boiling water: it is sufficiently heated to 65-80 degrees of water.

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Black tea with strawberry

Normal black tea is easy to ennoble with a fruit note, adding a few berries of dried or fresh strawberries when brewing. The forest strawberry is smaller, but more fragrant than the garden, its dried twigs will also be good in the composition of tea. They have a mild diuretic effect and fight a cold, so the black tea, brewed with them, especially if milk is added to it, is ideal in winter.

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Boiled black tea

Boiled black tea can not be called a noble drink, it has a strong bitter-astringent taste. However, due to the concentration of caffeine and tannins in it, it effectively invigorates, helps with the breakdown of the stomach and removes toxins from the body. To make it, pour into the boiling water ordinary black tea( 2-3 tablespoons per mug) and boil for 10-15 minutes. Milk, added to such tea, partially neutralizes bitterness.

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Black tea with melted milk

It will be necessary to prepare the milk by dousing it on low heat until a yellowish brown tinge and a pleasant aroma appear. After this, the usual way is brewed black tea, which is diluted with melted milk to the desired concentration. It is especially good with a lot of sugar and sweets.

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Classic black tea with milk

Bring milk to a boil, pour tea. Drink is prepared without water, infused for 5-10 minutes.

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Classic green tea with milk

Brewing green tea according to all the rules( hot, but not boiling water, short infusion), mix with milk brew. Green tea can also be brewed with milk alone. The amount of brewing and milk can be any, to taste.

Use of tea with milk for weight loss, when it is green and when sugar is not added to it, is very high, so this drink will be ideal for those who suffer from excess weight.
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Use of this combination is contraindicated in:

  • galactosemia and other metabolic disorders leading to intolerance to milk and dairy products.
  • When allergic to certain components.
  • In heart diseases and other conditions, when products containing caffeine are contraindicated, it is necessary to replace the usual tea with ivan-tea or rooiboshem, in which it is not.
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