All that a woman needs to know about pregnancy planning

Pregnancy planning is a crucial stage in the life of future parents. It includes not only a psychological preparation and an informed decision for a married couple, but also a whole range of examinations of the mother's body( and in some cases - of the pope).Their goal - to identify all kinds of deviations from the norm and eliminate them.

  • comprehensive examination of the body
  • Necessary planning analyzes
  • Analysis
  • hormones Calendar
  • preconception
  • Refusal of bad habits
  • Power
  • vitamins Reception
  • Psychological preparation
  • Conception
  • If you did not work the first time

comprehensive examination of the body

Onethe first necessary actions of the future mother - a medical examination, which means consulting with doctors to identify hidden diseases,which matured may interfere with nurturing a healthy baby. It begins with a visit to the gynecologist.

He, in turn, carefully examines the medical card of the woman, learns in detail about previous pregnancies, possible abortions and transferred diseases of the reproductive, endocrine, nervous systems. If necessary, refer to other specialists.

Then the examination with the therapist follows. Its task:

  • to study the course of chronic diseases;

  • compile an algorithm for their treatment;
  • give an overall assessment of the health of the future parturient.

The doctor necessarily issues a referral to the ENT and a dentist to determine the presence of chronic foci of infection.

If in the process of consulting with a gynecologist or therapist it turns out that in the family of future parents there were cases of hereditary diseases - the direction to genetics is given. He conducts a genetic analysis, which determines the probability of transmission of the disease to the child.

All this makes it possible to predict the course of pregnancy, prevent complications or prepare for them correctly.

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Necessary analysis of

The gynecologist warns about what tests to take when planning pregnancy. Their full spectrum includes:

  • biochemical analysis( general blood test);
  • establishment of blood type, Rh factor. This analysis is also given by the spouse to determine the compatibility of the parents;
  • urine composition analysis;
  • smears for venereal diseases( in case of detection of these, the spouse is also investigated);
  • blood test for antibodies( search for antigenic proteins);
  • coagulogram( coagulation test);
  • ultrasound examination( pelvic organs);
  • colposcopy( assessment of the condition of the vagina, uterus).

This is a list of those tests that are submitted without fail, regardless of the condition and well-being of the woman, the presence of chronic diseases and early pregnancy.

Additional testing includes:

  • study of the concentration of sex hormones( mandatory, if there are complaints of irregular menstrual cycle);
  • study of the concentration of hormones that are synthesized by the thyroid and pancreas( as directed by an endocrinologist or with an enlarged thyroid gland);
  • immunological tests( if there were cases of premature abortion of the fetus, that is, miscarriage).

In addition to all this, doctors recommend to clearly monitor before the planned conception a change in basal temperature( in the cavity of the rectum through the introduction of a thermometer into the anus).

It changes during the menstrual cycle, which is a reaction of a healthy organism to the synthesis and secretion of hormones of the sexual group( progesterone, prolactin, estradiol).

This is extremely important, since their lack or excess can provoke premature birth of the baby, decrease the elasticity of the fallopian tubes. The results of the basal temperature test should be attached to the records of the gynecologist.

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Analysis for hormones

What hormones should I take when planning pregnancy? The general list includes:

  • estradiol;
  • progesterone;
  • testosterone;
  • Prolactin;
  • FSH;
  • AMG( women who are 30 full years old).

At the moment, the concentration of TSH is still being studied when planning pregnancy. This hormone is not a sexual group, it is produced by the thyroid and takes part in the work of the cardiovascular system.

It indirectly affects the immune function, GIT, reproductive organs. Its lack or excess in the body can make it difficult to attach a fertilized egg to the walls of the uterus and point to some pathological processes( the appearance of a tumor, severe forms of somatic and psychological diseases).

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In the event that the level of one of the hormones will be different from the norm - the reception of synthetic analogues is assigned. Quite often it is progesterone, which is responsible for preparing the reproductive organs for fetal growth.

Under normal conditions, it produces the ovarian's yellow body, which occurs after the release of the oocyte. If fertilization occurs, the synthesis of the hormone continues. If this did not happen, it is discarded and the process of creating a new egg is started.

With a lack of progesterone before conception, it is recommended to take "Utrozhestan".
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Planning Calendar

This is a special program or document that includes days of monthly, ovulation, sex, and basal temperature. As a result of the combination of these data, the regularity and duration of the menstrual cycle can be assessed, and the luteal phase or favorable days for conception can be easily determined.

Doctors state that the most favorable period is from 12 to 18 days from the onset of menstruation. That is, ovulation is approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle with an allowable error of several days. During this period, the release of the egg, and the concentration of progesterone - the highest.

It is worth knowing that the life expectancy of the egg is only 1-3 days. Spermatozoa, in turn, retain their activity on average 3-4 days( in rare cases - up to 7).That is, the main task of the spouses is to calculate the day of ovulation, and approximately during this period to live an active sexual life.

The so-called safe site is the period of menstruation, 1-2 days after it and 5 days before its onset. At this time, conception is almost impossible.

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In addition to the calendar, to determine the release of the egg can:

  • on the growth of sexual desire;
  • to change the basal temperature to the higher side;
  • for the manifestation of "dull" pain in the ovaries( not all);
  • for increasing vaginal discharge.

The task can be simplified by buying a special test for ovulation in the pharmacy. This is a diagnostic strip with impregnation of luteinizing hormone, which is used similarly to the pregnancy test.

To calculate the child's birth period, it is counted from the moment of sexual intercourse and is 40 weeks( approximately 280 days).
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Preparation for conception

If everything is in order with the examination and the results of the tests - you can start preparing for conception. This is a set of procedures aimed at preparing the body for pregnancy. It implies elimination of a lack of vitamins, minerals, de-toxication( for example, after smoking or taking antiallergic drugs), general improvement.

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Refusal of bad habits

For 2-3 months before it is necessary to completely refuse tobacco, alcohol, strong coffee, narcotic substances. In addition, it is forbidden to start taking any medicines without advice from a gynecologist.

Particular attention should be paid to these smoking girls. The yield of resins and detrimental CO gas from the body takes almost 9 months, since these substances are able to enter a biochemical reaction at the cellular level. That is, tobacco should be abandoned as early as possible.

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Ideally - you need to consult with a nutritionist, as the future diet is made individually, taking into account the age, weight, height, blood test results.

As for food, doctors recommend that you give up carbonated drinks( including mineral water), cheeses and yoghurt with low milk content, fast food in any form.

A month before the planned conception, it is necessary to reduce the amount of sweet in the diet - this in the future will simplify the transfer of toxicosis. In turn, you need to balance nutrition, include a large number of fruits and vegetables, especially those containing vitamins A, E, D( green, natural products of yellow and red).

It is not superfluous to have a cleansing diet several months before conception. The simplest version is the use of cereals and bran. This will increase the body's stock of refined carbohydrates and relieve the intestines of toxins, which in the second-third trimester of pregnancy will prevent numerous constipation and digestive disorders.

As for green tea, you should not abuse it. It will be useful in small quantities and without an excessive fortress. It is worth remembering that it also contains caffeine and in a fairly large concentration. But with it there are antioxidants that will be very useful for emotional relief.

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Admission of vitamins

It is recommended to take special complex vitamins for women. From usual they differ:

  • with increased concentration of vitamin E;
  • by the presence of vitamin B9( folic acid);
  • high concentration of vitamin A;
  • is included in the composition of calcium in huge doses;
  • presence of iron.

Some of the most common drugs in this category: "Elevit", "Pregnavit", "Compound Mama", "Femibion", "Emetal."They are specially designed for admission in the period of preparation for conception and with the carrying of a child.

Extremely useful in the planning of pregnancy and folic acid, which helps to create a normal nerve branching in the fetus, stimulating the process of hematopoiesis.

Many doctors consider "Elevit Pronatal" to be one of the best vitamin complexes in pregnancy planning, as it contains mineral microelements and magnesium, the lack of which can provoke miscarriage. However, there is no iodine, and iron in low concentration.

At the discretion of the doctor, simultaneous intake of several vitamin complexes can be prescribed. For example, often in the planning of pregnancy recommend "angiovit", because it has a whole range of elements of group B, necessary for the synthesis of sex hormones.

It is compulsory when planning pregnancy control of the concentration of vitamin E. Its shortage can disrupt the process of generation and creation of the circulatory system of the future baby. In the process of assimilation of this vitamin takes part folic acid.

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Psychological training of

Psychological preparation for future parents is equally important, especially if they plan a first-born. There are cases when emotional overstrain leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle, a decrease in the concentration of spermatozoa in the semen. All this is the consequence of the reaction of the endocrine system to the constant overexcitation of the neuronal system.

A gynecologist should definitely recommend a visit to the therapist if the couple had had an unsuccessful pregnancy before. Women experience this very hard, it can be accompanied by a hormonal malfunction, a violation of the menstrual cycle. All this directly affects the probability of conception.

As a rule, men need less in such help. This is explained by the low concentration in their blood of oxytocin, progesterone, which, according to scientists, generate a "maternal instinct".And this is normal.

Many girls mistakenly believe that only their spouse can render moral support, but in fact it is not so - he will not be able to feel the same. And a visit to a psychologist will not be superfluous in such a situation.

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Conception of

Some believe that abstinence before conception increases the chances of a subsequent pregnancy. From a medical point of view, this is not entirely correct, since the activity of spermatozoa decreases( but the sperm volume increases, but this does not increase the chances).The best option - before the onset of ovulation to live the usual intimate life, which means having sex 2-3 times a week.

The same applies to the adoption of a woman posture after sex, in which the hip joint is above the head( birch or on all fours, the head is pressed to the floor).This in no way increases the chances of conception. The only thing that should not be done is to go to the bathroom and wash, douche.

Should not be the day after sexual intercourse, which conditionally should lead to pregnancy, run to the pharmacy and buy test strips - they are guaranteed to show a negative result.

The very process of fertilization takes up to 7-12 days. That is, talk about conception will be possible only after 2 weeks, but not earlier. This is traditionally determined by delay in menstruation, discomfort in the abdomen, signs of toxicosis.

By the way, unconventional medicine, to increase the chance, recommends taking the uterus during pregnancy planning. This is a medicinal plant, in the composition of which there are so-called phytohormones. They stimulate the production of sex hormones in women, inhibit the growth of tumors. It should be taken in the form of a decoction.

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If it does not work the first time

There are no guarantees that it will be possible to get pregnant with the first sexual intercourse planned for this. And this is not pathology, not a sign of infertility.

Doctors say that even if the menstrual cycle is observed( to determine ovulation), the spouses may need from 1 to 12 months to get the desired result. And this is quite normal. Do not get hung up and worry if it did not work out right away.

To all other things, if you constantly keep planning calendar, then you can unmistakably determine the day of ovulation and not make a mistake with the moment of conception. By the way, some girls feel ovulation physiologically, this is expressed in pricking or heaviness in the ovary.

If conception does not manage to be achieved, then by the decision of a gynecologist, ovarian stimulation can be performed. Usually this is necessary if a woman periodically breaks her menstrual cycle. A similar procedure is also proposed for unexplained infertility, which is often completed with a positive result.

How is the stimulation performed? The use of synthetic hormones, which contribute to the restoration of normal ovulation. In this regard, the "Dufaston" reception helps.

In an extreme case, one should not forget about artificial methods of fertilization. The most popular among them is IVF( in vitro fertilization).With it, the egg and sperm of the spouses are taken, the conception process is initiated, after which the cells of the embryo are transplanted into the cavity of the fallopian tubes.

There is also insemination. In this procedure, the husband's semen is artificially placed in the cavity of the fallopian tubes. It is used when impaired sperm passability or at high density synthesized by a woman's mucus during sexual intercourse.

And lastly, infertility in most cases is successfully eliminated if you carefully follow all the recommendations of the treating doctor. If the uterus and organs of the reproductive system in the spouses are not atrophied - the chance of successful conception and the birth of a child is always there!

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