How to treat the symptoms of menopause with folk remedies

Climax is a physiological process that is accompanied by hormonal changes followed by a complete cessation of menstruation. Menopause causes many ailments and symptoms that significantly worsen the quality of life of a woman. Climax can not be prevented, but it is possible to alleviate its course, and for this it is recommended to carry out treatment with folk remedies.

  • Typical manifestations
  • First period( preclimax)
  • Second period( menopause)
  • Third period( postmenopause)
  • Folk remedies

Characteristic manifestations

Climax occurs in 3 stages and each of them has its own manifestations. Only 10% of all women do not experience symptoms of menopause. The rest begin to treat its manifestations in different doctors, but in most cases it is ineffective, since the main cause of the malfunction of the cardiovascular and urinary system are the hormonal changes caused by menopause.

The above signs become more pronounced if the woman's organism is subject to constant influence of accompanying negative factors: excess weight, smoking, low motor activity. A healthy lifestyle can ease the course of menopause.

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First period( preclimax)

Accompanied by rare hot flashes, headaches, chills, sweating, palpitations, fluctuations in blood pressure. Among psychoemotional symptoms, general weakness, irritability over trifles, unreasonable anxiety, drowsiness, forgetfulness, inattention are observed. The female libido decreases.

Preclimate usually begins in the period from 37 to 40 years and lasts from 8 to 10 years. The function of the ovaries gradually fades, which manifests itself in the irregularity of the menstrual period. Tides and ebbs occur as a result of a decrease in the level of estrogens, which is produced by the ovaries, which contributes to the violation of heat regulation.

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Second period( menopause)

Comes when a woman completely runs out of menstruation. Menopause is characterized by more pronounced symptoms related to the genital area. The level of estrogen is completely reduced and the woman begins to worry about urogenital symptoms - dryness in the vagina, pain during sexual intercourse, burning and itching in the genital area, discharge from the genital tract( sometimes bloody), impaired urinary function( frequent urination or incontinence).

The first external signs of menopause are loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, dryness of the skin, deterioration of the hair condition, delamination and brittle nails. The listed signs of menopause last 2-5 years.

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Third period( postmenopause)

The reproductive function of a woman is completely extinct - the production of estrogen, and menstruation completely ceases, and changes in the structure of bone tissue and lipid metabolism begin. At this stage, the metabolism is disrupted, which provokes weight gain, sleep disorders, arteriosclerosis of the vessels, emotional instability.

Other diseases can also develop: osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular pathologies become prominent. Late symptoms of the third period can occur during 5-10 years after the onset of the first symptoms of menopause.

Note the list of hormonal drugs that are often prescribed in menopause to eliminate or alleviate its symptoms. Http://
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Folk remedies for

To ease the condition whenclimax, it is recommended to use folk remedies.

  • Soothing drink. With neuroses and frequent irritations it is useful to drink 2 tablespoons of fresh beet juice with honey.
  • Infusion with uterine bleeding.1 cup of nutshells should be poured with boiling water( 1 liter), boil for 25-30 minutes and insist for about 2 hours. Drink the finished product on 125 milliliters 2-3 times a day.
  • Means for osteoporosis. It is necessary to grind 10 lemons( together with the peel), mix the powdered shell of 5 boiled eggs, and put it for 10 days in a dark place. Use 3 tablespoons, three times a day for 30 days.
  • Rosemary with a climax calms the nervous system and facilitates the general condition. It is necessary to pour 15-20 grams of plant leaves with 250 milliliters of hot water and boil for 15 minutes. Take 1/3 teaspoon 30 minutes before eating.
  • Tincture from the root of valerian.1 tablespoon root, rinse, finely chop and pour 300 milliliters of hot water. Then let it brew for 8-9 hours and drink on a tablespoon no more than 3 times a day.
  • Sage will help reduce sweating with menopause. It is necessary to prepare juice from the leaves of the plant and drink it 2 tablespoons 2-3 times a day.
  • Female curative tea from dill seeds. In 1 cup of boiling water add 30 grams of seeds, 15 grams of valerian root and 30 grams of honey. The resulting beverage is mixed and left to infuse for 20 minutes. Take 15 milliliters three times a day. Thanks to essential oils, spasm of blood vessels is removed and blood flow is restored.
  • Herbs from insomnia. Set up a sound sleep, which includes melissa, shoots of Ledum, St. John's Wort. All components are taken in the same amount, mixed, 1 tablespoon of the collection brew 250 milliliters of boiling water. Cool down the medicine to use 15-20 milliliters before bedtime.
  • Cocktail for weight reduction: peeled kiwi in a blender, add to it the sprouted barley and a spoonful of honey. Mix everything and pour in kefir. Kiwi can be replaced with other fruits or vegetables.
  • Foot baths to combat sweating and hot flashes at night. In a small bowl, pour hot water( the temperature should not exceed 40 degrees), dip your legs into it and keep it for 30 minutes, then wipe them dry and go to bed at once.
  • Amanita reduces symptoms of menopause, inhibits the development of tumors, reduces menstrual pain. As a raw material it is recommended to use fresh mushroom caps. Grind 7 hoods of mushroom, pour vodka in a ratio of 1: 1, put in a jar and close it with a lid. The medicine is administered up to 1.5 months. Acceptance of the finished product should start with 1 drop and then add 1 drop per day for a month. The maximum dose is 30 drops.
  • Hawthorn for headaches and migraines. Rastoloch 1 glass of fruits of the plant, pour them 1 liter of boiling water, add 5 grams of honey and leave to infuse for 25-30 minutes. You can drink it instead of tea.
  • When dry skin is recommended in the bath to pour in a mixture, prepared from 200 milliliters of whole milk and a tablespoon of honey. After this procedure, the skin will become tender and silky.
  • Aromatherapy. With menopause, essential oils of plants such as jasmine, peppermint, bergamot, rose, incense, lavender, rosemary, sage, violet leaves are good. A few drops of any oil is recommended to be added to the bath and aroma lamp.
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In addition to the use of folk remedies, you must follow certain rules of nutrition:

  • use as much as possible fruits and vegetables;
  • is better to refuse meat;
  • coffee and tea bags replaced herbal drinks;
  • to ensure that the daily diet is always attended by products that prevent the development of osteoporosis - sour cream, cottage cheese, fermented milk or kefir, green vegetables.
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