Simple origami of paper

Origami is an ancient Japanese art of creating various voluminous articles made of paper, which today is extremely popular. Having mastered this art, you can create real masterpieces that are perfect for decorating your home, workplace or any other room.

  • Origami crane
  • Origami rose

Origami crane

First, prepare a square sheet of paper. The paper should not be too thin, otherwise the composition will not hold, but too dense paper should not be preferred either. Choose an average density.

Place a prepared sheet of paper in front of you to make a diamond. Fold the top corner to the bottom.

Make a crease, and then expand. Then bend the left corner to the right, folding the diamond in half. Make a bend, unfold. Turn the sheet over the other side and put it as a square. Fold the sheet in half, make a bend, unfold.

After this, fold and unfold in the other direction.

Using those creases that you made earlier, move the top three corners of the model down to the bottom corner. Align the workpiece with origami.

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After this, fold the upper triangular sides to the center and re-expand. Fold the top of the workpiece down, as shown in the figure, straighten.

Uncover the very top crease of the origami preform by lifting it up and bending at the same time the sides inward( see picture).Align and secure the folds well.

Turn over the workpiece, and repeat the two previous steps on the other side. Fold the upper lapels inward, towards the center.

Repeat on the other hand to make your origami model look like this. Fold both "legs" of the crane model up, well bend, unfold.

Now wrap the "legs" around the folds that you just made.

Add also one side, as shown, to make the head of the crane, and then wrap the wings.

Your crane is ready.

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Origami rose

To create a rose you will also need a square sheet of paper. Given the above folding instructions, make a square with these fold lines, as shown in the figure.

After this, create four corners of the previously created folds. Align by turning the sheet counterclockwise at the same time.

Turn over the sheet. Form a three-dimensional rose. This can be done by lifting each upper right corner and folding it to the next square counterclockwise.

Now form a rose using your palm solely. Turn and smooth the sides of the resulting origami flower, gently pressing it to the base.

Fold the tops down and press to form the bottom of the rose.

Turn over, open the center of the flower and level. Twist the petals to give them a more realistic look. After you do this, the flower will be ready.

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This master class is a description of pretty simple techniques for creating origami crafts. It is necessary to begin with such simple models, gradually moving to more complex ones.

Pass a master class on creating roses in the technique of paper-plastic

Only in this way you will be able to really and seriously master the technique of creating hand-made articles from paper.

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