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In our time, the theme for amateur photo sessions is not limited to the usual genres from the category of standard photo walk or ordinary shooting in the studio. Maybe this is precisely what explains the constant growth of the popularity of the genre photo among ordinary inhabitants. Now the embodiment of non-standard images within the photo session has become a kind of subculture not only among young people, but also in older people. In this article, we will touch on the basic rules for holding a photo shoot in retro style, which will help you bring it to perfection.

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Ideal situation if the style of shooting is displayed both in the scenery and in the image, but, unfortunately, can often pump up both the first and second. Therefore, it is worth taking into account the nuances of the photo session of this genre, built both from the image and from the scenery. But, for starters, a few words about the style.

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The retro can refer to the temporary trends of almost the entire XX century, beginning with the twenties, the time of the first jazz, and ending with the hot disco-eighties.

In this time interval, you already independently choose the topic for yourself. It is worth noting that, despite the fact that the retro covers a decent layer of history, more often under it represent the 50th year - the time of Marilyn Monroe. It is her image that leads the most incarnate.

In second place - the style of silent film actresses - the style of the "fatal woman"( 20-30) - wave-laying, vamp-make-up, veil, gloves, mouthpiece and, necessarily - a note of tragedy in the eye.

Third place - the rock wave of the 70's - leather, punk style, freedom in movements and poses.

Fourth place - the hot eighties or disco.

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The image is the main component of any photo shoot. It is at the expense of a well-designed image that you can "pull out" any genre, regardless of the scenery. Choosing a retro for a photo shoot, you need to consider what you want. It is extremely important in its image not to mix different time categories. For example, it is not uncommon for a mistake, where due to inexperience in the image of the 1920s( retro dress), a 70th-century kosha can "get through".The same applies not only to clothes, but also make-up and hairstyles. Even some poses can be purely in one style. For example, the famous posture of Monroe, where the hem of her dress flutters, can no longer be used in any other genre.

Do the main emphasis on the study of the image in the photo session is necessary in the case when you have a problem with the rest of the entourage and decorations, in other words, if the photo session is held in the studio. You can compensate for the lack of scenery with the help of studio effects. So, for a rock image gray smoke will approach, for a disco this smoke can be illuminated simultaneously by different illumination and it will turn out a bright entourage, plus to everything, to add fans. For an image of silent cinema, a photo session is best done with a semi-muted light on a dark background and, if desired, convert the images into a black and white format.

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When there are no problems with decorations, it is necessary to take into account an important rule - they alsoshould be sustained only in one style. The whole photo session should now be based on the principle of interior, subject or landscape photography - where the main role is the situation, and the model is only obliged to fit into it nicely, without dragging the main role to itself.

Scenery - it's not only furnished in the retro-genre of the room, it includes a lot, ranging from cars and ending with the city streets, which completely preserved the required stylization for the photo session.

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Before the start of a photo session it is desirable to critically evaluate the situation again and, before it's too late, remove / add the required elements. It is important not to overload scenery thematically. Otherwise, in sum with the image of the model, you get a real "mess".

Maria M.

Photos in retro style are very interesting. They can be hung in a frame on the wall or presented to friends, especially pen pals. But it's really important to sustain the style and not overdo it. I would never take a photo in a skirt swelling down. After all, everyone knows the photo with Marilyn Monroe. Maybe I'd be photographed with vinyl plastic in a short dress.


I really like these projects. My friends and I organized something similar for the New Year. The party and, accordingly, the photo session we had in the style of Getsby. It turned out super! Thank you for the article! I'll take note of the image with a microphone and shoes.

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