Variants of creating a stylish hairstyle "Shell" with a step-by-step description

The shell is considered a universal hairdo, as it is suitable for any event and can make the look both strict and elegant, so gentle and romantic. There are many varieties of this style: with smoothly combed hair, careless, with elements of other hairstyles, decorated with all sorts of accessories. The main thing is that it is done quickly, but it looks impressive.

  • French bundle
  • Shell with bandage
  • Shell with comb
  • Conch shell
  • Bulk
  • Double
  • Evening
  • Wedding

French bundle

This is a classic version of the "Shell".

  1. To create a hairstyle on the hair, apply foam and dry them with a hair dryer.
  2. Strip the hair, comb and pin it with an invisible on the vertex.
  3. The remaining strands should be combed on one side and fixed to the straight part by means of invisible ones.
  4. Hair twist into a bundle, and the tips lift up, thereby forming a shell.
  5. Hairstyle to fix with hairpins.

  6. Tip the hair gently on top of the seashell.
  7. Small flaws on the sides to fix the comb with small teeth and varnish.

Sometimes, before collecting hair, they wind up to give the styling a voluminous and wavy effect.

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Seashell with

dressing This styling is performed like the classic "Shell", the only difference is that at the final stage a bandage consisting of three rubber bands is put on the head so as to give the volume of the bang zone.

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Seashell with comb

  1. Wash hair, apply foam on it and dry.
  2. At the back of the head to collect the curls in the tail.
  3. If the hair is long, then the ends should be bent twice and tied with an elastic band.
  4. Collar the tail and wrap it in the shape of a shell.
  5. Stacking securely secure with a comb.
Learn how to make a beautiful hairstyle on the side
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Seashell mushroom

If you can not get a classic seashell, try the option with sticks.

  1. The hair is well combed and thrown on one side.
  2. Locks to gather in the tail, while the elastic band should be tied around the middle of the neck.
  3. Tighten the tail between two chopsticks.
  4. Holding the chopsticks from both sides, twisting the movement away from yourself, you need to wrap the shell.
  5. Not getting sticks, pin hair stiletto.
  6. You can delete the sticks.
  7. Hairstyle to be sprinkled with varnish.

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  1. Wash hair, apply mousse on them and dry.
  2. It is good to comb the hair along the entire length and apply a spray for styling.
  3. If desired, you can make nests at the roots.
  4. All hair is gathered at the back of the head.
  5. Starting from the very ends, consistently roll the hair into a non-coarse roll.
  6. Use the studs to secure the finished roll to the back of the head.

The hairdo will get a little careless with the beating strands, but very feminine and romantic.

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  1. Wash hair, apply foam and dry.
  2. Separate bangs.
  3. The other locks should be divided into two equal halves by a horizontal parting.
  4. The bottom part is combed to the right side, rolled into a bundle and formed into a classic shell. The ends are hidden, and the hair is stabbed with hairpins.
  5. From the top of the hair make a similar shell, only in the opposite direction from top to bottom. The tips should also be hidden and the second shell locked with pins.
  6. Strip the hair, put it in a wave and pin it with invisibility.
  7. A ready hairdress must be covered with a varnish.
  8. loading. ..

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This evening hairstyle will easily turn out on long and medium hair.

  1. Hair wash and dry.
  2. Curls to comb back and collect on the back of the head.
  3. Move the hair into the harness and unfold it so that the ends of the hair are on top.
  4. The resulting shell to stab with studs.
  5. Tip the ends into strands.
  6. Place each strand with a wave on top of the shell and secure with studs.
  7. Hairstyle to be sprinkled with varnish.
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The original version of the horizontal shell will look great as a wedding hairstyle on medium length hair.

  1. Wash hair, dry and remove with iron.
  2. All hair is divided into two halves by a horizontal parting.
  3. The upper half is put on the forehead and stabbed with a clamp.
  4. On the temple to highlight a narrow strand, it is good to comb it, pull it and pin it on the back of the head with an invisible.
  5. The same thing to repeat with a string on the other temple.
  6. The top half of the hair is combed back and gently smoothed with a soft comb.
  7. Apply a strong fixation to the tips of hair and roll them into a roll in the direction of the nape.
  8. Hairstyle to fix with a varnish.

This hairstyle looks very stylish and will decorate any wedding dress with its own form, even without a veil. As decorations, you can use a diadem or fresh flowers.

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