How to properly use a gas outlet tube for newborns

Most parents do not know how to solve the problem of colic in newborns. The baby becomes restless, constantly crying, not sleeping well. Many try to do a tummy massage, give dill vodichku, apply warm diapers to the stomach to facilitate the departure of the gazik. But sometimes such measures do not bring positive results. An exit from this situation will be the use of a gas pipe, which will quickly relieve the condition and relieve the baby from constipation.

  • What is a gas outlet pipe?
  • Indications for use
  • How to put
  • Alternatives
  • Syringe
  • Enema
  • Rectal catheter
  • Microclyster "Microlax"

What is a gas outlet tube?

This is a special medical device, in the form of a soft rubber or silicone tube. On both sides it has holes, sometimes there is a small hole in the side part. The length varies between 18-22 cm. The diameter of the gas outlet tube for newborns should be minimal - 15 or 16 number. The tube can be disposable sterile and reusable, which must be boiled before each use.

The range of gas pipes is quite wide. The most popular brands that can be purchased in pharmacies: "Windi", "Tedi", "Apexmed".

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Indications for use

The gas outlet tube for infants can be used:

  • for colic;
  • with constipation;
  • with the accumulation of gases in the intestine.
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How to install

In order to correctly install a gas pipe to a newborn, you need to know the sequence of actions:

  1. . Lay the oilcloth on a changing table or bed.
  2. Toddler put on his back and bend his legs in his lap.
  3. The rounded tip of the tube should be lubricated with vaseline, sterile vegetable oil or baby cream and gently inserted into the anus not more than 5 cm. Do this by clockwise rotation. Categorically you can not use force if there is resistance. Also, if a child begins to cry or scream, the handset should be immediately obtained and manipulated a little later.
  4. If everything is done correctly, then out of the holes in the tube will start to emit gases that have accumulated in the tummy.
  5. Simultaneously it is necessary to carry out a light massage of the abdomen. This will provoke a more rapid release from the guns.
  6. The norm is considered, if the stool begins to recede. This is another sign that the tube is inserted correctly.
  7. It is necessary to perform the procedure until the moment when all the gazikins leave. This will become apparent on the state of the child. He will become more calm and content. The tummy will be softer.
  8. After that, the tube can be removed, and the ass of the baby rinse with warm water and soap.
  9. If the tube is reusable, it should be boiled.

As a rule, in the anus the tube can be kept no more than 10 minutes.

It is necessary to put a gas pipe to a newborn when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, accustoming may occur and the baby will not be able to cope with the release of gazikas and strain his tummy in the future. Subsequently, this can lead to permanent constipation and flatulence.

It is necessary to remove the child from the gas pipe gradually. First, give him the opportunity to push himself. And only in the case of prolonged fecal matter, use the tube.

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Alternatives to

There are several alternative versions of the gas tube for newborns.

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If there is no tube at hand, it can be made from a syringe.

To do this, carefully trim the bottom of the syringe, and brush the neck with petroleum jelly and insert into the anus. But this is a radical measure, one should not do this all the time. It is better to use sterile pharmaceutical products - they are reliable and safe.

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To help in emptying, you can use an enema of a small size for about 30 ml, with a soft tip. Before use it must be boiled for at least 20 minutes.

loading. ..

The enema is filled with boiled water at room temperature. Tip grease with petroleum jelly and squeeze out excess air from the enema. Place the child on the back or side and insert the tip of the enema into the anus 2 cm. Squeeze the water out of the enema into the rectum. Buttocks press and hold in this position for about 5 minutes. After the release of feces the ass of the baby is washed.

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Rectal catheter

It has a rounded tip, which increases its safety in use. It is put in the same way as a gas pipe. With the help of it you can quickly get rid of bloating and colic.

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Microclism "Microlax"

Represents a small tube with a tip. Before use, remove the seal from the tip, grease it with a small amount of solution, put into the ass of the child on a special mark and squeeze out the contents of the tube. Tip to get and hold a tummy massage. After 10-15 minutes the action of the drug will begin and the gasses and feces will come out.

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