5 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

The first 5 years of living together are rightly considered an important frontier in family life. So it is worthwhile to think in advance of congratulations and decide what to give to the spouses, based on which wedding is celebrated.

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  • Gift for the wife
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What is the wedding called

The fifth anniversary of the joint life is called the Wooden wedding.

This name is not accidental, because the tree is:

  1. The symbol of a home, coziness and warmth. It is believed that for five years the family has already "taken root" - probably got children, built its own house.
  2. A sturdy material that can endure many tests, but burn out from a flame of fire. So the family is destroyed by quarrels and scandals.
  3. Symbol of the genus, where the roots are the parents of a married couple, the trunk of a tree is the spouses themselves, its branches and leaves are their babies.
  4. Compliant for processing and grinding material. That's how the spouses, during five years of joint life, polished, processed and improved their relationship.

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There are several options for celebrating the fifth anniversary of the wedding:

  1. To celebrate the anniversary of the wedding in a big way: invite relatives and all friends, cover a rich table with many fruits( fruits of trees), and indulge in pleasant memories of family life. The best place for this event is a café or a restaurant with a wooden finish. It can be a country house in the style of a tower or a village hut. Well, if there is a fireplace that can be ignited.
  2. Invite only your closest friends and meet the holiday in a warm atmosphere.
  3. To go on the nature.
  4. Plant a tree. You can do this only together, or you can bring your guests to planting seedlings. It is important what kind of tree you choose, because each of them is the personification of certain symbols:
  • Oak is longevity and a powerful life force. Maple - welfare.
  • Birch - sincere kindness.
  • Ash - the spiritual beginning and clairvoyance.
  • Apple tree - fertility and parental blessing.
  • Acacia - the origin of life. This tree is often chosen by spouses who do not yet have children.
  • Alder is the patroness of the family.
It is believed that if a tree planted on the fifth anniversary of the wedding, survive all the adversity, then the couple will have a test of fate.

You can decorate with bright ribbons the "tree of happiness".Each ribbon is tied with guests with words of wishes to the spouses. The brighter the tree is decorated - the more happy days are ahead of them.

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Gift for the wife

Choosing a gift for the wife for 5 years of the wedding, of course, it's better to stop on different wooden products:

  1. Cooking utensils.
  2. Jewelery made of wood.
  3. Medals.
  4. Interior items.
  5. Furniture.

As an original gift for the fifth anniversary of life together you can give a house tree or a "tree of happiness" for feng shui.

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What to give to the husband

A large selection of gifts from wood can be chosen for the husband. Depending on his interests, it can be:

  • wooden icon,
  • cue,
  • baseball bat,
  • wooden chess set,
  • backgammon,
  • puzzles,
  • ashtray,
  • smoking pipe,
  • key holder,
  • wooden horseshoe,
  • large beer mug,
  • writing aid holder,
  • set for burning out,
  • basin or wooden bucket for a bath,
  • wooden models of ships,
  • massager for back or for legs made of wood,
  • scorched wooden painting,
  • rocking chair.

And, of course, beautiful poems will be a good gift for the anniversary of the wedding.

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I hasten to congratulate you on the fifth anniversary of
Happy these husband and wife!
Spouse in the family - a determined man,
Who loves only his wife one!
She is admirable,
And all the gifts and praise
I wish you to live happily, worthy of
And every day appreciate what God has given you!
Five years of the joint life of your
We came together to celebrate.
Love mutual, bright, clean
We want from the heart to wish.
Let there be happiness days and years,
Hold fast for love.
To joyfully they lasted
Until the wedding, gold.

The 5-year anniversary is approaching, the article was very relevant. Particularly pleased with the advice on how to mark the date and values ​​of the trees planted - the idea is simply beautiful! Only here I would like to see more tips on the choice of clothes for both the heroes of the celebration and for the guests( in principle - for a golden wedding - there must necessarily be something golden, etc.)

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